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WizKids Announces Sell-Out of DC HeroClix: Superman

Official Press Release
LogoWizKids Announces Sell-Out of DC HeroClix: Superman

August 10, 2011 (HILLSIDE, NJ) — WizKids/NECA announces the manufacturer sell-out of their most recent set, DC HeroClix®: Superman.  WizKids’ entire inventory of DC HeroClix: Superman, releasing September 28th, 2011, has been completely sold to distributors worldwide.

The DC HeroClix: Superman expansion will feature more than 50 figures in standard five-figure boosters.  Celebrating over 70 years of history, Superman brings all of the action and amazing power that only the Last Son of Krypton can deliver, and where Superman treads his greatest villains and allies cannot be far behind!  Popular sub-themes in the set will include: All-Star Superman, the World of New Krypton, the Legion of Super Heroes, the exciting and pivotal Flashpoint mini-series and more!

The DC HeroClix: Superman standard booster product also features an all newin-pack Buy-It-By-The-Brick Robot Superman figure! For the first time ever, the Buy-It-By-The-Brick figure will be available in the brick itself contained within an unmarked 6 figure booster!

“The growth of HeroClix in 2011 has been extraordinary,” said Lax Chandra, President of WizKids. “Sales for each set this year has outdone the last with Superman being our biggest release in many years. Despite the increase in our supply, retailers, retailers can’t keep the product on their shelves. We would like to thank all of our retail partners and customer base for their continued support.”

About NECA/WizKids:

A wholly owned subsidiary of the National Entertainment Collectibles Association Inc. (NECA), WizKids/NECA is a New Jersey-based game developer and publisher dedicated to creating games driven by imagination. The HeroClix brand is the most successful collectible miniatures games on the market today, with over 100 million miniature game figures sold worldwide. For additional information, visit www.wizkidsgames.com.

Heroclix Watchmen Crimebusters Fast Forces 6-Pack

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On September 7th WizKids will release the Watchmen Crimebusters Fast Forces 6-Pack.  The set includes six HeroClix figures, two all new 2-foot by 3-foot maps, dice, and a rule sheet and will retail for $14.99.  The Watchmen Crimebusters set consists of six figures, Rorschach, Silk Spectre, Nite Owl, Ozymandias, Dr. Manhattan, and The Comedian.

The sets are put together as pre-made teams and designed for easy play for beginners.

Heroclix WatchmenHeroclix Silk SpectreHeroclix Dr. Manhattan

Heroclix Boodikka and Ganthet

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Wizkids continues to role out it’s preview of it’s upcoming Heroclix Green Lantern set.  Up next is Boodikka and Ganthet.

Heroclix BoodikkaFrom the Wizkids website:

Boodikka is a pretty potent package at only 85 points.  Phasing/Teleport throughout most of her dial allows her to manuever where she’ll do the most good while Blades/Claws/Fangs gives her some pretty good damage potential once she’s in position! She switches from melee tactics about half way through her dial in favor of ranged attacks and picks up Penetrating/Psychic Blast while trading in her Toughness for Invulnerability!  Late-dial Steal Energy allows her to potentially stay in the fight longer and the Indomitable ability throughout her dial ensures that she will go keep on swinging while enemies are standing!

Heroclix GanthetFrom the Wizkids website:

At 200 points, Ganthetbrings a host of useful powers and demonstrates just why the Guardians are so respected.

Immunity to Outwit and the option to act without fear of pushing damage via the Quintessence team ability is just the tip of this iceberg! Like many of his Green Lanterns, Ganthet possesses Phasing/Teleport allowing him to move to where he’s most needed without the need to breakaway, and early-dial Outwit means that he’ll definitely be a concern for your opponents!

Outwit gives way to Perplex while Ganthet trades in his Impervious for InvulnerabilityGanthet retains his consistent (and aggressive) combat values throughout his dial and the ability to target up to two opposing characters from 10 squares away means that he can mix it up with the best of them without putting himself in harm’s way (the Guardians do like to affect events from a distance after all).  Late-dial Probability Control ensures Ganthet will always be able to play a role in your battles, and Super Senses will give him a chance to evade attacks altogether should your opponent manage to attack him!

Heroclix Tomar Re and R’Amey Holl

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Wizkids has released two more previews of the upcoming Heroclix Green Lantern set.  This preview saw the debut of Tomar Re and R’Amey Holl.

Heroclix Tomar-ReFrom the Wizkids website:

At 80 points, Tomar Re brings a great deal to any Green Lantern force.  Firstly, Tomar’sA Tour of Oa trait gives you a bonus to your roll to determine who the first player will be for each Green Lantern on your team.  Tomar’s usefulness certainly doesn’t end there as his opening dial is full of options! Running Shot allows you to get Tomar right into the action, or if you prefer you can use his Ranged Combat Expert for maximum damage.  Either way, Tomar’s 10 range will be definitely be an advantage.

Speaking of his range, Tomar Re also begins play with Barrier giving you some defensive options as well! Mid-dial Tomar switches out his Barrier for Energy Shield/Deflection and picks up Energy Explosion and Force Blast as well!

Lastly, Tomar Re is no less useful on his back-dial as he again picks up Ranged Combat Expert and Perplex towards the end of his clix.

