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Games Workshop Pre-Order Preview: Necromunda, Horus Heresy, Black Library, and more licensed Tchotchkes!

Games Workshop is switching things up again with a preview of releases going on pre-order on December 16th. Also, the pre-order period is going to be three weeks, so all of these will go on sale on January 6th.

Necromunda: Apocrypha is a collection of out-of-print, updated, and brand-new rules and twists on regular proceedings for players and campaign arbitrators. This 128-page book contains guidelines for creating antagonists, creating campaign locales, details on resurrection packages, scenarios, uprising campaigns set in Hive Arcos, and more. You can purchase it as a hardback and ePub.

Necromunda: Apocrypha

The highly anticipated Palanite Enforcer Tauros Venator is coming! Take your Palanite Enforcers on the roads and into the ash wastes with the Taurus Venator. It can be equipped with a twin-linked heavy stubber or a twin-linked concussion cannon, ready to dispense justice.

Palanite Enforcer Tauros Venator

For Warhammer: The Horus Heresy comes the Thousand Sons Librarian Consul. Armed with a powerful force weapon and prodigious psychic talents, the Thousand Sons Librarian Consul is a resin figure from Forge World. It comes with a choice of bare or helmeted head.

Thousand Sons Librarian Consul

From Black Library comes a special edition of Mike Brooks Brutal Kunnin. Ufthak Blackhawk has led his boyz to Hephaesto in search of stacks of loot, only to find Kaptin Badrukk already laying siege to the forge world. An uneasy truce begins as both join forces to battle the Adeptus Mechanicus, though Badrukk’s reputation means Ufthak will need to keep his wits about him. Limited to 1,500 copies, the book is signed by the author, and contains an introduction, and the short story Where Dere’s Da Warp Dere’s a Way.

Brutal Kunnin

If you’re looking for a small stocking gift or want to show off your fandom on the go, there’s the Starforged Keychains. You can pick from a detailed Thunder Hammer or Chainsword, both made of metal with an antique bronze-colored finish. It’s on sale December 9th.

Starforged Keychains

Also on sale on December 9th are Starforged Purity Seal Badges. They come in three styles – Space Wolves, Grey Knights, and Imperial Fists – each with its own wax-effect stamp and uniquely detailed scrap of replica parchment. They can be attached to almost anything thanks to a choice of sticker, velcro, or pin fixings.

Starforged Purity Seal Badges

Games Workshop Pre-Order Preview: Age of Sigmar, Horus Heresy, Middle-Earth, and more!

It’s a hodge podge upcoming pre-order week for Games Workshop with releases for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, Warhammer: The Horus Heresy, the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game, and Black Library. Check out everything you’ll be able to soon get.

The Flesh-eater Courts Army Set is the first place to get some of the new models coming for the Flesh-eater Court. It’s packed with what you need to muster a glittering new host of noble knights and redoubtable peasants.

The set contains 25 completely new plastic miniatures: one mighty Abhorrant Gorewarden as general, his trusty Varghulf Courtier, 3 lightning-fast Morbheg Knights, and 20 obdurate Cryptguard.

There’s also an exclusive launch edition of the new 88-page Battletome: Flesh-eater Courts, 27 warscroll cards, 30 tokens, and 33 enhancement cards, all of which are only available in this set (though the battletome will be released separately in a different format).

Flesh-eater Courts Army Set

For those who want something more futuristic and with speed comes the MKVI Assault Squad for Warhammer: The Horus Heresy. This is a box of 10 plastic Assault Marines for deployment in your Horus Heresy games. You get enough components to arm your squad with chainswords and either bolt pistols or combat shields, plus a range of accessories, and a Sergeant with extra weapons options and two heads. The kit is entirely compatible with all MKVI upgrade sets, including Legion-specific accessories.

MKVI Assault Squad

Games Workshop is making it a bit easier to get the iconography right on your miniatures with the Legiones Astartes Transfer Sheet. It features general squad markings, honour signs, numerals and lettering suited for all 18 Legions. The Infantry sheet contains 1,280 decals in total, while the Vehicle sheet includes 510. Note that there’s no Legion-specific heraldry included on either set of transfers.

