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Brain Games’ Next Level Flicking Game Iron Forest is on Kickstarter Now

Iron Forest

Brain Games has brought its first game to Kickstarter. Iron Forest, designed by Brian Gomez and with art by Reinis Petersons, has launched on Kickstarter, giving players all over the world the opportunity to support Brain Games in their biggest game yet. And when they say biggest, they mean it! Iron Forest is a Kickstarter Exclusive game, available for backing here

Iron Forest builds on the success of the now legendary ICECOOL (winner of over 20 international awards, including prestigious Spiel des Jahres award Best Children’s Game of the Year 2017 and UK Games Expo award as the Best Children’s Game 2016). Taking flicking games to the next level – in this case literally – players will command the mechas of Iron Force and the Animal Clans, facing off in battle across a two-level game board. Uniquely designed custom launcher will help these mighty miniatures fly through the air, enabling them to reach new heights and even attack from above. What is most important though are the missions, with both sides desperately attempting to complete their goals and win the scenario. Using skilful flicks and power-up cards will surely bring you victory as you fight for your right to survive in the land of Neemus.

Using the ICECOOL System as a template means that Iron Forest is built upon a foundation known and loved by players all around the world.

Pledges for a copy of Iron Forest cost $85. All backers that will support the campaign in the first 48H, will receive 3 packs of custom sleeves for free! The campaign runs until Friday, March 4, 2022. 

Brian Gomez is the collective pseudonym for a group of award-winning Latvian game designers; Edgars Zaķis, Reinis Butāns, Jānis Grunte, and Egils Grasmanis.

HABA My Very First Games – Animal Upon Animal Junior is a Fun Dexterity Stacking Game for the Whole Family

A game that’s fun for kids and adults!? HABA My Very First Games – Animal Upon Animal Junior is a great “intro” game for young ones and more than enough fun for their parents to enjoy too.

The wobbly animal stacking game is for 1 to 4 people ages 2 and up with games taking about 10 minutes.

The goal is to stack the animals and have them not fall over!

It’s a simple stacking/dexterity game that’s great for kids to help them develop fine motor skills, precise observation, hand-eye coordination, understand physics, and learn to follow rules.

The game has three different game versions to play and features: 8 animals, 1 die, 1 green meadow, 1 blue waterhole, 8 sun tiles (with animals on the back), 2 shoreline tiles, 1 rulebook.

You can purchase your own copy:


Haba provided Board Game Today with a FREE copy for review
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Hatchette Boardgames Launches Pitch Out and Candy Lab

Hatchette Boardgames surprised us today with an email announcing two tabletop games for families!

Pitch Out is a dexterity flicking game for 2 players ages 7+ and games take about 5 to 10 minutes. In it, you lead a team of 5 pitchers to victory. Each member of your team has a particular skill and you have one goal: eliminate the opposing captain!

The innovate game box doubles as obstacles to block your flicking and also makes for compact storage with its snap together packaging.

The game retails for $19.99.

Candy Lab is for 2 to 4 players ages 8+ and games take about 15 minutes.

There will only be one master confectioner! You take on the role of confectioners and have to retrieve the candy bars to fulfill your orders. The best among you will receive the coveted title of “master confectioner” and will leave with their weight in candy! But competition is fierce: Your opponents will stop at nothing to win the supreme title.

In the game you retrieve candy bars from the central layout. You activate effects of the candy bars you collect to disrupt your opponent. Things are made easy with markings on the bar and victory points clearly marked as well.

Candy Lab retails for $19.99.

Practice Your Dexterity with The Great Cake Escape

The Great Cake Escape

WizKids has announced that The Great Cake Escape, an all-new game for 2-4 devious bakers!

In this dexterity game from designer Jay Treat, players are bakers who earn a little extra dough on the side by smuggling contraband into the local prison—inside their cakes! Players will push escape tools worth varying numbers of points, ranging from screwdrivers to chainsaws, into a three-dimensional cardboard cake while pushing their opponents’ tools out. But be careful! At the end of the game, the guards will inspect the cake, confiscating the most visible item in each layer. The player who has the most total points after the guards’ inspection wins!

The game is for those age 14+. Games should last 15-30 minutes.

Retailing for $29.99, the game comes with a 3-D Cake featuring three layers, 44 tool pieces (11 per player), and a rulesheet.

With sweet mechanics and a deliciously delightful table presence, this game is sure to be the icing on the cake at your next game night! The Great Cake Escape is available now.

Purchase: Game NerdzMiniature MarketCool Stuff Inc

Catapult Kingdoms Launches July 2 on Kickstarter

Catapult Kingdoms

Game publisher Vesuvius Media announced Catapult Kingdoms, its new boulder launching, castle smashing, dexterity game, goes live on Kickstarter July 2. Those who back the Catapult Kingdoms Deluxe edition on Kickstarter during the first 48 hours will receive 2 neoprene game mats FREE!

Designed by Kristian Fosh (Escape from Flat Earth), Catapult Kingdoms is a 2-player game of last person standing. Players choose one of two families, either Chaufort or Cunningfields, then build a castle to fortify their troops. Using a catapult, players launch rubber boulders in an attempt to destroy their opponent’s castle and knock over their troops. When all troops of one army are knocked down, the battle is over. The winning army must have at least one troop standing upright.

