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GAMA Expo 2021 Goes Virtual and announces Friendly Local Game Store Day

With the uncertainty of 2021 still looming GAMA has announced that the 2021 GAMA Expo will be virtual. Originally scheduled for March 15-18 in Reno, Nevada, the physical convention is not being held due to the COVID pandemic.

Instead, GAMA will host a virtual program consisting of four days over two weeks culminating in Friendly Local Game Store Day.

The virtual show will consist of two EXPO days featuring the Exhibit Hall, Premier Presentations, and Game Nights on Tuesday, March 16 and 23 respectively. On Wednesday, March 17, GAMA will hold a Professional Development Day with specific educational tracks for retailers, publisher/manufacturers, and designers, plus a special e-commerce track for everyone.

The program will also feature a speed pitching opportunity for designers with publishers, scheduled meetings with distributors and facilitated group discussions on important topics facing the industry.

GAMA has also announced Friendly Local Game Store Day which will be held on Saturday, March 27. The goal is to drive consumers to GAMA retail stores to purchase products by publishers who are members of GAMA. There is something a bit odd about driving individuals to physical stores when the conference/convention has been canceled due to COVID. Stores could hold their own events online too if needed.

More info is coming and this is something we’ll be keeping our eyes on.

GAMA Expo 2021

GAMA Cancels Origins Online

GAMA logo

Today has been a rocky road for the Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA). Earlier today, numerous participants announced they wouldn’t be participating with Origins Online or Origins TV due GAMA’s silence on current issues. There had been no statement that Black Lives Matter. This lead to an emergency meeting of the board where it was decided that Origins Online would be canceled.

In the statement the organization does declare that Black Lives Matter and condemns racism. They also admit they were late to make this statement and weren’t proactive enough or effective with their voices.

The organization also said they couldn’t responsibly hold the virtual convention “in this setting” which has been met with mixed reactions as some have taken it to blame the current protests.

The organization also announced that it would match donations from exhibitors, sponsors, advertisers, or vendors who donate the amount they are owed from the convention to a list of organizations. The organization board sees that as a step in the Association’s “journey.”

Reactions to the decision have been mixed online with some see the statement as blaming protests while others are concerned about lost revenue and opportunities for game publishers and creators. What’s clear is there’s no mention or acknowledgement of those who stood up for what’s right to hold the organization accountable and putting their careers, and themselves, in jeopardy. Others feel that this is a final stumble for the current organization with discussion on starting a new association or a clean slate for the board.

Overall, the lack of a timely statement is an example of systemic racism that’s ingrained in organizations and companies. An organization and people in a position of power kept silent instead of supporting a just cause and its members. This is a first step and somewhat of an acknowledgement of their failure. We’ll see where the Association goes from here to get to the root cause of its silence and find a better, more inclusive and representative, direction going forward.

You can read GAMA’s full statement below.

From the GAMA Board of Directors:

To Our Community:

The Game Manufacturers Association believes that Black Lives Matter. We unequivocally condemn racism and violence against people of color. We have been too late in making that statement with force, and we apologize. The injustices of today demand that every person of good conscience make clear where they stand and we wish we had been more proactive, more strident, and more effective with our voices. Innocent people of color are being killed in the streets of the communities where we live, and it is not acceptable.

We cannot responsibly hold our virtual convention, Origins Online, in this setting. Even if it were possible to hold it, it would not be appropriate to do so. So, we are announcing here that Origins Online is cancelled.

The Board must voice its loud thanks to those who worked enormously hard to assemble Origins Online in a completely inadequate window of time. GAMA’s staff worked miracles, publishers hurried to learn new tools, fans took a chance to buy tickets. We could not be more grateful for their efforts, which we see and will not forget.

Every exhibitor, sponsor, and advertiser will be offered a full refund, as will every gamer who purchased a badge.

GAMA will match, dollar for dollar, any exhibitor, sponsor, advertiser, or vendor who donates the amounts they are owed for Origins Online to one of the organizations listed below. It is difficult to predict how many will take this opportunity, but the potential exists for the matched amounts to exceed $100,000, which we wholeheartedly hope will happen. The Board sees this as the next step, but not the final step, in the Association’s journey.

* Black Lives Matter Global Network

* Black Trans Advocacy Coalition

* Columbus Freedom Fund

* The Community Justice Exchange

* The Innocence Project


Further details will be sent to these companies by email in the coming days.

The Board thanks every person whose voice reached us in recent hours and days. It is hard, we know, for those voices to speak when they have so much at stake. We are grateful for your persistence, eloquence, and will.

GAMA’s vision statement is “A game on every table, a table for every gamer.” We commit to working toward that day.