Legiones Astartes Transfer Sheet

Head to Middle-earth and the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game with two releases.

King of the Dead and Heralds get a Clear Plastic version. It’s a translucent blue plastic featuring the King of the Dead and two Heralds brandishing Banners of the Dead. This is a recast of the current models, taking on a more ghostly form as they bring ruin to the forces of Mordor.

King of the Dead and Heralds

The king gets his army with the Warriors of the Dead also in Clear Plastic. This set contains 20 Warriors of the Dead cast in the same clear blue plastic. These are also existing miniatures which have been recast for a ghostly effect.

Warriors of the Dead

Both of these clear plastic kits will be available while stocks last.

White Dwarf 495 features information on all the new Tyranids and the Fourth Tyrannic War. You’ll also find new special mission rules for Boarding Actions in the current edition of Warhammer 40,000, Warcry rules for taking your Free City fighters on a Dawnbringer Crusade, Kill Team rules for jungle warfare – complete with jungle cards – and much, much more.

White Dwarf 495

The surprise second holiday release is here with Da Grotmas Gitz. This model will be available for a strictly limited period in December, so snap yours up quick!

Da Grotmas Gitz

Spruce up your bases with Brimstein Firegrass, vermillion grass tufts, which are perfect for scorched battlefield. In all, you get 155 tufts in four different sizes.

Brimstein Firegrass

Black Library has multiple releases to keep you entertained during the holiday season.

Vaults of Terra Collection gets a special edition. Chris Wraight’s thrilling trilogy about corruption at the very heart of Humanity’s home world is limited to just 1,500 copies signed by the author. All three volumes are collected in a fancy slipcase with leather-effect covers, ribbon bookmarks, and an extra short story in each.

Vaults of Terra Collection

Two more classic titles come to MP3 audiobook for the first time. In Steven B Fischer’s Witchbringer, former Cadian Captain Glavia Aerand’s newfound psychic talents press her into more hazardous service, while Commissar Gaunt and the Tanith First and Only are back in action in Blood Pact by Dan Abnett. Additionally, the Damocles collection of short stories has been re-recorded.

Witchbringer, Blood Pact, and Damocles

Black Library Advent eShorts 2023 return this December with one short story every two days in the run-up to Christmas. There are 12 stories in total, from luminaries such as Adrian Tchaikovsky, Nate Crowley, and Mike Brooks, telling tales from all the worlds of Warhammer. You can buy these eShorts separately, or purchase a subscription to get all 12 for the price of 10.

Black Library Advent eShorts 2023

Warpfire Minis announces an update to their Warpcrate


Warpfire MinisWarpcrate has been a fun way to get random miniatures for Games Workshop‘s Warhammer 40K and Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. For $25 you received $40 of miniatures. You pick a minimum of three armies and how often you want to receive a box.

With price changes, the Warpcrate is getting an update.

The new Warpcrate will retail for $35 and guarantee at least $60 Games Workshop retail value. That guarantees a playable unit in each box. It also opens up the opportunity to include large kits like vehicles and monsters. In addition, factions that haven’t been available previously will now be an option. So, Leagues of Votann and Lumineth players, get ready.

The new Warpcrate will be capped so they can meet demand so people will want to head quickly to get theirs when the signups go live on December 6th at 12:00am!

Games Workshop reveals new translucent kits for the Armies of the Dead for the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game

Games Workshop has two reveals today for the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game and one has some big implications, opening up a lot of possibilities.

The Warriors of the Dead isn’t the first time GW has released clear resin figures, but it is the first that won’t be super difficult to get. This new set won’t replace existing miniatures, making them perfect to add throughout your Army of the Dead. The “clear” plastic has a spectral blue tint to them, so you can use them as is or drybrush them a bit with dusty whites and rusty metals.

  • Warriors of the Dead
  • Warriors of the Dead

Also coming is a new box set of scenery. The Osgiliath – the Ruins of the City of Gondor set collects the incredibly modular Gondor Mansion, Ruins, and Tower kits into one packed box.

