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The Fantastic Four Returns…. to Marvel Legendary from Upper Deck

For years now there’s been persistent rumors there’s been a ban/lower prioritization of the Fantastic Four and X-Men from Marvel due to their movie ownership at Fox. No actual evidence has been presented, just conspiratorial connect the dots that ignore the creation of new X-Men characters, the licensed material that does get released, and use of some of the Fantastic Four characters in the comics themselves. While it is clear “something” was up, exactly what isn’t beyond a “deemphasis.”

Part of the fuel to the fire was the discontinuation of the Marvel Legendary: Fantastic Four expansion by Upper Deck for their popular deck-building game.

As reported by ICv2, Upper Deck Senior Brand Manager Jason Brenner has said that the “company has been authorized to immediately go back to press on a new printing of the product, which will be available in six to eight weeks.”

The expansion was originally released in the fourth quarter of 2013 and went out of print due to a “licensor-controlled issue.” This out of print status has led the expansion to be covetted and the aftermarket price to incease over 10x. Originally retailing for $19.99, expansions are being sold for over $300.

Three out of the four of the Fantastic Four appeared in the first Dice Masters set, Avengers vs. X-Men by WizKids released in 2014. They haven’t appeared in the game since. The Thing was one of the releases for Knight Models’ Marvel Universe Miniature Game and was released last year.

Can the team’s return to comics be far behind?

Game Review: Legendary Paint The Town Red Expansion

legendaryThe “Paint the Town Red” expansion for Legendary is the third expansion in the series, and the second in a row with a stronger thematic concept.  Although the second expansion came right out and declared itself the Fantastic Four expansion, this is definitely the Spider-Man expansion even though it doesn’t really identify itself as such except for the box art.  As an overall analysis of this game series reveals, it is the street level characters that are the bigger push in terms of popularity, but it is also these characters, their villains and these villains’ schemes which make for a much easier game play experience.  The Dark City expansion helped a bit to counter this trend of the street level scenarios being that much easier to play, but this expansion goes much closer to the original trend.  As opposed to the grand schemes of certain villains, this expansion plays out a lot more like a Spider-Man comic, fun at times but never in any real danger that the characters (or in this case the players) are in much danger.

The focus here is all Spider-Man, meaning that anyone expecting more variety will be disappointed.  Instead this sticks close to the Spider-Man story lines with Black Cat, Moon Knight, Scarlet Spider, Symbiote Spider-Man and Spider-Woman.  The schemes are equally related, focusing on Carnage and Mysterio and various spider-related problems, although one does strive for a bit more by trying to take on the Clone Saga.  As with the Fantastic Four expansion, this does little to expand any of the more disappointing mechanics of the game, as the S.H.I.E.L.D. draw pile and the bystanders are once again left untouched.  This is an expansion on the same scale as the Fantastic Four expansion, incorporating in fewer cards while also adding to the refinement of the game play experience.

At this point the “street vs. skies” divide in this game might almost be moot anyway.  At the very least the base game is required to play Paint the Town Red, but by incorporating in the other expansions the imbalance between the two character types is less evident.  While heavy hitters like the Fantastic Four might have no trouble in a street level scenario, at least in this way one can face Black Cat against Galactus and see what happens.  That is the fun of these expansions, is that their price is not outlandish, and that they therefore help to build the game easily and inexpensively, even if the individual expansion offers little else new, the sum ends up being greater the parts.

Score: 8.2 

Upper Deck’s Legendary Deck Building Game Gets Fantastic!

2013-Upper-Deck-Entertainment-Marvel-Legendary-Fantastic-Four-BoxAs more and more gamers get the chance to play Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game, the interest in the game continues to rise. Recently Upper Deck Entertainment released the game’s first expansion called Dark City, which quickly became a favorite with fans. And now Upper Deck Entertainment is pleased to announce the release of an expansion set themed around The Fantastic Four. This expansion will include five new heroes, two new masterminds and four new game twisting schemes!

The Fantastic Four expansion set will now allow gamers to play with 950 cards and some amazing new art. All the art for the heroes was done by renowned artist Alé Garza. Joining The Fantastic Four in their quest to become “Legendary” is the Silver Surfer. They will certainly need his help as the team does battle with new Masterminds to the set; Mole Man and Galactus.

Marvel fans can find The Fantastic Four expansion set in stores now! The expansion set features 100 new playing cards and has a suggested retail price of $19.99. Die-hard fans have been able to see many of the cards in the set at various shows throughout the summer and the early consensus is, “Finally, we can play with The Fantastic Four and against Galactus!”

“The Fantastic Four are such important characters to the Marvel Universe, we felt they deserved a set of their own for Legendary™,” said Jason Brenner, Upper Deck’s entertainment brand manager. “We wanted to do the fans a service by making a character like Silver Surfer a playable hero while adding some new mechanics that speak directly to the team dynamic in The Fantastic Four. The end result will be a lot of fun not only for fans of the game, but new players as well.”

Play with or against friends in this “Fantastic” deck-building game from Upper Deck Entertainment!

Gen Con 2013: Upper Deck’s Marvel Legendary Gets Two Expansions and Lots of Empty Chairs

DSCN3422While walking around the showroom floor of Gen Con this past weekend, I noticed a sign for an upcoming expansion to Upper Deck‘s deck building game Marvel Legendary. Website ICv2 is reporting, there’s actually two that will be coming out, the second announced at an event during the convention.

The set announced during a party at the Hard Rock Cafe, Upper Deck announced that a Spider-Man themed set will be making it’s debut. Artwork featuring Spider-Man and Carnage were both pictured. The company also announced a contest to name the set, with a hope that it’ll have a Carnage theme to it. The winning entry will receive a free copy of the deck.

The two new Masterminds, as well as new mechanics and schemes, for this set are Carnage and a yet to be announced character, and no it’s not Venom. The art for the set will be done by Matthew Clark. There’s 100 cards in the set and it’ll retail for $19.99.

In October, a set based on the Fantastic Four will be released. With art by Ale Garza, J.J. Kirby and Nigel Raynor, the set will also feature 100 cards. The expansion has of course the Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer with Mastermind Galactus. The set will include five heroes, two new villain groups and two Masterminds. That will also retail for $19.99.

PIC_4252At the convention, numerous tournaments occurred of the game, though it seemed Upper Deck had trouble filling in seats. Unlike AEG, Fantasy Flight, Heroclix or Magic which which were all in close proximity and constantly filled, Upper Deck had rows upon rows of empty seats which you can see to the right. I’d estimate at the times I went by, the section was about 25% to 33% filled each and every time. Out of all of the game publishers in the tournament area, this was the only section that seemed to have that issue and it was constant (I confirmed this with individuals running tournaments in surrounding sections). We’ll see over the next year if the game has legs or is already showing signs of burnout that lack of tournament interest would indicate.