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Steamforged reveals Gears of War: The Card Game

Who will you side with? Steamforged has revealed that Gears of War: The Card Game is coming soon.

Will you side with the Coalition of Ordered Governments and send Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago into action, or will you command the Locust Horde and unleash the awesome power of the monstrous Brumak? Throw frag grenades at hordes of wretches? Or bait a corpser into attacking you before striking it when it’s most vulnerable?

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Gears of War Heroclix

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Gears of War Heroclix 1I love my Heroclix and right on the heals of the announcement of a set based on Street Fighter comes word that Gears of War Heroclix will be making their way to the shelves.  The game and figures will be reGears of War Heroclix Displayleased in August and consist of 10 figures.  The first WizKids Gears of War HeroClix release includes ten different figures, five unique sculpts of characters from Gears of War 3 Delta Squad, and five unique sculpts of their enemies the Locust.  Like Street Fighter, the Gears of War figures will be fully compatible with other Heroclix figures.

The display features 24 figures and each “cube” retails for $2.99.  Preorders on the Gears of War HeroClix 24-count gravity-feed countertop display boxes (2 per case) are due on June 6th, 2011.

Below are previews of the figures.

Gears of War Heroclix 2Gears of War Heroclix 3Gears of War Heroclix 4