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Las Vegas Open 2023: Games Workshop reveals Kill Team: Soulshackle – Adeptus Arbites vs. Drukhari

The Adeptus Arbites are coming! During the Las Vegas Open, Games Workshop revealed the new Kill Team box set, Kill Team: Soulshackle. It features the Adeptus Arbites taking on Drukhari Kabalites. Not only do you get these to new teams but also 15 new terrain pieces including breachable walls (with push-out sections) and a hololith dais with 3D display board!

The Adeptus Arbites are here to dispense justice! These elite Imperial agents get a brand new kit that is perfect for this game and for Warhammer 40,000!

There’s lots of options and includes a Proctor-exactant, Chirguant, and the Cyber-Mastiff handling Leashmaster. There’s also tons of weapon options!

They’ll be going up against Kabalite Warriors which feature a new upgrade sprue to create specialists like an Archsybarite, Crimson Duellist, and even a Skysplinter Assassin.

LVO 2022: Aeldari Corsairs Plunder Nachmund in Kill Team

As has become tradition at the Las Vegas Open, Games Workshop held a preview event showing off some of what’s coming soon for their games. Kill Team got some hints as to what’s coming in the next “season”.

As shouldn’t be a surprise, the game will turn its focus on the conflict in Nachmund. At least one “new faction” will coming to the battlefield with the Aeldari Corsairs!

The Voidscarred kill team takes inspiration from the noble Asuryani, the sadistic Drukhari, and other things they picked up along the way. Being interstellar pirates, expect a pretty diverse look for the models.

But, this force won’t be limited to Kill Team, you’ll be able to use them with your Aeldari and Drukhari armies.

Aeldari Corsairs

It’s a Packed Pre-Order Release Week with Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer Underworlds, Blood Bowl, and Lord of the Rings

Games Workshop has taken a few weeks off for new releases but are back with a week packed with releases that will make the wallet hurt. Check out below for everything you can get starting today.

Expand your Drukhari and Adepta Sororitas with the Piety and Pain box. The campaign box features both armies along with a 32-page campaign book featuring datasheets, missions, Crusade rules, and Theatre of War rules for urban areas.

The Adepta Sororitas army includes five heavy-weapon toting Retributors with a pair of Armorium Cherubs, a heavily armoured Immolator, and a Palatine – a new hero with head and weapons options.

The Drukhari force is a swift Wych Cult warband led by the legendary duellist Lelith Hesperax. The stunning new plastic model of this beloved character is joined by ten Wyches, five winged Scourges, and a Venom.

Piety and Pain

You’ll be able to take advantage of the new codex for the Drukhari which allows you to use your Kabals, Wych Cults, and Haemoculus Covens. It’s everything you need to play. It comes in a regular and collector’s edition.

Drukhari codex

Expand your forces with the Combat Patrol: Drukhari. The box set features 18 plastic models that’s themed around the Kabals. It features an Archon leading 10 Kabalite Warriors and five Incubi into battle with a Raider and Ravager.

Combat Patrol: Drukhari

Along with the new codex you can get the Drukhari datacards and dice.

Also out for Warhammer 40,000 is The Book of Rust, the first act in the War Zone Charadon series.

This campaign book tells the story of the Death Guard invasion of the Charadon sector, home to the vital forge world Metalica. Led by Typhus himself, the followers of Nurgle swarm across the sector, with the Imperium’s defenders standing against them and the piratical Drukhari taking advantage of the anarchy to plunder and pillage.

It features three codex supplements, three armies of Renown, and help to bring together games in a narrative. There’s a regular and collector’s edition.

The Book of Rust

Crusade Mission Pack: Plague Purge adds rules for Crusade games. Designed to work with the rules in The Book of Rust, this expansion includes 24 Crusade missions – six for each game size – along with rules for playing Plague Purge Crusades and a suite of Agendas, Requisitions, and Stratagems. It also includes the basic rules for Warhammer 40,000, making it a handy reference guide while you play.

Crusade Mission Pack: Plague Purge

The Seraphon debuts in Warhammer Underworlds: Direchasm with the Starblood Stalkers. The warband mixes strong and agile fighters.

Starblood Stalkers

Expand your games of Blood Bowl with a new field, team card pack, and dice and with a Halfling theme.

Merry and Pippin and Treebeard enter the battle for the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game. It’s the largest kit for the game in years.

Middle-earth fans can also grab a dice set themed around the Ents of Fangorn Forest.

Black Library also has a lot of releases for those who want to spend some time reading. Dan Abnett‘s Ravenor Returned gets a limited edition release. Silent Hunters is a new tale of the vicious Carcharodons Space Marines written by Edoardo Albert. Blood of the Emperor is an anthology of six stories from some of your favorite authors. Finally, Josh ReynoldsManflayer comes to paperback.

