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Necromunda’s Agitator and Propagandist Are Revealed

Even when you’re the best, you might need someone to let everyone know you are. That’s where the new Necromunda Propagandist and Agitator fit into things.

The Propagandists deliver speeches, paint slogans on walls, and spread rumors. They can help with gang recruitment and increase a gang’s reputation.


The Agitator helps make your achievements known. They also help spread subversive rumors. He can also help with a gang’s reputation and recruitment but you need to watch out for Enforcers.


Propagandists are Hangers-on that can be taken by any gang, while Agitators can only join Outlaw gangs. They’re both coming soon from Forge World.

Games Workshop Pre-Order Preview: Horus Heresy: Age of Darkness begins!

They said it was coming in June and Games Workshop is starting things early with an extended pre-order launch for Horus Heresy: Age of Darkness. The new “core” game launches this coming Saturday with a load of releases to go with it.

Warhammer: The Horus Heresy – The Age of Darkness launches with a box set packed with everything you need to start. It’ll be available in English, French, and German. Within the box, you get 54 plastic miniatures, enough for two forces or one giant one. It includes 2 Legion Praetors, 10 Cataphractii Terminators, 40 highly customizable Tactical Space Marines in Mk VI power armor, one Contemptor Dreadnought, and one Spartan Assault Tank. All the miniatures except the Terminators are new models.

Also features is a 336-page hardback rulebook, 36-page construction guide, introductory army lists, and two four-page rules reference sheets.

There’s also 20 six-sided dice, two blast templates, one flame template, two classic red plastic measuring sticks, and a transfer sheet.

If you order the set directly from the Games Workshop webstore, you’ll also get an exclusive reaction token and card set (while supplies last). That’s eight metal tokens and a deck of eight cards to keep track of the game’s six reactions and two advance reactions.

You’ll be able to expand your game with the Liber Astartes. This Loyalist bible features rules, lore, unit profiles for each of the nine Legion Astartes that remained loyal. The 344-page hardback is packed with everything you need to dive further into your loyalist force and will be available in English, French, and German.

Liber Astartes

For those looking to topple the Emperor, you’ll want to get The Liber Hereticus. The 352-page hardback contains the full roster rules, and background for all nine Traitor Legions. It’ll be available in English, French, and German.

The Liber Hereticus

The Legiones Astartes Special Weapons Upgrade Set allows you to upgrade your squads into Legion Tactical Support Squads. The set contains 10 weapons each of six types – flamers, plasma guns, meltaguns, rotor cannons, volkite chargers, and volkite calivers.

Legiones Astartes Special Weapons Upgrade Set

The Legiones Astartes Heavy Weapons Upgrade Set (Missile Launchers and Heavy Bolters) delivers a bit more punch featuring 10 missile launchers, 10 heavy bolters, and associated arms.

Legiones Astartes Heavy Weapons Upgrade Set (Missile Launchers and Heavy Bolters)

Expand your force with the Kratos Heavy Assault Tank. There’s three options for the turret gun, four apiece for the hull weapons and the sponsons, nine choices of pintle gun, plus dozer blades, searchlights, and gunners. There’s also a datasheet for you to field it in your games of Warhammer 40,000!

Kratos Heavy Assault Tank

The Deimos Pattern Rhino will get your squad into battle a bit quicker and with some protection.

Deimos Pattern Rhino

Expand your force with the Mk III Tactical Squad. Repackaged for the new edition, it features 20 multipose Legion Astartes.

Mk III Tactical Squad

How about the Mk IV Tactical Squad instead? It features 20 Space Marines for your force.

Mk IV Tactical Squad

Thousand Sons get some early help with Ahzek Ahriman, the Chief Librarian. Originally released in the Burning of Prospero set, the plastic model will be available on its own for the first time.

Ahzek Ahriman

Keep track of the entire Imperium with the Carta Galactica: The Imperium of Mankind. It’s printed on a massive 1,000mm x 890mm fold-out poster, and it’s the essential guide to the galactic state of play.

Carta Galactica: The Imperium of Mankind

Get The Horus Heresy Legion Transfer Sheets to make your Legion stand out a little more. Each contains more than 500 decals.

