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Sirius Dice Launches Charity Dice Series. The Inaugural Set Focuses on Cancer Awareness

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Cancer Awareness Dice set

Sirius Dice, distributed to local game stores through Alliance Game Distributors, is launching a new, limited edition Charity Dice Series today, March 3. The Series was created to build awareness for small charities and the incredible work they do. The inaugural dice set will focus on cancer awareness and will raise money for SURVIVEiT, an innovative non-profit organization that empowers those facing cancer to define their journey and face cancer on their own terms.

Founded in 2019 by Lax Chandra and Tina Trenkler, Sirius Dice aims to bring high quality dice and gaming accessories to tabletop gamers everywhere. Their focus is to support local games retailers by offering unique merchandising and display opportunities. The Charity Dice Program offers specially designed dice sets as a way to build awareness and raise money, with twenty percent of the proceeds going to partner charities. “When we learned that Sirius Dice was launching the Charity Dice Program, we wanted to do our part to help bring the gaming community together in support of the initiative,” said Charlie Tyson, President of Alliance Game Distributors, “We are proud to partner with Sirius Dice to help get the word out.”

The inaugural Cancer Awareness Dice Set was inspired by Trenkler’s experience battling Stage 3 colorectal cancer and her desire to help others going through their own cancer experiences.

This particular, limited-edition set features one of the most unique designs Sirius has ever released. While typical dice sets may feature a specific color theme, the Cancer Awareness Dice set was purposely designed multi-colored, united by the theme of awareness for all types of cancers. Each tube contains a unique, randomized assortment of dice colors, with each clear resin die containing ­floating cancer ribbons in one of 24 ribbon and ink colors, along with a ribbon symbol on the D20.

Proceeds from sales of this dice set will go to SURVIVEiT, a cancer patient advocate that recently launched the world’s first interactive Cancer Navigation Tool.

Gamers and those interested in supporting the cause can purchase the Charity Dice Series set at their local games store starting today. Charity Dice Series sets are denoted by a fuchsia cap on the packaging. Sirius Dice will be announcing three additional sets in the Charity Series later this year.

Corvus Belli S.L. and Die Hard Dice Team for Infinity Dice

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Corvus Belli S.L. and Die Hard Dice have announced a collaboration agreement for making them part of Corvus Belli’s partners family. The goal is to design and manufacture Infinity-compatible, high-quality metal dice. These dice are an official Corvus Belli product. The first 3 dice releasing will be on Dec. 4th (Tohaa, Yu Jing, and Combined Army metal dice).

The new dice allow Infinity players to customize their games and show off their favorite faction!

Infinity Die Hard Dice

Q Workshop Releases New Dice Sets for Pathfinder and Starfinder

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Q Workshop has unveiled official Adventure Path dice sets designed and manufactured for the Pathfinder Extinction Curse, Starfinder Attack of the Swarm! and Starfinder The Threefold Conspiracy under a license with Paizo. Each is a complete set of seven polyhedral dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d100, d12, d20) made from durable plastic and designed with precision engravings.

Two Pathfinder Extinction Curse Adventure Path Dice Sets

The Extinction Curse Adventure Path is a six-part, monthly campaign in which the heroes lead a traveling circus as they unravel a plot to eradicate all life from the islands of the Inner Sea. These sets include dice in red and blue, with yellow painting in complexly carved engravings. The Performer’s set contains a blue d20, d10, and d4. The Entertainer’s set is made with a red d20, d10, and d4. On the highest face, there is the symbol of a circus tent to help players take the stage and win the crowd.

Starfinder Attack of the Swarm! Adventure Path Dice Set

The theme for this campaign is the invasion of the Swarm – a highly intelligent and always hungry monolithic hive-mind with gargantuan living ships. This set is glacier blue with cloudy admixture that resembles mist covering dangers, emerging out of the blue. Q WORKSHOP adorned the faces with pale yellow painting to mark the digits looking like insects and larvae. On the highest faces of all dice, there are symbols of the archenemy of the campaign – the Swarm.

Starfinder The Threefold Conspiracy Adventure Path Dice Set

The Threefold Conspiracy Adventure Path is a six-part, monthly campaign in which the heroes unravel the machinations of insidious aliens who have infiltrated galactic society. Imagine that there are dice for revealing cosmic conspiracy theories. These dice could be a player’s best choice in their fight against twisted alien masterminds and their sinister plot. This set is dark gray with yellow paint to mark the digits and rich engravings. The whole design is inspired by science fiction movie thrillers, where the enemy is alien, unknown and hidden in dark corners of spaceships. On the highest face, there is the symbol of mysterious three triangles that symbolize three layers of space conspiracy.

Each dice set has a $13.00 MSRP. Pathfinder Extinction Curse Adventure Path Performer’s Entertainer’s Dice Sets are available today at paizo.com and q-workshop.com. The Starfinder Attack of the Swarm! and Threefold Conspiracy Adventure Path Dice Sets will be available April 24 and 29, respectively.

PolyHero Dice Launches Rogue Set on Kickstarter

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PolyHero Dice has launched their quest for amazing custom dice, with the launch of the Rogue Set on Kickstarter! The Rogue Set features a d4 dagger, d6 poison vial, d8 crossbow bolt, d10/d% loot bags, d12 jewel, d20 powder keg, and for Kickstarter backers, a d3 grappling hook die. They’re also featuring a unique d20 lock pick die!

Join the campaign, vote for the colors you’d like the Rogue Set to be produced in, and don’t miss out on the exciting stretch goals and surprises they have planned!

Halfsies Dice is Bringing Loads of Dice to PAX Unplugged

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Halfsies Dice will be making a big splash at PAX Unplugged this year! Located at booth #1057, they’ll be featuring all of 2017’s new sets (16 in total!), along with Limited Edition releases and the last of the limited quantity sets from 2016, these are the must-see item in dice at PAX.

Halfsies Dice boast the heaviest, densest, and most well balanced resin dice on the market. With 30 sets available at PAX they’ll be priced at $12 for 1 set, 2 sets for $20. Loose dice: $2 each. Also, 10% of all proceeds benefit charity.

Without Chessex or Crystal Caste in house, they’re bringing extra stock to handle the RPG dice needs of the whole con!

You’ll also be able to find two games at their booth, The King’s Armory & A.D.A.P.T.

The King’s Armory
The World’s first and only true Tower Defense Board game.
1-7 Players
Full Coop for ages 14+

A mashup style game where you take mutant fish and battle to the death!
2-3 Players, expands up to 6.
Competitive for ages 7+