Games Workshop Teases Piety and Pain Featuring Sisters of Battle and Drukhari

Teasing what we can expect in 2021, Games Workshop has revealed a new box set for Warhammer 40,000, Piety and Pain. The battlebox features Sisters of Battle and the Drukhari.

In the box is the already revealed Palatine for the Sisters of Battle as well as an Immolator, and Retributor Squad. For the sisters, it looks like the Palatine is the only new model.

The Drukhari features a brand-new Lelith Hesperax, Venom, Scourges, and Wyches.

The battlebox would hint both will see their codex released on the earlier side of 2021.

Sisters of Battle Palatine

Codex Drukhari and Death Angels are out in January 2021


Games Workshop revealed the first two codexes to be released in 2021. The Drukhari and Death Angels will each kick off the new year with new rules to freshen up the armies for the 9th edition of Warhammer 40K.

The Drukhari are the first xenos codex of 2021 and the updated rules make the army faster and deadlier than before.

The force features:

  • More attacks
  • Higher damage
  • Lethal combat output across the board

The new rules allow for a raiding force without being penalised in Command points. Don’t want that? How about a Wych Cult or Haemonculi COven? You’ve got that too. There’s also new Crusade rules for the force.

Here’s a taste of what’s coming with the new stats and rules for Incubi. With klaives now Damage 2, the Incubi can challenge Space Marines in combat.

Drukhari Incubi Warhammer 40K 9th edition

Death Angels Codex

The Death Angels are the next Space Marine force to get a spotlight with their own codex. (Insert joke about the first Chaos codex release of 2021). Not only will you get the background on the secretive Space Marine Chapter, but there are also rules for:

  • Ravenwing
  • Deathwing
  • New Stratagem and Relics

A change already mentioned is Deathwing Vanguard Detachments and Ravenwing Outrider Detachments both getting the Objective Secured ability on some key units.

There are also new Crusade rules very focused on hunting the Fallen. Once you catch the Fallen, how about interrogating them!?

Interrogation Crusade rule Death Angels Warhammer 40K 9th Edition

Take Your 40K Battles to War Zone Charadon

During today’s new online preview, Games Workshop revealed the next War Zone to battle it out in Warhammer 40K. War Zone Charadon Act 1: The Book of Rust has Typhus and the Death Guard attempting to claim the forge world Metalica for their own. Standing in their way is the Adeptus Mechanicus.

War Zone Charadon Act 1: The Book of Rust features background about the epic war zone but also new rules for:

  • Death Guard
  • Adeptus Mechanicus
  • Imperial Knights
  • Drukhari

The new Death Guard codex will be releasing soon and it’s unknow what rules will be added here that won’t be found in that book. The Drukhari codex has been revealed to be released in early 2021, so same questions apply to that army as well.

The new codex supplement won’t be the only release. The Plague Purge Mission Pack delivers a host of specific Crusade rules. Create a campaign around the world and gain relics and abilities along the way. It gives a whole new region of space to set campaigns in.

The Drukhari Have Arrived

This week’s Games Workshop pre-orders are all about the Drukhari. Grab the new codex or start collecting your army. This force brings something new to the battlefield.

With Codex: Drukhari, you’ll be able to customise your army more than ever before, with vastly expanded faction rules, new Stratagems, a host of improved units and more besides! With lots of options, this is the book to get to find out more about this force.

Datacards are designed to make it easier to keep track of Tactical Objectives, Power From Pain and Stratagems in games of Warhammer 40,000, this set of 77 cards – each featuring artwork on the reverse – is an indispensable tool in the arsenal of any Drukhari gamer.

Fiercely intelligent piratical raiders who feed upon anguish to stave off the slow death of their souls, the Drukhari epitomise everything wanton and cruel about the ancient Aeldari race from which they are descended. With Start Collecting! Drukhari you’ll receive a Succubus, a set of 10 Wyches, a Venom and 3 Reavers.

The Drukhari Attack in Next Week’s Games Workshop’s Pre-Orders

Do you fight for the Dark Gods? The Drukhari gave birth to them. The sinister raiders are being released for pre-order next weekend from Games Workshop.

As part of the release will be Codex: Drukhari, which isn’t just one army, but three! You’ll find in-depth rules for Kabals, Haemonculus Covens, and Wych Cults. That’ll include a collector’s edition as well as datacards.

For those that want to begin their force, Start Collecting! Drukhari will be released with enough units to create a Patrol Detachment. You’ll also save money!