The Horus Heresy Legion Transfer Sheets

Show off your loyalty to your legion with The Horus Heresy Legion Dice. The sets feature 20 six-sided dice, one is a scatter die. There’s also the Legion emblem where the six should be.

The Horus Heresy Legion Dice

There’ll be In-store Swag to celebrate. Head to your local Warhammer store for lodge coins, keyrings, pin badges, and vehicle damage counters and some independent stores will have them too.

In-store Swag

Forge World is getting in on the action.

The Primarchs are being repackaged for the new edition. You can get these resin figures to help lead your force.

Sons of Horus and Imperial Fists Mk VI Heads and Shoulder Pads will allow you to build your Legion and each features 11 resin heads and 10 sculpted shoulder pads for every Legion. The Imperial Fists and Sons of Horus are the first two to be released.

The Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game is getting releases with the highlight being Grimbeorn. You’ll get this leader of the Beormings as well as the bear he can turn into.


You’ll also be able to get Beornings, hardy people who are also a strong, tough, and fierce force.


From Black Library comes a few releases.

Cthonia’s Reckoning (Special edition/Hardback/eBook/MP3) is an anthology featuring seven all-new short stories – Sons of Cthonia by John French, To the Last by Michael F Haspil, The Gangs Beneath by Gary Kloster, The Flesh Harvest by Nicholas Wolf, Traitor’s Faith by Noah Van Nguyen, For Hate’s Sake by Gav Thorpe, and Postulant by Chris Forrester.

Cthonia’s Reckoning

Lupercal’s War features 21 short stories and an introduction to the Horus Heresy.

Lupercal’s War

You’ll also be able to get The Horus Heresy Bookmark.

The Horus Heresy Bookmark

In French, you can get Cthonia’s Reckoning and Sons of the Emperor: An Anthology.

In German, you can get Horus Heresy Omnibus VIII.

Horus Heresy Omnibus VIII

Rumbelow Sheepskin and Dire Wolf Heavy Scout Titans are available on Forge World

Forge World has a few pre-orders on their site now for Blood Bowl and Adeptus Titanicus.

Rumbelow Sheepskin is the latest star player for Blood Bowl. He adds speed and hitting power to a squishy Halfling Line of Scrimmage. But, he can play for Halfling Thimble Cup, Old World Classic, and Worlds Edge Superleague teams. Ram your rivals with this blitzer!

Available for $36.

There’s also the Greenfield Grasshuggers Full Roster and Subs. For $198, you get:

1x Greenfield Grasshuggers Blood Bowl Team, containing:

  • 12x multi-part Halfling players
  • 3x Halfling team balls
  • 2x turn counters
  • 2x double-sided team tokens
    1x Treeman
    1x Deeproot Strongbranch
    1x Rumbelow Sheepskin

For Adeptus Titanicus, you can add the Dire Wolf Heavy Scout Titan with Neutron Laser or Dire Wolf Heavy Scout Titan with Volcano Cannon. Heavier variants of the Warhound Scout, they keep Knights at arm’s length with a carapace-mounted neutron laser or a carapace-mounted volcano cannon. You can get them for $55 each.

Games Workshop Pre-Order Preview: Explore the Ash Wastes with Necromunda

Next week’s pre-orders take us to Necromunda where the Ash Wastes open up. Take your games to the outdoors opening all new elements as you attempt to dominate the desert.

The Necromunda: Ash Wastes boxed set features two complete gangs. You get 10 Orlocks on foot and two Outrider Quads. There’s also the Ash Wastes Nomad gang which also includes the Dustback Helamite riders.

There’s also new multi-layered terrain for your fighters to do battle over and around.

The box features everything you need to play including tokens, cards, dice, templates, a playing mat, and an updated rule book featuring all the new rules to do battle in the Ash Wastes.

But that’s not all…

You can get the Ash Wastes Nomads, a deadly new gang that has emerged from the ash wastes. They seek vengeance against anyone that invades their lands. You get 14 heads, new weaponry, a perfect addition to build on your gang from the boxed set or start a new one.

Ash Wastes Nomads

Dustback Helamite Riders strike hard and past. They add hit-and-run options to gangs, allowing for a swift and deadly attack. You can build four riders with all the options you need to arm them.

Dustback Helamite Riders

Ash Waste Nomads Tactics Cards allow you to deploy cunning tactics for the gang. It comes with 18-gang-specific tactics and eight fighter cards to track stats, skills, and weapons.

