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Get in the Bomma! The Ork Air Waagh! Mega Bommer Arrives at Forgeworld

It’s a massive bomber for your Air Waagh!. The Ork Air Waagh! Mega Bommer is now available for pre-order from Forgeworld. A superlative bomber, lander, and fighter, it’s the largest Aeronautica Imperialis model yet.

The resin kit features 61 pieces and has a choice of noses and additional munitions, and many of the guns can be assembled pointing in various directions – the turrets can even be built to turn! Rules are included. The model costs $93.

Pre-Order the T’au Tiger Shark AX-1-0 and Iliastus Accelerator Culverin from Forge World

Forge World has two new items for pre-order on their site. T’au players are getting some heavy support. Knights, Baneblades and Titans getting in the way of the Greater Good? They’re no match for the re-designed T’au Tiger Shark AX-1-0. Order one for your army before the 27th of October, and you’ll receive some Air Caste Pilots absolutely free! The model retails for £165.

Talons of the Emperor also get some firepower. Equip your Telemon Heavy Dreadnought with the deadly Iliastus Accelerator Culverin and devastate armor and infantry on the battlefields of the Horus Heresy. The gun retails for £13.

Forge World Releases Horus Heresy Aquilon Terminators and Prosecutor Cadre

Forge World has two new releases for their Horus Heresy miniature game. Fans of the Legio Custodes and Sisters of Silence are getting reinforcements in two new units.

Armed and armoured with the very best of the Emperor’s own arsenal, the Aquilon Terminators are indomitable assault specialists that are nearly indestructible to conventional weapons. This is the spearhead of your Talons of the Emperor army. The unit is on sale for £49.

The Sisters of Silence’s Prosecutor Cadre are anti-psyker specialists decimate their enemy at close range with deadly paired bolt pistols, tearing through infantry and Legion Librarians alike. Add them to your army with this combined collection. The unit is on sale for £37.

Forge World Releases a Rogue Idol

Thundering across the Mortal Realms like a living avalanche, this megalithic monster is back! Whether you’re looking for a centrepiece for your Greenskinz or a powerful ally for your other armies of Destruction, the Rogue Idol is a great choice.

When greenskins gather for war, their Shamans build mighty idols of Gorkamorka. Some are formed from the rubble of the Orruks’ recent conquests, mortared with noxious Squiggoth dung. Others are built using strange stone quarried in the deep places of the realms, or even incorporate volatile shards of realmstone or shadeglass within their lumpen forms. Daubed with crude sigils, lit by roaring bonfires, the idols sit silent and menacing as the Shamans dance around them and the tribes bellow their war chants. The idols soak up ever more Waaagh! energy until at last the innate magicks of the greenskins react spontaneously with those of the realms themselves.

The Rogue Idol is on sale now for £65.

Forge World Open Day Reveals New Blood Bowl, 40K, AoS, and More

This weekend’s Forge World Open Day had lots of reveals for fans of Games Workshop‘s various games. New models were revealed but the biggest news is the return of Necromunda from the miniature game publisher.

Blood Bowl fans should be excited as multiple new figures were shown as well as more items to make your team and experience unique. A new Troll, two Elven Union figures, new dugouts and tokens for the Chaos Renegade team were all shown off.

This is on top of the new Minotaur revealed earlier this week.

Age of Sigmar players can look forward to the gigantic Khornate Dragon by Trish Carden.

There were loads of new tank doors shown off that work for both Horus Heresy and 40K.

Finally, fans of Middle-earth also had some reveals. On display was the Gundabad Orc upgrade set. The kit provides new weapons, helmets, and even a banner!

(via Forge World)

Forgeworld Releases Blood Bowl Pitches, Tokens, & Bard the Bowman’s Family

Forgeworld has revealed this week’s new releases and fans of Games Workshop‘s Blood Bowl will be happy.

First and foremost, available for pre-order are two new Blood Bowl pitches. The Reikand Reavers Oldbowl Stadium Neoprene Blood Bowl Pitch (£40) and Gouged Eye Orc Blood Bowl Neoprene pitch (£40) are available now. Also players of the Underworld Denizens also get a coin and token set (£8) to use with their team.

In addition, The Hobbit Strategy Game also gets a release with Bard the Bowman’s Family (£15). You can recreate the battle for Laketown with this thematic set. Young Bain, Son of Bard is a capable warrior. Sigrid and Tilda drive their father to heroism and courage to keep them safe from harm.

Forgeworld Teases The Horus Heresy Book Five

Forgeworld released a new teaser video for their next book in their Horus Heresy series. The Horus Heresy: Book Five Tempest will be released this Spring 2015.

From previously released information, the book will feature Ultramarines, Word Bearers, Mechanicum, Imperial Militia, Warp Cults, Knights, and Titans. It also focuses on the Word Bearers assault on Calth as well as background on the chapter, the background on the Ultramarine Legion, more information on Knights and Titans, a campaign, lists for Imperial Militia and Cult armies, as well as new rules including new Legion units.

It will be followed by book six which is the Shadow Crusade which will be out some time in 2015.