Osgiliath – the Ruins of the City of Gondor

Games Workshop Pre-Order Preview: Necrons, Adeptus Mechanicus, and Necromunda, are just a bit of a packed week

It’s a packed week of releases with a heavy 40K focus as two armies launch for Warhammer 40K, Kill Team gets a release, and Necromunda also gets some anticipated releases. Then there are books from Black Library too! Check out below to see what’s coming from Games Workshop and Forge World.

Codex: Necrons brings updated rules for the ancient robotic force. It contains 47 datasheets, 5 individual Detachments, Crusade Rules, Combat Patrol Rules, and of course background, painting guide, and more. You can get the regular edition as well as a Collectors’ Edition with a soft-touch cover, unique cover art, a ribbon bookmark, and green foil blocking.

Codex: Necrons

Imotekh the Stormlord is one of the mightiest Necron Overlords. He returns to the battlefield with a new miniature flexing his clawed gauntlet of fire. His hyperlogical strategic skills confer an extra Command Point every turn, while unnatural lightning strikes any foolish enough to approach.

Imotekh the Stormlord

Orikan the Diviner is a master astromancer with many millennia of experience. As a Master Chronomancer, he affords his bodyguards a 4+ invulnerable save, and once per game he can channel cosmic alignments to triple his Strength and Attacks in combat.

Orikan the Diviner

The Overlord with Translocation Shroud features a Translocation Shroud that allows your Overlord and a squad to Advance 6” every time, phasing through terrain, buildings, and enemy units as they move.

Overlord with Translocation Shroud

The Overlord with Tachyon Arrow is a recent boxed set release now available on its own. With the tachyon arrow, it can launch a hyperaccelerated thunderbolt out to a range of 72″ for a Strength 16 shot that causes D6+2 damage.

Overlord with Tachyon Arrow

The Royal Warden is another miniature previously only available as part of a boxed set. The Royal Warden allows a unit it’s attached to to Charge or Shoot even after they’ve Fallen Back.

Royal Warden

Starting a Necron force or want to expand your current one? Then check out the Combat Patrol: Necrons. Amonhotekh’s Guard features 19 miniatures for use both in full games of Warhammer 40,000 and Combat Patrol. It contains an Overlord with Tachyon Arrow, a Canoptek Doomstalker, 3 Skorpekh Destroyers with a Plasmacyte, 3 Scarab Swarms, and 10 Necron Warriors.

Combat Patrol: Necrons

You can show off your love of the Necron Dynasties and keep track of your army with the Necron Datasheet Cards and Dice. The dice feature the faction icon on each 6 face. The cards include 47 individual datasheets for quick reference and 5 more for Combat Patrol, and one card for the army rules.

Necron Datasheet Cards and Dice

Devotees of the Machine God will be excited for Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus. It features 30 datasheets, 5 Detachments, painting guides, artwork, lore, and rules for Crusade and Combat Patrol. You can get a standard edition and a Collector’s Edition with different cover, ribbon mark, and red foil blocking.

Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus

Sydonian Skratos is a new addition to the Adeptus Mechanics. The sniper sentinel sports long legs to… yeah. Take out enemy troops or tanks based on which version you assemble.

Sydonian Skratos

Build your Adeptus Mechanics force with the Combat Patrol: Adeptus Mechanicus. Purge Corps Deltic-9 features 19 miniatures led by the portly Tech-Priest Manipulus Skand, and features 3 Serberys Sulphurhounds (which can also be made into Serberys Raiders), 5 Pteraxii Sterylizors (which may also be built as Pteraxii Skystalkers), and 10 Skitarii Vanguard (who may also be built as Skitarii Rangers).

Combat Patrol: Adeptus Mechanicus

Keep track of your army or get some lucky rolls with the Adeptus Mechanicus Datasheet Cards and Dice. This set of 35 Datasheet Cards comes with red foil edging, and features all 30 Adeptus Mechanicus datasheets, 4 Combat Patrol datasheets, and an army rule Card. 16 six-sided dice come in classic Martian red and sport the classic cog symbol on each 6 face.