Ash Waste Nomads Tactics Cards

Orlock Outrider Quads allow you to blast out into the ash wastes. They deliver heavy weapons choices mixed with speed. Start a biker gang or expand what you get from the new boxed set.

Orlock Outrider Quads

Orlock Vehicle Gang Tactics Cards help you pull off vehicular gambits in battle. There are also eight blank fighter cards to track your mounted House of Iron.

Orlock Vehicle Gang Tactics Cards

The Carta Galactica: The Western Hemisphere of Necromunda map will allow you to find your way around the ash wastes. The map shows where all the great hives are and the road that connects them.

Carta Galactica: The Western Hemisphere of Necromunda

Forge World also is in on the action with the Orlock Upgrades. It features alternate heads, water bottles, and backpacks. Perfect to upgrade your gang to survive in the ash wastes.

Orlock Upgrades

Black Library is not to be outdone.

Huron Blackheart: Master of the Maelstrom has the infamous Huron Blackheart facing a challenge to his authority from within. The book will be available as a limited edition version signed by the author and upgraded with soft-touch cover, full-color artwork, and red page edging. It’s limited to 2,000 copies. The book will also be available in hardback, audiobook, and ebook.

The Imperial Infantryman’s Handbook is back! It’s the ultimate guide to the Astra Militarum with advice on everything delivering a satirical look into the life of the Guard.

The Imperial Infantryman’s Handbook

Penitent is book two in the Bequin series, now in paperback. Written by Dan Abnett, will Alizebeth Bequin stand with the Inquisition, and if she does, will she follow the ruthless Ravenor or the heretic Eisenhorn?


Gloomspite arrives in audiobook. Skragrott the Loonking leads the Glomspite Gitz to the city of Draconium as he follows the Bad Moon. Can the human defenders hold back the endless swarm of grots?


Trade Wood for Sheep with Rumbelow Sheepskin in Blood Bowl

A new starplayer has been revealed for Blood Bowl, Rumbelow Sheepskin! The character has some history as he is the first Halfling Star Player to be released since 1990!

The character is a terror on the field with his special ability “Ram” which allows him once a game to add an additional +1 modified to the Armour Roll or Injury Roll when an opposition player is Knocked Down as a result of a Block action.

The duo can play for teams associated with the Halfling Thimble Cup, Old World Classic, or Worlds Edge Superleague.

Games Workshop Pre-Order Preview: The Norsca Rampagers are Coming

Blood Bowl is the highlight for next week’s pre-orders from Games Workshop and Forge World.

The Norsca Rampagers are coming. The Blood Bowl team is an update to the classic Norse with new positionals and more! Though Berserkers, frenzied Ulfwerners punch holes in the opposition while the Valkyries score! Then there’s Beer Boars who give the team a mid-match pick-me-up.

Norsca Rampagers

You’ll need rules and that’s where Spike! Magazine 14 comes in. There are hints, tips, background, and lore to play the team in Blood Bowl and Dungeon Bowl!

Spike! Magazine 14

You can enhance your games with the Norse Team Card Pack as well as the Norse Team Dice. There’s also the Norse Pitch and Dugout which is double-sided and brings games home to the frozen lands. There’s special rules for playing on an icy surface!

What’s a team without Star Players and Big Guys? Forge World has you covered!

The Yhetee adds more punching power to your team.


Skrorg Snowpelt is a bit more stylish, looking good while ripping the arms off of opposing players. He can inspire your team and pump up the crowds.

Skrorg Snowpelt

Thorsson Stoutmead has an arm on him. It’s good for throwing barrels of beer at opposing players.

Thorsson Stoutmead

Ivar Eriksson comes with Block, Guard, and Tackle which will absolutely come in handy for games.

Ivar Eriksson

The Yhetee is a big guy for Norse teams but the three Star Players can also be fielded by Dwarf, Halfling, Imperial Nobility, Old World Alliance, and Ogre teams.

Black Library also has releases for fans.

Bequin: Pariah gets a hardback edition. Book One of the Bequin series gets the special edition treatment, wrapped in a luxury hardback package with sumptuous tarot-style cover art. Signed and with an introduction by Dan Abnett, the edition is limited to 2,000 copies.