Heroclix R'Amey HollFrom the Wizkids website:

Part of the elite black ops force, the “Corpse”, R’Amey Holl is used to operating in the shadows and striking unseen.  Her opening clix of Stealth represent R’Amey’s covert skills while her early-dial Shape Change makes her more difficult to target should someone encounter her in close combat! Consider also her Super Senses and R’Amey is a challenging foe and is sure to harrass her enemies!

Mid- to late-dial R’Amey picks up Pulse Wave as she eschews the shadows for more direct confrontation with the enemies of the Green Lantern Corps.  R’Amey Holl also picks up Support on her back-dial which is always a welcome addition to any force!

Heroclix Salaak and Kilowog

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Wizkids continues it’s preview of Green Lantern Heroclix figures.  This time with Salaak and Kilowog.

Heroclix SalaakFrom the Wizkids website:

At 100 points, Salaak is an excellent addition to your Green Lantern teams.  His consistent combat values and power selection ensure that he is useful no matter where he lands on his dial!  Pair Probability Control with Telekinesis on the early dial and Salaak is able to manuever the other Green Lanterns on your force to where they’ll do the most good, and use his Probability Control to ensure they hit!

But that’s not all! Salaak’sProbability Control eventually gives way to his Brilliant Administrator special power which allows him to use Perplex normally, or he can target everyone he shares a Keyword with so long as they’re within 10 squares and line of fire!

Energy Shield/Deflection helps to keep Salaak safe from ranged attacks for most of his clix, and he picks up both Willpower and standard Perplex on his late-dial which ensures he remains useful until the end.

Heroclix KilowogFrom the Wizkids website:

At 145 points, Kilowog brings a host of useful powers to any Green Lantern force! Aggressive combat values make Kilowog an effective fighting piece for your GL squad, and his combintion of support and offensive powers make him an incredible asset no matter who he’s fighting alongside!

As one may expect, Kilowog starts off with Charge with Super Strength so that he can get right in the thick of battle and carry an object while he’s at it.  That’s not all though! Front loaded Enhancement means that if you position just right (and Kilowog’s buddy Salaak may be useful there!) you can fire off some shots with your other Green Lanterns for added damage so long as they are adjacent to Kilowog when they do so!

Charge gives way to Kilowog’s Tough Drill Instructor special power which enables him to modify the attack value of any friendly figures sharing a keyword with him within 4 squares by +1! Combine that with the aforementioned Enhancement and Kilowog proves why he is the senior instructor of all rookie Green Lanterns!

Invulnerability and Toughness througout his entire dial keep Kilowog in the fight while Super Strength eventully gives way to Close Combat Expert.  Add in Kilowog’s Indomitable ability and no matter how you slice it, Kilowog is here for a fight and ready to dish out some hurt on behalf of the Green Lantern Corps!

Heroclix – Hal Jordan and Green Lantern

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Wizkids has started to release some of the upcoming figures for the Heroclix release to coincide with the Green Lantern movie this summer.  The first tease is Hal Jordan and his alter-ego Green Lantern.

Heroclix Hal JordanFrom the Wizkids website:

Hal Jordan is an accomplished test pilot and his Yeah, Ladies, I’m a Test Pilot special power helps out whenever he’s carried by a flier or flying transporter figure.  Energy Shield/Deflection keeps Hal safe from ranged attacks while late-dial Willpower demonstrates his determination.  Finally, his Alter-Ego power allows Hal Jordan to transform mid-game into none other than Green Lantern!

Heroclix Green LanternFrom the Wizkids website:

Green Lantern’s Alter Ego dial (what we see after the orange line)  is impressive and opens with Running Shot to get him into the battle once he transforms from Hal JordanEnergy Shield/Deflection offers some defense versus ranged attcks for the rookie ring-slinger and Ranged Combat Expert allows Green Lantern to go on the offensive!

Green Lantern is more than an Alter-Ego piece too! At 85 points Green Lantern is an excellent addition to your Green Lantern Corps teams with his opening Charge, Close Combat Expert, and Combat Reflexes for some hand-to-hand melee action.  Green Lantern switches tactics a little mid-dial and picks up Telekinesis and Barrier (via his Contain Parallax special power) and then moves into his ranged combat clix (spotlighted above in the aforementoned Alter-Ego section of the dial).  Lastly, the Indomitable ability allows Green Lantern to act without fear of pushing damage!

Free Green Lantern Heroclix

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As part of this Saturday’s Free Comic Book Day, Wizkids will be giving away another Heroclix figure.  This year’s figure is Green Lantern!

Green Lantern HeroclixFrom the Wizkids website:

Green Lantern comes well-armed for any battle.  Front loaded Running Shot and Perplex allows Green Lantern to take the offense in the early game while Energy Shield/Deflection protects him from long-range retaliation! Mid-dial, Green Lantern changes tactics and goes into close-combat with Blades/Claws/Fangs and Plasticity (to keep your opponents’ figures locked down), while Green Lantern trdes Energy Shield/Deflection for Toughness.

Late-dial Green Lantern switches back to Energy Shield/Deflection and trades his Green Spear for a Green Knockout Punch (Incapacitate) which he can use in close or target two opposing figures from up to eight squares away.  Best of all, Green Lantern’s Indomitable ability allows him to act without fear of pushing damage!