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It’s a Dark City for Marvel Legendary

One of my favorite games from Gen Con 2012 is getting an expansion! Upper Deck has announcing that Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game is making new waves with Dark City, the game’s first expansion set. Dark City will offer players opportunity to use a vast array of new characters, including 17 new heroes, 6 new villain groups, 2 new henchmen groups, 5 new masterminds and of course new Schemes!

Players will seamlessly be able to add the expansion set of cards right into the core set, bringing the total Legendary count to over 850 cards! Gamers and collectors alike are going to be very happy to hear that all heroes will now have a whopping 4 unique pieces of art, as opposed to just 1 from the core set. In addition, Devin Low is returning as the designer, and has created all new content that Marvel fans are sure to love.

Dark City still offers the highly popular Heroes vs Mastermind theme from the core set, but offers players an intriguing twist with a much darker tone. This time around, the heroes are going to need as much help as they can get against evil new masterminds such as Apocalypse and Kingpin. Players need not worry, as the powerful X-Force and mighty Marvel Knights will be joining the fight in this new expansion!

Marvel fans can become “legendary” when the expansion set arrives in stores on June 25. Dark City carries a suggested retail price of $39.99 per set and includes 350 new and unique cards. Legendary is darker, grittier and tougher this time around, so prepare, the Apocalypse is coming!