Sigismund: The Eternal Crusader by John French is the third book in the Horus Heresy Character Series. It arrives in hardback, eBook, and MP3.

Sigismund: The Eternal Crusader

Traitor Rock by Justin D. Hill sees Minka Lesk and the Cadian 101st fighting a meat-grinder mission that threatens to devour them.

Traitor Rock

McFarlane Toys gets a slew of releases. The artist’s proof Ymgarl Genestealer will be available from Warhammer stores in North America and from games-workshop.com – while the Ork Big Mek and the Primaris Reiver with Grapnel Launcher will be available from games-workshop.com and in selected North American Warhammer stores.

Five more McFarlane models are available on the same date – but only from the Los Angeles and Dallas Warhammer stores. These are all supplied ready-painted. Choose from a Genestealer, a Primaris Reiver, a Big Mek, and two Meganobs, one with a buzzsaw and the other a shoota.

McFarlane Warhammer 40K figures

There’s also an Adepta Sororitas print that’ll be available from selected Warhammer stories that features John Blanche artwork.

Adepta Sororitas John Blanche print

Games Workshop Next Week: Warcry, Necromunda, Aeronautica Imperialis, and made to order T’au classic Middle-earth

Games Workshop has a mix of releases for next week focusing mostly on its boxed games. Warcry gets a bunch of releases with Tome of Champions. The book has material whether you like open play, narrative play, matched play, or campaign play. There’s points updates for every Grand Alliance, new fated quests, narrative campaigns, branching quests, and a tournament pack.

Warcry: Tome of Champions also features the ability to use Underworld characters in Warcry!

Warcry: Tome of Champions

Along with the new book, five new Warcry warbands are also being released. You can choose between the Daughters of Khaine, Lumineth Realm-lords, Slaanesh Sybarites, Thunderstrike Stormcast Eternals, and Kruleboyz.

For Warhammer 40,000, T’au players will be able to pick up some classic Ethereals that’ll be made to order. Choose between the four to lead your army for the greater good.

The Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game also gets some made to order figures. You can get the Goblin Shaman, Armoured Moria Goblins, Easterling Warriors Warband, Lorien Elf Archers, Galadriel, Haldir’s Elves with Swords and Haldir’s Elves with Bows, and Captain of Dale.

You’ll be able to expand your Necromunda scenery with this box set featuring 106 pieces of terrain and accessories. This looks like a fantastic way to not only build up your board for games of Necromunda but also can be used for games of Warhammer 40,000.

Necromunda scenery

Aeronautica Imperialis gets two releases. The Vampire Raider has transport capacity allowing players to be the attacker in scenarios such as Subterranean Assault. The Vampire Hunter is a heavy ground-attack bomber allowing you to take on enemy ground assets.

White Dwarf 437 features rules to field Aeldari from Craftworld Altansar, updated rules for Beasts of Chaos for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, and a guide to making banners for Titans in Adeptus Titanicus.

White Dwarf 437

There are also more licensed products coming out including Warhammer 40,000 keyrings as well as a Stormcast Eternals Shield Pin Badge.

T’au, Vigilus Alone, Blood Bowl, new JoyToy and More are available now from Games Workshop

The codex for Warhammer 40,000 are rolling out quickly in 2022! Codex: T’au Empire is one of the big releases available for pre-order now. It includes all the rules you need to field this army on the tabletop. You’ll find background lore, Crusade rules that allow you to start your own sphere of expansion, and more!

There are two editions including a collector’s edition featuring a premium soft-touch cover, printed page edges, and a black ribbon page marker.

Purchase: Collector’s Edition – $80Regular Edition – $50

Codex: T'au Empire

Darkstrider gets a new miniature complete with a cluster of scanning drones.

Purchase: Games Workshop – $35


T’au Empire Ethereals provide spiritual guidance for the greater good. This is the first time this miniature has been released outside of the Start Collecting T’au box.

Purchase: Games Workshop – $30

T’au Empire Ethereals

Speaking of starting to collect, the Combat Patrol: T’au Empire arrives! Lead from the front with a Cadre Fireblade supported by a squad of Fire Warriors, while Stealth Battlesuits and a mighty Ghostkeel Battlesuit use their optic camouflage to flank the enemy, all guided by the wisdom of an Ethereal advisor.

