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Heat: Pedal to the Metal is out now!

Based on simple and intuitive hand management, Heat: Pedal to the Metal puts you in the driver’s seat of intense car races. Jockey for position to cross the finish line first, while managing your car’s speed if you don’t want to overheat.

Ultimately, your driving skills will be the key to victory!

Drivers can compete in a single race or use the “Championship System” to play a whole season in one game night, customizing their car before each race to claim the top spot of the podium. They have to be careful as the weather, road conditions, and events will change every race to spice up their championship. Players can also enjoy a solo mode with the Legends Module or add automated drivers as additional opponents in multiplayer games.


2 Giant Double-sided Boards
4 Track Cards
6 Race Cards
6 Gear Pawns
6 Player Mats
72 Speed Cards
48 Heat Cards

37 Stress Cards
114 Upgrade Cards
35 Sponsorship Cards
10 Legend Cards
10 Event Cards
1 Legend Mat

1 Championship Mat
6 Weather Tokens
12 Road Conditions Tokens
2 Press Corner Standees
1 Scorepad
2 Rule Booklets

Heat: Pedal to the Metal is for 1 to 6 players ages 10 and up.

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Heat: Pedal to the Metal

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