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Heroclix Iron Man Blasts in for Free Comic Book Day from Wizkids

WizKids/NECA have announced the 2013 Free Comic Book Day figure—Marvel’s Iron Man.

Coinciding with the much-anticipated Marvel’s Iron Man 3, in theaters May 3rd, the physical Iron Man FCBD promo figure will hit shelves of local hobby shops May 4, and will be available while supplies last.

Each figure comes with a character card and free code to unlock its digital counterpart in HeroClix Online.

free comic book day iron man

Paizo Publishing and Gen Con Reach Multi-Year Co-Sponsorship Agreement

gen-con-logoPaizo Publishing, LLC, publisher of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, has announced an on-going partnership with Gen Con LLC, The Best Four Days In Gaming! Starting with Gen Con Indy 2013, August 15-18 at the Indiana Convention Center, Paizo will become a Co-Sponsor, supporting the convention at the highest level of sponsorship available. The deal extends for three years, concluding with Gen Con Indy 2015.

Gen Con’s CEO, Adrian Swartout said, “Gen Con is privileged to have such a strong partner. Adventure and storytelling games create lifelong memories, and those unforgettable experiences are what Gen Con and Paizo have committed to create together.”

As part of this agreement, Paizo will increase their Exhibit Hall presence (Booth #203) by approximately 30% in 2013. Paizo also will expand their offering of supported events, hosted in the Sagamore Ballroom of the Indiana Convention Center. Paizo joins Mayfair Games as a Gen Con multi-year Co-Sponsor. Badges for this year’s show became available for attendees on January 27 on gencon.com

Erik Mona, Publisher at Paizo said, “Paizo’s new sponsorship of the show is a reflection of Gen Con’s importance to our business, to Pathfinder RPG players, and to the greater community of gamers. I haven’t missed a Gen Con since my first, in 1995. And I never will. Gen Con is the best game convention in America, a giant gathering of fellow gamers, and the best gaming marketplace you could imagine. Year after year, I come for the great gaming and the new releases, but these days I also go because it’s a reunion of all the friends I’ve made there over the years. It’s the year’s greatest can’t-miss event.”

Ten Fun Facts and Figures from Gen Con Indy 2012

Gen Con is one of my favorite conventions of the year, and the team behind the fantastic con brings us ten facts about this years. Gen Con will return next summer to the Indiana Convention Center on August 15-18, 2013. Make sure to save the dates!

Stars Youth Foundation
10. Gen Con raised more than $14,000 for charity this year, including a record-breaking Cardhalla first toss of $1652! Charity dollars went to support the Stars Youth Foundation, an Indy based organization that helps underprivileged youth. Pictured are Stars Youth Foundation students playing games at this year’s Gen Con.
World Magic Cup
9. Nearly 9,000 events ran as part of Gen Con Indy, including the Dungeons & Dragons Keynote, which hosted nearly 1,000 attendees, and the first-ever World Magic Cup which had players from 71 different countries participate, including Cup winners Chinese Taipei.

8. Three Media Guests of Honor! Thanks to Wil Wheaton, Nichelle Nichols, and Wes Bentley for their awesome enthusiasm and participation!

7. 50+ demo tables and 25+ giant-sized versions of Mayfair Games! You haven’t played Catan until you’ve played a GIANT version of the game!
Food Trucks!
6. 20 food trucks provided hot, delicious food throughout the weekend on the renovated W. Georgia St.

5. Press attendance was larger than ever before! 500+ reporters and members of the media attended Gen Con Indy 2012 with more than 5 television crews in attendance.

Free Pass!
4. More than 45 free badges for Gen Con Indy 2013 were given to show attendees this year

3. 300+ exhibitors displayed in the Exhibit Hall, showing more than 45 debuting games

2. The Gen Con Indy Facebook page reached more than 780,000 unique people during the week of Gen Con Indy 2012. and…

Show Floor
1. 41,000+ unique and 134,000+ turnstile attendees took part in the Best Four Days in Gaming™!