In service,

GAMA’s Board of Directors, and Retail Division Board

The Game Manufacturers Association is a non-profit trade organization focused on the hobby games industry. It’s open to more than manufacturers including media/communication, retailers, hobbyists, publishers, and distributors. And, in full disclosure, we’re a member.

GAMA and Origins Sees a Revolt Over Black Lives Matter Silence


GAMA, the Game Manufacturers Association is a non-profit trade organization focused on the hobby games industry. It’s open to more than manufacturers including media/communication, retailers, hobbyists, publishers, and distributors. And, in full disclosure, we’re a member. The organization is also behind Origins Game Fair and has been focused on a pivot to an online event this year.

Today, numerous individuals have stepped down from GAMA, Origins, and Origins TV over the lack of support from the organization for Black Lives Matter and speaking against the systemic issues plaguing society today. It shouldn’t have taken this action for the organization to even consider doing so.

Beyond one the one Tweet below, the organization has been silent over the issue. And even then, the Tweet is more focused on “bringing people together during times of crisis.”

The organization did offer space to be “Seen and heard” on their platform but this is something the organization should be doing in general and it doesn’t address issues minority members are facing, both within and out of the industry, and isn’t addressing how the industry can work to diversify itself bringing in a wide range of voices, creativity, and points of view.

The organization as a whole has been seeing a bit of an upheaval in recent weeks as the latest board election looms. A push for greater diversity on the board is being pushed by members who have been trying to raise awareness of the positions and find nominees to help fill spots.

We’ll see how the organization responds but this is a pivotal moment for the future of the organization and Origins as a whole.

Panini America Reveals a Justice League TCG

At the GAMA Trade Show, Panini America revealed it’ll be launch a new trading card game, Meta-X Justice League TCG. The game will debut at San Diego Comic-Con with a retail release after.

The game will use are from the New-52 era of DC Comics and the first set will be over 250 cards. The game is a part of a bigger plan for Panini in their use of the card game engine. The Meta-X engine will be able to be used with multiples IPs and future games will use it allowing for multiple IPs to be used in the same game. It’s a similar idea as WizKids’ Dice Masters which has one game engine that’s used across intellectual property which allows you to mix and match.

The focus is an “easy entry into the game” where new players can learn the game in five minutes. The game will be sold in Starters and Boosters.

(via ICv2)

Game Manufacturers Partner with Wizard World

Official Press Release

Game Manufacturers Partner with Wizard World

Columbus, OH (July 27, 2011) – The Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA) is pleased to announce its partnership with Wizard World, Inc. (symbol: WIZD), producer of North America’s largest pop-culture tour.  GAMA is supporting the two shows to include a trade day and gaming events at Wizard World Shows.  The first, Chicago Comic Con, will take place at the Donald E. Stevens Convention Center in Rosemont, Ill., August 11-14, and the second, Mid-Ohio Comic Con at the Greater Columbus Convention Center on October 22-23.

“GAMA is thrilled to be partnering with Wizard World,” said John Ward, Executive Director. “GAMA and Wizard World are totally dedicated to making this a success.  I think this program provides a great crossover between the two entities.”

“We are excited about teaming with GAMA to highlight tabletop gaming, which has been an important part of Wizard World events,” said Gareb Shamus, Wizard World CEO.  “We are also pleased that Chicago Comic Con will serve as a venue to showcase the prestigious Origin Awards.”

The Trade Day will be a one day event on August 11 which will be free to all retailers.  This will include professional seminars by the GAMA staff and products demonstrated by Wiz Kids.

GAMA is also pleased to announce demonstrations in its gaming area in the exhibit hall.  The demonstrations will include its 2011 Origins Awards winners as well as the 2012 submissions.  The Origins Awards are presented annually by the Academy of Gaming Arts and Designs to recognize outstanding achievement in design and production of games and game related products.

About Wizard World:
Wizard World produces Comic Cons and pop culture conventions across North America that celebrate graphic novels, comic books, movies, TV shows, gaming, technology, toys and social networking. The events often feature celebrities from movies and TV, artists and writers, and events such as premieres, gaming tournaments, panels, and costume contests. Wizard World also produces Wizard World Digital, an online publication covering new and upcoming products and talents in the pop culture world, and is distributed on a weekly basis to online and iPad users worldwide. The full event schedule can be found at www.wizardworld.com.

About GAMA:
The Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA) is the non-profit trade association dedicated to serving the tabletop game industry. Led by publishers and manufacturer, GAMA promotes the interests of all persons involved in the commerce of games and game-related products. GAMA strengthens and supports all industry professionals by advancing their interests, providing educational programs and opportunities and promoting our unique form of quality social entertainment.