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Fanroll teams with Kobold Press to get a Fire, Ice, or Witch dice set

HUZZAH! Fanroll has partnered with Kobold Press – a boutique publisher of core fantasy roleplaying games, sourcebooks, and adventure in the tabletop RPG market – You may know them from the hits: Tome of Beasts I-III and Creature Codex for 5th Edition!

Kobold Press’ most recent project – Deep Magic 2 has already surpassed more than $675,000 on Kickstarter! Deep Magic 2 is an expansion for every spellcaster! They have brewed up and playtested some truly astonishing options. With Deep Magic Volume 2, you can master new mechanics like true name magic, create arcane adversaries, and expand your repertoire with hundreds of new spells for every casting class. It includes new subclasses like the Oath of the Spellsworn and an entirely new base class, the Witch!

Check it out today and back their project to claim your Fire, Ice, or Witch dice set!

Metallic Dice Games is now Fanroll

FanRoll logo

Metallic Dice Games (MDG), founded in 2014 and recently sold to toy industry veteran Neal Hoffman has “rolled” into the new year with a new name. The company announced its decision to rebrand the company as FanRoll and has launched its new website, FanRollDice.com.

Shark Tank Alum, Neal Hoffman led a group of investors to purchase Metallic Dice Games, a leading tabletop dice company, this past summer. While the company started with a focus on metal dice, it now has over 300 SKUS ranging from liquid core dice to tabletop accessories. The rebrand is to better reflect where the company is and is going in the future.

MDG made a massive impact on the dice industry when they launched Elixir DiceTM, liquid-filled dice with a snowglobe-like effect. With combined Kickstarters reaching over $1.2MM, the company is eager to launch this innovation and bring it to the mass market. 

Adam Hackett, MDG’s founder, and Fanroll’s new Chief Product Officer has made numerous product introductions into the retail market. FanRoll will introduce individual D20s of their popular liquid core Elixir Dice this spring. The company has also developed a new line of blind packs, branded Misfit Dice using the tagline “Adopt a Misfit”, which includes unique packs of mini, resin, and metal dice. Hackett expects to launch new items every other month throughout 2023.

FanRoll Dice was busy this past fall and had recently announced partnerships with numerous podcasts including NADDPOD, Homebrew, and Glass Cannon Network. The company is actively seeking out new marketing partnerships.