Adeptus Mechanicus Datasheet Cards and Dice

Kill Team: Approved Ops – Tac Ops & Mission Card Pack is a set of 57 cards that provide the quickest and most convenient way to set up matched play games of Kill Team. It’s an official update to the previous Critical Ops card pack that includes the 2022 Close Quarters update, including Map Cards and Tac Ops specific to Close Quarters games.

Kill Team: Approved Ops – Tac Ops & Mission Card Pack

Necromunda gets a large addition to some of its smallest warriors with the Ironhead Squat Prospectors Skalvian Explorator Exclusively available to gangs of Ironhead Squat Prospectors, this all-terrain fortress-on-tracks can more than hold its own in even the most protracted battles out there in the ash wastes – and once you’re done, you’ll earn credits from hauling precious cargo. This is an expert kit made of Forge World resin.

Ironhead Squat Prospectors Skalvian Explorator

Asun’ghar, the Lady of Ash leads the fightback for the Ash Wastes Nomads. Accompanied by her loyal macro-grapplehawk Terror’s Shadow, Asun’ghar is a house agent whom Nomads gangs may petition for aid in their struggle against anyone making a stink outside the confines of the underhive. She’s made of Forge World resin.

Asun’ghar, the Lady of Ash

The Ash Wastes Outpost collects all of the Thatos-pattern terrain kits for Necromunda – which are also well-suited to games of Warhammer 40,000, Kill Team, and Warhammer: The Horus Heresy – including 1 Hab Module, 1 Extended Hab Module, a Large Platform, a Tall Platform, a Small Platform, and 4 Walkways – enough to build a substantial ash wastes settlement.

Ash Wastes Outpost

Black Library has a few releases as well.

Warboss by Mike Brooks gets a paperback edition. With only one bastion still standing on the once unconquerable fortress world of Aranua, Warboss Gazrot Goresnappa should be basking in the light of impending victory. Instead, he lies dead beneath a decapitated Gargant’s head. The biggest and baddest bosses from each of the six (no-longer-united) clans step forward to duke it out and become the next warboss – but the ork gods have other plans. A prophecy foretells of a mysterious gate that lies beneath the human city. The one true warboss will be the first to find it, and will use it to turn the galaxy green. Who will the green gods deem worthy?


God-Machines: A Titan Omnibus comes out in paperback as well. It features stories from Gav Thorpe, David Annandale, Andy Clark, Graham McNeill, and Ian St. Martin. The Titans of the Adeptus Titanicus and the Knights of the Questor Houses are towering war engines, each an effigy of the Omnissiah bristling with weapons enough to lay armies to waste. For 10,000 years these behemoths have stood and fought in service of the Emperor. 10 short stories are packed into this release!

God-Machines: A Titan Omnibus

Black Library also has two German releases. Assassinorum: Kingmaker by Robert Rath and Ahriman: The Omnibus by John French are both coming out. In the former, a Vindicare and a Callidus Assassin are tasked with eliminating a seditious leader and safely steering a pro-Imperial candidate to the throne – if only their target wasn’t the pilot of a massive Imperial Knight… The latter collects three novels and numerous short stories all concerning Ahriman, the greatest and most hubristic sorcerer of the Thousand Sons.

Assassinorum: Kingmaker by Robert Rath and Ahriman: The Omnibus by John French

The Space Marine: The Board Game gets a release for Japan and China. This quick-playing board game for two people contains Captain Titus himself, ready to hold off a tide of 20 Termagants and two Ripper Swarms. This product is available from selected retail partners.

Space Marine: The Board Game

It’s getting cold so warm up with the Knitted Chaos Hat and Scarf. These are on sale right now on the Warhammer webstore and from selected Warhammer stores.

Knitted Chaos Hat and Scarf

The Christmas Pin Set contains 1 pin of da Revolushunary himself, 1 of his untrustworthy Squig Bounca, and a Gingerbread Gobbo. This set is on sale right now on the Warhammer webstore and from selected Warhammer stores.

Christmas Pin Set

Keep your feet warm with the Da Red Gobbo and Squig Slipper Socks. These too are available right now from the Warhammer webstore and from selected Warhammer stores (except in China and Japan).