The game is for 2 players ages 7+ and should take between 10 and 15 minutes.

The Catapult Kingdoms Kickstarter campaign starts July 2 and ends July 27. The standard pledge ($35 USD) includes the core game and all applicable stretch goals. The deluxe edition pledge ($60 USD) includes the core game, the Siege expansion, and all applicable stretch goals. Verified retailers qualify for a 50 percent discount on the deluxe pledge, including stretch goals, with a minimum order of 4 games. Reviewers can also qualify for a discount on the deluxe edition pledge.

Catapult Kingdoms and Siege expansion

Do You Have What it Takes? Find Out in SEAL Team Flix!

WizKids has announced that its new tactical dexterity game, SEAL Team Flix, is now available in North American game stores! In this objective-based game inspired by first-person shooter video games, players will battle an eco-terrorist group called Gaia’s Hope. The game has two modes, Campaign and Skirmish, allowing players to choose whether to play an 8-mission non-linear campaign or choose one of the 17 missions to play as a skirmish.

This exciting game incorporates flicking, dice rolling, and character standees in a unique combination that will have the whole table standing up. Pick up SEAL Team Flix at your FLGS or online today!

Be a Star this July with Circus Puppy from Renegade Game Studios!

Renegade Game Studios has announced that Circus Puppy is the next adorable and exciting release from the incredible designer Aza Chen, who are behind the smash hits Doggy Go!, Kitty Paw! and Shiba Inu House!

Fans can also pre-order Circus Puppy now from their Friendly Local Game Store for delivery in Summer, 2018.

Circus Puppy, the greatest show around, is coming to you! Help these dogs stack, balance, and leap their way into your hearts in this quick-playing dexterity game.

It’s the most popular circus in Animal City – Circus Puppy is going to perform! They’ve got all sorts of dogs, like French Bulldogs, Corgis, Huskies, and Shiba Inus. The show is about to start, but some of the dogs go lost chasing a butterfly! Seems like Dogee, their leader, has no choice but to let rookies go on the stage with the senior dogs. Will these stunk pups perform a great show for you?

The dexterity game features 17 different adorable dog breeds including Shiba Inus, Welsh Corgis, French Bulldogs, Schnauzers, Pugs, Huskies, and more! You’ll stack your stunt dogs to gather points but be careful to not let the poor pups fall!

The game is for 2-5 players ages 6+ and can be played in 20 minutes. It’ll retail for $20.

Every Zoo Has Wild Animals… And They All Know Kung-Fu in WizKids’ New Game, Kung-Fu Zoo

WizKids has released the dice-flicking dexterity game, Kung-Fu Zoo! Designed by Charlie Price, players take turns flicking their animal dice into the arena with the goal of knocking their opponent(s) onto their backs and stunning them, or into their cages.

The dice in Kung-Fu Zoo are designed to look like the animals they represent. Each one shows the head, sides, back, tail, and feet of each of the four animals that come with the game – Elephant, Cheetah, Gorilla, and Zebra. In addition to looking cool, the sides also play into the mechanics of the game; like determining how many points you score, or where an animal can be flicked from.

There are two ways to play: Cage Battle and Points Battle. Cage Battle is the main way to play, where players take turns flicking dice and working toward being the last animal standing. The outer edge is called the Rail; that’s where animals are flicked from. One at a time, animals start at one of the four indented dots along the rail, and get flicked into the arena. A player will need to ricochet their dice off the sides of the arena before hitting an opponent into one of the cage holes. If successful, they get another turn.


After all dice have been launched into the field, players are allowed to pick up one die and shoot again. Animals showing their back, a side, or tail are flicked from one of the four dots. A head up animal is able to be flicked anywhere on the rail, while feet up is stunned and unable to be flicked. In addition to that, the animals gain special abilities. Only able to be used once per game, these are unique techniques that could help turn the tides of battle. Zebras kick up dirt into an opponent’s face, causing them to close their eyes before shooting. Cheetahs can run to a different spot, Elephants can be flicked from inside the arena, and Gorillas can jump off other Gorillas.

The second game type is Points Battle. For this game, players shoot all four of their dice, one at a time, from one of the four dots. After all dice have been flicked, players add up points based on the top sides of the dice. Head up is worth 5 points, while feet up is only worth 2. Simply add up the points, and whoever has the most wins!

Kung-Fu Zoo is a game that can be enjoyed by all ages and skill levels. It’s quick to learn, quick to play, and the perfect addition to any board game collection. Priced at $29.99, be sure to visit your Friendly Local Game Store and pick up your copy today!

Flip Ships Gets Two Week Early Release from Renegade Game Studios

Flip ShipsRenegade Game Studios has announced a Brick and Mortar Early Release for Flip Ships. The game was designed by Kane Klenko and will be released on September 13th. Retailers can pre-order now from their favorite distributor to receive this in time for the early release. This 1-4 player, co-operative dexterity game is filled with out of this world art by Kwanchai Moriya.

Players take on the roles of brave pilots defending their planet from an onslaught of firepower. Flip your ships to take out the encroaching enemies, and to take down the powerful mother ship before it’s too late. Defeat the incoming onslaught of attacking ships together. Players must use dexterity and strategy to defend your home world!

Look for this and other games at your friendly local retailer on September 13th. In addition, the full release, including online stores, will be September 27th.