Purchase: Games Workshop – $140

Combat Patrol: T’au Empire

Show off your belief in the greater good with the T’au Empire Dice Set.

Purchase: Games Workshop – $35

T’au Empire Dice Set

Keep track of your forces with the T’au Empire Datacards which act as an easy way to reference rules.

Purchase: Games Workshop – $25

T’au Empire Datacards

Getting some advanced tech with T’au Empire Forge World Kits. Add the destructive firepower of the massive KX139 Ta’unar Supremacy Armour, bring death from above with the AX 1-0 Tigershark, and recruit additional battlesuits in the form of the XV107 and XV109 variants at the same time as you buy your new codex.

That’s not the only thing coming for Warhammer 40,000. You’ll also be able to get War Zone Nachmund: Vigilus Alone. It features new rules and lore that takes you into the contested region and allow you to expand your narrative games. The supplement features an in-depth campaign system for Imperial and Chaos forces (plus xenos allies of convenience), extra Crusade rules for constructing an Army of Faith, a new Army of Renown for sneaky Space Marines, and a codex supplement for the angriest Adepta Sororitas, the Order of the Bloody Rose.

A collectors’ edition features a soft-touch cover with silver foil blocking, printed page edges, and a Vigilus poster that does double duty as a campaign tracker.

Purchase: Collector’s Edition – $80Regular Edition – $50

You’ll also be able to get Crusade Mission Pack: Wars of Faith. It contains everything you need to battle in the Nachmund SYstem. Raise sacred shrines, topple your opponent’s houses of heresy, and take out the blasphemers! It features Crusade rules, 24 new Crusade missions (six each for Combat Patrol-, Incursion-, Strike Force-, and Onslaught-sized games), requisitions, agendas, and Battle Traits, as well as a table of special upgrades for your priest.

Purchase: Games Workshop – $40

Crusade Mission Pack: Wars of Faith

Space Marines get some much needed new releases starting with a Space Marine Captain in Gravis Armour. The miniature features three separate helmet options, a master-crafted power sword or chainsword, or two power fists.

Purchase: Games Workshop – $35

Space Marine Captain in Gravis Armour

Raise your banner with the Space Marines Primaris Ancient. It features two different flags and heads to choose from. It also features a bolt rifle slung over one shoulder and power sword.

Purchase: Games Workshop – $35

Space Marines Primaris Ancient

With rules in Vigilus Alone, go all in with the Order of the Bloody Rose and the Order of the Bloody Rose Dice Set.

Purchase: Games Workshop – $35

Order of the Bloody Rose Dice Set

JoyToy‘s next release will be available with the Invictor Tactical Warsuit.

Purchase: Games Workshop – $150

Invictor Tactical Warsuit

Blood Bowl gets a release with Spike! Presents 2021 Almanac. It features content from issues #11-13. The includes rules for Necromantic Horror, Black Orc, Imperial Nobility, and Khorne teams.

Purchase: Games Workshop – $50

Spike! Presents 2021 Almanac

From Black Library, you can sit back and enjoy a few new books.

Gitslayer gets a paperback release. The book by Darius Hinks sees Gotrek Gurnisson facing off against the Gloomspite Gitz.

Purchase: Games Workshop – $16


Gothgul Hollow by Anna Stephens takes you into some Warhammer Horror about an ancient curse and the four who seek to break it.

Purchase: Games Workshop – $16

Gothgul Hollow

French versions of Urdesh: The Magister by Matthew Farrer and the Martyr and The Helwinter Gate by Chris Wraight will be available as well.

LVO 2022: Ka’Bandha heads to the battlefield for Horus Heresy

As has become tradition at the Las Vegas Open, Games Workshop held a preview event showing off some of what’s coming soon for their games. Horus Heresy got one reveal with a brand new miniature for Ka’Bandha. A general of the Blood God’s army, this Bloodthirster is a mortal foe of the Blood Angels.

Ka’Bandha terrorize the battlefield from the early days of the Horus Heresy to the twilight of the 41st Millennium. Maybe we’ll see some 40K rules for it beyond being just a Bloodthirster?

This is the largest Forge World Character Series model released so far perfect for Khorne armies no matter the era.

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