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Halfsies Dice is Bringing Loads of Dice to PAX Unplugged

Halfsies Dice will be making a big splash at PAX Unplugged this year! Located at booth #1057, they’ll be featuring all of 2017’s new sets (16 in total!), along with Limited Edition releases and the last of the limited quantity sets from 2016, these are the must-see item in dice at PAX.

Halfsies Dice boast the heaviest, densest, and most well balanced resin dice on the market. With 30 sets available at PAX they’ll be priced at $12 for 1 set, 2 sets for $20. Loose dice: $2 each. Also, 10% of all proceeds benefit charity.

Without Chessex or Crystal Caste in house, they’re bringing extra stock to handle the RPG dice needs of the whole con!

You’ll also be able to find two games at their booth, The King’s Armory & A.D.A.P.T.

The King’s Armory
The World’s first and only true Tower Defense Board game.
1-7 Players
Full Coop for ages 14+

A mashup style game where you take mutant fish and battle to the death!
2-3 Players, expands up to 6.
Competitive for ages 7+