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Space Battle Lunchtime Goes from Comics to Card Game

Space Battle Lunchtime Card Game

Renegade Game Studios has announced the upcoming release of Space Battle Lunchtime Card Game!

Space Battle Lunchtime Card Game is based on its namesake graphic novel by Natalie Riess and published by Oni Press, about Earth baker Peony who gets the deal of a lifetime when she agrees to be a contestant on the Universe’s hottest reality TV cooking show, Space Battle Lunchtime!

In the game, players will face off as contestants in the intergalactic cooking competition show. They’ll collect and combine flavor cards to create the perfect prize-winning dish, trying to impress the alien judges with their creativity!

Designed by Daniel Solis and illustrated by Space Battle Lunchtime creator Natalie Riess, episodes of the game last about 30 minutes, starring 2-5 competitive cooks who have orbited the Earth’s sun at least ten times. Chefs can begin cooking when the game releases in May!

Lucky gamers will be able to catch an early release and demo day of Space Battle Lunchtime at select friendly local game store on April 4th with Board Game Expo

Space Battle Lunchtime Card Game

Junk Orbit from Renegade Game Studio Will be Out in Local Game Stores Two Weeks Early

Renegade Game Studio is giving local game stores a head start with an early release of their new game release, Junk Orbit.

The game, designed by Daniel Solis, will come to game stores June 20th. It will get a full release July 5th. That gives local game stores a two week head start to sell the game.

Also, when you purchase from participating stores you’ll be able to get a “Mission Control Promo Pack.” Another reason to support your local shop.

Junk Orbit Floating into Stores this June from Renegade Game Studio

Renegade Game Studios has announced, Junk Orbit, an extraterrestrial game from designer Daniel Solis. Blast off in this fresh pick-up and deliver, set collection game with unique movement mechanics.

Space. The final junkyard. Good thing one planet’s trash is another planet’s treasure! You’re a captain of your own scavenging spaceship, picking up space junk and transporting it to any city that will take it. Launch your junk… uh… *cargo* out of your airlock to propel your ship! Race to deliver your cargo as you navigate the orbits of nearby planets and moons! It’s astrodynamics for fun and profit!

Captain your own salvage spaceship to collect Junk as you carefully navigate your ship using the gravitational pull of the planets! Deliver your cargo to collect profit!

The game is for 2-5 Space Captains, ages 10+ and games are played in 30-40 minutes.

Contents Summary:

  • 128 Junk tiles
  • 5 Ship Tokens
  • 5 Ship Cards
  • 5 Double Sided Boards
  • 1 Rulebook

Junk Orbit is in hobby stores summer 2018. This card game will have an MSRP of $35.

Wonderland An Exclusive International Tabletop Day Game!

Renegade Game Studios has announced their support for Geek & Sundry by participating in International Tabletop Day 2018. The game publisher is bringing the card game Wonderland to Friendly Local Game Stores for this yearly event! From designer Daniel Solis, Wonderland is a perfect travel game and even comes with its own bag. Don’t let this white rabbit get away, Wonderland will only be available for International Tabletop Day!

International Tabletop Day (ITTD), is a worldwide celebration of tabletop gaming for all members of our incredible community. In its seventh year, the day-long event is filled with gaming events, charity fundraising, and collaborative online entertainment. You can take part  on Saturday, April 8, 2018.

The Red Queen looms large over Wonderland, with many monsters and other frightful things at her command. Alice and her friends must do their best to ward off the Red Queen’s influence and restore peace.

Choose to play as either Alice or the Red Queen. Place your cards carefully to control areas of Wonderland while taking advantage of your magic items. Once all the cards have been placed, the magic items will modify the value of adjacent cards. Score the final board based on arrangement of the cards. The player with the most points wins!


Number of Players: 2 players
For Ages: 14+
Playing Time: 15-20 min
Game Type: Area control, hidden information, Card strategy

18 cards
1 Embroidered Velvet Bag
1 Rules insert