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Funko Games Reveals Marvel Battleworld: Mystery of the Thanosstones

Pick your favorite hero, rescue your friends, and win battles to defeat Thanos! Funko Games has revealed Battleworld is a revolutionary cooperative, expandable, collectible adventure game featuring dozens of characters from all over the Marvel Universe! Players get to crack open the mysterious Thanostones during the course of play to reveal the mystery character inside for a constant sense of surprise and delight!

Marvel Battleworld Mystery of the Thanosstones

The game already has numerous products revealed!

Marvel Battleworld – Battle Ball

The Battle Ball provides fully-playable introduction to Battleworld in a collectible size!

Each Battle Ball includes:

  • 5 battle cards
  • 2 Micro Collectable Heroes one is still trapped in Thanostone,
  • 2 hero cards and everything you need to play!

Marvel Battleworld – Mega Pack

The Mega Pack jumpstarts your collection into Battleworld!

Each pack includes:

  • 13 battle cards
  • 6 characters: 4 starting Heroes (including an exclusive Negative Zone Spider-Man variant) and two more trapped in Thanostones!
  • 6 hero stands and everything you need to play! 

Thanos Ship Showdown

The Thanos Ship Showdown expands the game to include an exclusive Thanos character and his brutal flagship!

Each set includes:

  • 1 Thanos Ship with dice-dropping and battle damage-tracking action!
  • 1 Exclusive Thanos character
  • 1 Exclusive die and everything you need to add this to your game! 

Travel Portal with Attack Spinner

The Travel Portal is the first accessory in the Battleworld line! Players can clip this to their bag to carry their favorite character wherever they go – and the spinner base can be used instead of the dice in the game!

Each pack includes:

  • 1 Travel Portal with spinner base!
  • 1 Exclusive Gold Ultron character + Hero Card
  • Backpack/bag clip to take it anywhere! 

Yacht Rock and Last Defense are Coming Soon from Funko Games

Funko Games has shown off a look at two upcoming games Yacht Rock and Last Defense which were teased at New York Toy Fair.

Yacht Rock

Yacht Rock is a game for 2-6 players age 12+ and from the description, it’s a card gathering game.

Last Defense

Last Defense is a game for 2-6 players ages 8+ where you move around the board to save a city from monsters attacking. The game requires an app to play.

Disney’s Something Wild! is Coming to Funko Games

Something Wild! is coming to Funko Games. The series of card games are for 2-4 players ages 6+ and should take about 15 minutes. The card games are geared towards casual gamers with a quick-and-easy match game with a Pop! aesthetic.

There are six different themes to choose from but from the descriptions on the back of the games, each seems to be the same when it comes to the mechanics of the games.

Choose from Mickey and Friends, Toy Story, Aladdin, the Little Mermaid, Disney Villains, and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Something Wild- Mickey & Friends

Something Wild- Toy Story

Something Wild- Aladdin

Something Wild- The Little Mermaid

Something Wild- Disney Villains

Something Wild- Nightmare Before Christmas

Funko Games’ Signature Games Will Get You in the Holiday Mood

Funko Games is gearing up for the holidays, and it’s not even summer yet! The game publisher has revealed images of five themed games based on beloved properties that were announced at New York Toy Fair.

You can also get a sense of what each game entails by the descriptions on the back.

Check out what’s coming soon to shelves.

Signature Games: A Christmas Story: A Major Card Game

Signature Games: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Signature Games: Elf – Snowball Showdown! Game

Signature Games: Gremlins Holiday Havoc Card Game

Signature Games: Frosty the Snowman Card Game

Coming Soon from Funko Games, Back to the Future, Disney The Haunted Mansion, Godzilla, Pan Am, and More

Shown off at New York Toy Fair, Funko Games has released the images to some upcoming games! With photos of the back, there’s some hints as to what we can expect for gameplay as well.

See what you’ll find on shelves soon.

Back To The Future: Back In Time

Signature Games: Disney’s The Haunted Mansion

Godzilla: Tokyo Clash Game

Pan Am Game

Pop-Tarts Card Game

Footloose Party Game

New FunkoVerse Expansions Include Back to the Future, Jaws, Wonder Woman, and Kool-Aid Man!

Funko Games is expanding the Funkoverse line of games with multiple expansions and main games.

The Funkoverse games are for 2 players ages 10+ and take the Funko Pop! style figures and set them in a board game allowing pop culture fans to bring their favorite characters to the tabletop.

Check out below what’s coming soon!

Funkoverse: Back To The Future 100

Funkoverse: Jaws 100

POP Funkoverse: DC 102

POP Funkoverse: Kool-Aid Man 100 – Expansion