2012 Film Festival Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Gen Con Indy 2012 Film Festival!

Filmmakers from around the world gathered to compete in this year’s festival.  Some traveled from as far away as Australia and the United Kingdom for screenings, film panels, and the awards ceremony. Films from across the United States, Canada, Australia, Israel, Japan, and Great Britain made it a truly international event.

The screenings were held at the Westin Hotel throughout the four days of Gen Con Indy with winners selected by jury on Sunday. The winning films have been awarded cash prizes, as well as complimentary booths in the Gen Con 2013 Exhibit Hall for the Best Feature and Best Series.

Gen Con 2012 Was a Success

Each year Gen Con, to me, is one of the best conventions out there. Not only is there a great atmosphere that’s very family friendly, the show allows you to hang out and actually play games in demos, open play areas and tournaments, not to mention the numerous pick up games running 24 hours a day.  I say games, as it covers everything from video to board, to card to role-playing, it’s all there at this show.

This year marked the 45th Anniversary of the convention as well as the 10th year it’s been in the city of Indianapolis, it even launched with a proclamation by Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard.  The show had a record attendance of 134,775 people, including 41,000 unique attendees.

Gen Con CEO Adrian Swartout said:

2012 was a year of important anniversaries for Gen Con Indy. The city of Indianapolis and the greater gaming community have provided us tremendous support, and the welcome Gen Con received for its 45th Anniversary amazed us all. The contributions of our attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, event organizers, volunteers, and the hospitality industry have helped Gen Con reach all-new heights.

The unique 2012 show attendance rose more than 12% over last year’s prior attendance record, propelled by significant increases to pre-show badge sales and on-site growth in Sunday’s Family Fun Day attendance. Overall, the show has grown in attendance approximately 30% since Gen Con Indy 2010. Turnstile growth for the weekend also was up 9% from last year’s prior record of 119,000 plus weekend attendees. Gen Con’s pre-show Trade Day also expanded, including 232 retailers attending the event, in addition to the growing numbers of educators and librarians that participated in the tracked pre-show program.

Gen Con will return to the Indianapolis Convention Center on August 15-18, 2013. In a prior announcement, Gen Con announced their commitment to the city of Indianapolis until 2020.

Gen Con Keynote Talks the Future of Dungeons & Dragons

Appropriately the first ever keynote address at Gen Con will be a look into the future of Dungeons & Dragons, including the evolution of the game, the re-birth of a fantasy setting and the next generation of art.  Wizards of the Coast is hosting this first-ever keynote address on Thursday, August 16th  to share with D&D fans what is in store for the game. Speakers include President and CEO of Wizards Greg Leeds, Senior Manager for D&D Research and Design Mike Mearls, and some of the greatest creative minds in the industry.

The keynote begins at 7:00 PM in the 500 Ballroom of the Indianapolis Convention Center and will be live-streamed at DungeonsandDragons.com/events.

Flare Superhero Card Game Debuts At Big Wow Comicfest In San Jose!


Ever wanted to help playtest a new game before it goes on sale?

You’ll be able to do that on May 19 and 20 at this year’s Big Wow! Comicfest in San Jose, California!

Comics’ shining goddess of light, FLARE, is scheduled to visit the Big Wow! ComicFest this year in person! And she’s bringing with her a prototype of her brand-new superhero card game! It’s Heroes vs Villains, as you get to figure out the best tactics and strategies that will enable your favorite hero to work (or maybe compete) with other heroes in bringing down the threat of a series of seven powerful supervillains and their evil minions.

But watch out! Because the villains get ever more powerful. And if you don’t build up your own resources, and if you don’t bring the bad guys down quickly when they first show up, your opponents might just get so powerful that you won’t be able to bring them down at all!

There are demos scheduled every two hours on Saturday and Sunday. But space is limited! No more than eight players can be accommodated in each time slot. So get ready to help out with the FLARE Superhero Card Game playtest demo, and reserve one of the remaining open slots for yourself today.

Reservations for the FLARE Superhero Card Game Demo at the Big Wow! Comicfest can be made online at www.heroicmultiverse.com/heroicpub/flarecardgame

Don’t wait! Space is limited! Sign up today!