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Call of Duty comes to the tabletop with a new board game

Call of Duty: The Board Game

Arcane Wonders has announced a long-term partnership with Activision Publishing, Inc., Genuine Entertainment, and Evolution to produce Call of Duty: The Board Game, a new strategy game series inspired by the popular video game franchise. Pre-orders for the board game will open on Kickstarter this Fall 2023 and roll out into retail worldwide in 2024.

Call of Duty: The Board Game combines elements of strategy, tactical planning, and combat to create an intense and immersive gaming experience. Players take on the roles of elite soldiers, battling against each other in intense, fast-paced action set in the iconic maps from the Call of Duty video games. 

The original game will feature stunning artwork and high-quality components, including miniatures of the iconic soldiers and weapons from the Call of Duty franchise, as well as a variety of scenarios and gameplay modes that allow players to savor and share the excitement of Call of Duty in a whole new way. 

Evolution Goes from the Tabletop to Nintendo Switch

Evolution Board Game

Evolution Board Game, the strategy game of adaptation from North Star Digital Studios now stalks the untamed wilds of Nintendo Switch.

Evolutionists who purchase Evolution on Nintendo Switch by Sunday, Jan. 10 will receive the Arms Race Promo Pack add-on for free, along with the Nintendo Switch-exclusive Tiger Skin. Five additional trait cards and a Nintendo Switch exclusive tiger skin create new strategic opportunities while offering deadly stripes to show off in local and cross-platform matches.

Dive into the new version of the critically-acclaimed Evolution at home or on the go with lightning-quick Joy-Con support or touchscreen controls. A robust feature set provides everything digital board game fans could ask for with online play and local pass-and-play alike.

  • Conquer a single player campaign with 21 levels, bosses, and distinct A.I. opponents
  • Chat or start real time and asynchronous games from your friends list
  • Find new opponents with skill-based online matchmaking
  • Climb the online multiplayer rankings and single player progression ladder
  • Keep cards close to the chest with pass and play optimized for Nintendo Switch
  • Test yourself against weekly challenges
  • Discover gorgeous hand-drawn species hidden throughout the game

An intuitive learn-while-playing tutorial trains humble scientists to adapt species with new traits adorned with gorgeous watercolor style artwork. Experiment with millions of genetic combinations to survive the harsh realities of the natural world. Climb the leaderboards to become the best digital board game biologist in the world, earning new avatars and other rewards as the fruit of your labors.

Evolution Board Game is available on Nintendo Switch everywhere except Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong for $19.99 USD in addition to its Steam for Windows PC and Mac, iOS, and Android versions.