Da Red Gobbo and Squig Slipper Socks

Games Workshop World Championships Preview: Daggok’s Stab-Ladz bring new Kruleboyz to Warhammer Underworlds

There’s a new warband coming to the frozen tunnels of Deathgorge, Daggok’s Stab-Ladz! They have one goal, kill as many champions as they can to steal their knowledge and increase their kunnin’.

This new Kruleboyz warband brings something new to the tabletop.

Daggok’s Krule Kunnin’ reaction exemplifies his underhanded fighting style – allowing him to jab at enemies who are distracted by his Ladz – and also ties neatly into his Inspire condition. His herald, Hurrk Da Howla carries a horn that sounds out the Roar of Kragnos when blown, granting support for allies within two hexes.

Daggok’s Stab-Ladz have a tricksy little plot card which enables the use of Schemes – gambit cards which you play in the power step of one turn, to reap the rewards next turn. You play Schemes face-down making it difficult for your opponent to prepare for what’s to come. Schemes have a condition which when completed, allow you to score objectives!

Games Workshop World Championships Preview: MKVI Assault Marines come to the Age of Darkness

Forces in Warhammer: The Horus Heresy get some speed with the MKVI Assault Marines! You’ll be able to leap over your foes delivering bolter fire and close combat destruction.

The squad sports Corvus power armor built to incorporate a jump pack. They can move 12″ with their jump packs, perfect to capture objectives.

The box set features 10 plastic Assault Marines with a variety of poses and accessories. There are enough combat shields for the entire squad plus options for the Assault Sergeant including a choice of helmeted and unhelmeted heads, melta bomb, power fist, and lightning claws for both hands.

The new set is compatible with the current range of Legion MKVI upgrades and is key to the Angel’s Wrath Rite of War, a high-flying formation available to any Legion.

Games Workshop World Championships Preview: Night Lords bring terror to Kill Team

More Heretic Astartes are coming to Kill Team. Games Workshop has revealed a new Night Lords warband to field. Known as Nemesis Claws, these kill teams are brutal, unhinged murderers who commit the darkest atrocities. They’re dedicated to the art of terror and ambush.

Their faction ability In Midnight Clad obscures them from enemy fire while lurking around terrain.

They like close combat sporting lightning claws, Nostraman chainglaives, and lethal poisoned blades. Even those who opt for ranged weapons like plasma guns and missile launchers find ways to festoon them in hooks, blades, and barbs.

The kit uses the Chaos Space Marines as a base and comes with an extra-large upgrade sprue full of macabre tchotchkes, from draped skins and trophies to winged helmets and flensing blades. There’s also new wargear for building unique Nemesis Claws operatives – like the Ventrilokar icon bearer, who carries a sorcerous totem built from the ruined corpse of a murdered Space Marine.

What’s even better, with the way Warhammer 40K 10th edition is, you can pick this up and add it to your Chaos Space Marine force!

Games Workshop World Championships Preview: Head into the wastes with The Enforcer Tauros

The Palantine Enforcers of Necromunda get some help to get around the ash wastes with the Enforcer Tauros. The Tauros Venator ATV is a new plastic kit! The design may remind people of the Elysian Drop Troops’ vehicle and this is absolutely connected to that.

This six-wheeled variant can support a rear-mounted turret with even heavier guns. Out of the box, the turret can mount either twin heavy stubbers or twin concussion cannons, and its Dedicated Gunner allows the Tauros Venator to Move and Shoot at full speed.

There are a ton of details on the vehicle and its rules can be found in the Ruins of Jardlan expansion book. Now, 40K rules, please?

Games Workshop World Championships Preview: Behold the Tomb Kings’ Necrolith Bone Dragon

The Tomb Kings return with Warhammer: The Old World and with them comes the Necrolith Bone Dragon.

The new plastic kit features an overlord sitting on the throne. The kit builds either a Tomb King or High Priest on the Necrolith Bone Dragon, each with their own palanquin. If you use the High Priest, you’ll also be able to make a Monarch of Nehekhara on foot!

The kit, along with the Old World as a whole, returns in 2024.

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