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Knight Models Releases Madame Pomfrey for the Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game to Raise Money

Knight Models is releasing a Madame Pomfrey miniature for the Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game. Proceeds will go entirely to the General Hospital of LaPaz of the Community of Madrid.

You can also participate in a drawing for this figure painted by Ángel Giráldez.

The figure is a Knight Models webstore exclusive and retails for $16.67 plus shipping.

Knight Models Kicks Off the Batman Miniature Game 3rd Edition and More for Black Friday

Knight Models has launched the third edition of their Batman Miniature Game for Black Friday. The company is also running free shipping as well as exclusive miniatures available until December 2nd. Miniatures include a previously released exclusives as well as new miniatures for the Harry Potter Miniature Game and BMG 3rd Edition. The new miniature is Batman as Bane, a pretty impressive figure that goes for $45. That figure along with the new edition will cross the free shipping threshold, a cost-prohibitive addition for many in the past.

Batman Miniature Game: Back to Gotham retails for $170 and includes 16 miniature, markers, scenery, rulebook, quick start guide, 130 cards, and dice. The game company promises faster gameplay, “more lethal,” and that it’s easier to learn.

Gen Con 2019: Knight Models’ Exclusives includes Grifter!

Knight Models‘ exclusives for Gen Con 2019 have leaked online. Though not officially announced yet, this year the miniature company will offer two figures at the show.

For the Batman Miniature Game, Grifter will be released. The character debuted in WildCATS at Image Comics which eventually moved to DC Comics as part of the Wildstorm imprint. The character has created buzz as to whether we’ll be seeing more Wildstorm characters in the future.

For the Harry Potter Miniature Game, Gnarlak from Fantastic Beasts is being released.

For Knight Models, Harry Potter Beats Marvel as the Marvel Universe Miniature Game is No More

knight-models-logoAfter weeks of speculation Knight Models announced this morning they would no longer be making products based on characters from the Marvel Universe.

5 years ago the company launched their flagship Batman Miniature Game which eventually got a “Marvel” expansion to include Spider-Man and his villains. In February 2016 the company expanded their Marvel offerings by launching the Marvel Universe Miniature Game. The 35mm miniature game allowed you to put together a team of heroes or villains to battle it out on the tabletop. That game was followed by the DC Universe Miniature Game which, by using the same rules set, allowed gamers to put Marvel vs DC and mix and match as they pleased. In recent months the company has teased a new miniature game based on Harry Potter (Potter’s parent company Warner Bros. also owns DC Comics), as well as released new miniatures based on DC Comics characters. No new Marvel miniatures have been released in recent months leading to speculation.

Today on their Facebook page they wrote:

This is going to be a year full of changes and new projects at Knight Models.

Our company was founded in 2008 and began working with Marvel Entertainment Inc. licensed products by designing and manufacturing high quality miniatures of its most famous heroes and villains for collectors and painters. Later, we expanded that relationship and created the Universe Miniature Game and its range of gaming miniatures.

Our long entrepreneurial relationship with Marvel has been incredible, and working on such a gratifying project for so many years, developing those characters that we love so much, has made us very happy. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.

Knight Models will no longer make products based on the Marvel Universe licence.

It has been a difficult decision, as many hours of work, effort and excitement were invested in this licence. But we consider that our business must follow another path.

We would like to thank the teams at Disney and Marvel Entertainment Inc. for allowing us to create such wonderful products. We also want to thank you, our followers, for your support.

Our investment in our superheroes lines, however, continues with the DC Universe Miniature Game and, of course, our flagship Batman Miniature Game – these lines will continue to be developed, and we’re incredibly excited for the future of these lines, as well as forthcoming projects. The Batman Miniature Game has become a cornerstone in miniature skirmish gaming. The successful launch of the Suicide Squad game box has allowed us to invest even further in the game’s future, and grow our wonderful gaming community.

This year we celebrate the Batman Miniature Game’s 5th Anniversary, and we’re doing so in style, with some very special anniversary products and brand new expansions, starting with the Arkham Knight campaign book, with more great new content to follow.

Of course, it cannot have escaped the community’s attention that Knight Models will soon be launching another big licenced product. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Warner Bros. over the following years, and enter the fantastic, magical universe of Harry Potter. The Harry Potter Miniature Game will be a culmination of the team’s hard work and dedication to creating a true quality gaming experience, and we look forward to launching some of the most spectacular miniatures to accompany it. We hope that you’ll enjoy this new project as much as we have working on it!

ALL Marvel characters have been removed from the Knight Models website, not giving individuals time to stock up on items that have yet to purchase. The abruptness of the product removal has led many to speculate the Marvel license was not renewed. This also means the stock that exists out in the wild is limited so expect prices to rise quickly.

The reaction from the community has been mixed, partially due to the company’s decision, partially due to how they handled the announcement, and partially due to their censoring posts on their Facebook page.

We’ll continue to follow the story as it develops and bring you further news as Knight Models announces new releases.

Knight Models Shows Off Alastor "Mad Eye" Moody for the Harry Potter Miniature Game

“Half the cells in Azkaban are filled thanks to him.”

In the Suicide Squad Batman Miniature Game box we saw the announcement that Knight Models‘ next miniature game is the Harry Potter Miniature Game, but that’s all we knew.

Today, the game publisher launched an Instagram account and has been teasing a lot of new miniatures we’ll be seeing in 2017. First up is Alastor “Mad Eye” Moody! And we now have a confirmation is that the game is 35mm like their Batman Miniature Game, Marvel Universe Miniature Game, and DC Universe Miniature Game.