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Games Workshop and Forge World Begin to Reopen and Reveals a New Limited Figure

Games Workshop has announced that they will begin to reopen. With the ability to open some warhouses, the game and miniature comapny will begin to shop orders “very soon.”

After safety work to meet government guidelines, some warhouses are now open which means depending on where one is located pending orders can be shipped. Shipping is only taking place to home addresses, not Games Workshop or Warhammer stores.

The webstore still isn’t taking new orders and won’t until the pending orders are cleared. The expected “reopening” is May 1st depending on location.

There will be changes:

  • With many of their retail stores still closed, the “ship-to-store” delivery option won’t be available. To offset this, Games Workshop is reducing the Free Shipping threshold by 50% in all territories where this option was previously available.
  • With the warehouse reconfigured for extra safety, it may take longer than normal to process, pack and ship orders.
  • With the factory still locked down, there’s likely to be a few more items than usual out of stock, and it may take a bit longer than normal to resupply them.
  • The focus right now is on getting out hobby essentials. No news on when new releases will be coming.

You Can Help Support Your Local Game Shop

Always with surprises, Games Workshop has also revealed a new special edition figure to help support local independent stores. The company will be sending a supply of a “very special edition Catachan Colonel” free of charge allowing shops to keep every penny they make. The figure won’t be available anywhere else.

Special edition Catachan Colonel

Las Vegas Open 2020: The White Scars’ Qin Xa Revealed Plus New Forge World Rules

At the Las Vegas Open 2020, Games Workshop has revealed Qin Xa of the White Scars! There’s more to come about the Master of Keshig.

Qin Xa

Also announced is that Forge World’s indexes are being updated. All-new books with updated rules for units and armies are being worked on which means the current indexes are going away. Pick them up now if you want any!

Forge World New Releases Include Necromunda and Lord of the Rings

This week’s new pre-orders from Forge World features two games and a bit of a surprise.

Necromunda sees the release of two new Hired Guns. Apollus Kage was a member of the Orlock gang the Sump Dogs. Krotus Hark, on the other hand, is a former Goliath who was born with that most dangerous of gifts – intelligence.

Both are now available for $41. Apollus Kage has also been designed so that his head, arms, and backpack are compatible with a large proportion of Necromunda miniatures for conversions.

Necromunda Apollus Kage and Krotus Hark

The Lord of the Rings sees two releases this week.

Personalities of the Shire – Will Whitfoot and Baldo Tulpenny are available now for $21. Rally your Hobbits to fight with jolly old Will Whitfoot, the former mayor of Hobbiton. Meanwhile, take advantage of Baldo Tulpenny’s skills as a champion stone skimmer to attack Ruffians from afar or have him set a series of traps to slow down Sharkey’s men.

The Lord of the Rings Personalities of the Shire - Will Whitfoot and Baldo Tulpenny

You can also ruff up some Hobbits with the Ruffian Leaders. They’re available for $33.

Ruffian Chief Sid Briarthorn, enforcer Rowan Thistlewood and spy Bill Ferny are here to take any unruly Hobbits off to the lockholes. Sid encourages your Ruffians to fight even harder, you can burn down Hobbit-holes with Rowan and use Bill’s information to keep track of the Shire Folk. You can also use all three to bind any pesky Hobbits in chains, leaving them helpless.

The Lord of the Rings Ruffian Leaders

It’s Blood Bowl and Necromunda from Forge World this Week

Forge World has three new items out this week, two for Blood Bowl and one for Necromunda.

It may not be cute – but when you can tear a ganger’s arm off in a single bite, you don’t need to be. Add the Goliath Sumpkroc, a scaly companion to your Goliath Gang today. The figure comes with 6 components and a base and you can find the rules for it in Gang War 3. It retails for $24.

The Swift Twins have it all, the looks, charisma, awesome outfits, and skill. The Star Players can be used on High Elf, Dark Elf, and Elven Union Blood Bowl teams but you have to hire them as a pair. The kit is 12 components and supplied with bases. The rules for the Swift Twins can be found in the Inaugural Blood Bowl Almanac. They retail for $38.

The Elfheim Eagles have some moves and so do their cheerleaders. The 4 figure cheerleading squad can be yours for $35 and rules can be found in the Inaugural Blood Bowl Almanac.

It’s Necromunda this Week from Forge World

With Gang War 3 and House Van Saar being released for pre-order by Games Workshop this weekend, Forge World is getting in on Necromunda with numerous releases that you can pre-order now.

You can order Slate Merdena and his Cyber Mastiff Macula, an Orlock Hired Gun for £20.  Slate controls a dozen Hive Primus Ash Gates in the name of House Orlock, and has earned a reputation for being nigh unkillable – having survived bullets to the chest, blades between the shoulders and even being thrown under the wheels of his own rig. Often the mere sight of Slate and his faithful Cyber Mastiff Macula, are enough to send enemies running, lest the end their days as a mile-marker on the Spider Points, like so many before them.

The model comes in 8 components as a multi-part resin kit.

Eyros Slagmyst is a bounty hunter who you can order for £18. Eyros was once an underhive dome-rigger from Cogtown, one of the sweating, emaciated souls responsible for repairing the rusting pipe networks that fed the dismal settlement.

This model is a 4 component multi-resin kit.

Belladonna is one of seven daughters of Orlena Escher. She stalks the underhive as a Bounty Hunter for hire, seeking her husband’s killers and the identity of the mysterious faction that sundered the alliance of Escher and Ran Lo before the ink was even dry on the marriage contract. The figure is a 4 part resin kit and you can order it for £18.

The Squats return with Grendl Grendlsen! Grendl is famed for protecting his charges from their rivals and subsequently claiming the bounty on the would-be assassins’ heads, and so far there has been no shortage of foolhardy rivals eager to test his skills, and his infamous hammer. This 4 component resin kit costs £18.

The Goliaths get two weapon sets, each £16. You’ll be able to better equip your gang with firepower using these new kits.

It’s the Last Chance for Elysian Drop Troops

Forge World is removing the range of Elysian Drop Troops for Warhammer 40K it would seem as the figure range is now listed as “last change to buy.”

So, now’s the time to get units if you’re plan on building this army or want to expand your current.

Listed is:

  • Elysian Drop Troop Squad £44
  • Elysian Heavy Bolter Squad £38
  • Elysian Mortar Squad £33
  • Elysian Missile Squad £33
  • Elysian Sniper Squad £31
  • Elysian Command Squad £29
  • Elysian Command HQ £29
  • Elysian Drop Sentinel £26
  • Elysian Meltagun Squad £25
  • Elysian Hardened Veterans with Shotguns £25
  • Elysian Weapon Pack £16.50
  • Elysian Equipment Pack £14
  • Grav-Chute Pack of 10 £13.50

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