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Superhero: 2044 RPG Launches and Includes Unique Miniatures

Checker Book Publishing Group’s highly anticipated Kickstarter is now live to promote the relaunch of fan favorite role-playing game, Superhero: 2044. Steven Perrin and Wayne Shaw have been brought on board to create an all new upgraded version of the game that is accessible to everyone. The new version includes characters of every race, creed, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and physical handicap.

The game features over 500 pages of 8 1/2 x 11 high glossy paper with lavish illustration with over 700 pieces of artwork by comic book legends Sean Chen, Bob Budiansky, Giorgio Comolo, Herbe Trimpe, Bob McLeod, Jamie Tyndall, and more. The artwork includes renderings of legendary characters such as Cthulhu, Monkey King, Dracula, Black Terror, Arsene Lupin, Thor, Hercules, and more. Superhero: 2044 has 275 playable characters in total and rules to customize your classic character or build your own from scratch. The choice is yours whether to build your own character, play one of dozens of legendary characters, or customize a classic character to fit your tastes. And yes fans the day has come— a game that sports a PLAYABLE Cthulhu!

Battle set miniatures are being created to give the game a whole new visceral feel. Each set features an oversized piece, an army, several characters including one character with an adaptable weapons sprue, and illustrated map surface. Each core piece will be on a minimum of 55 mm in height. The main villain pieces will be oversized. All miniatures will be 3-d printed and each set will retail from 125. Checker BPG has commissioned the world’s greatest 3-D sculptors to broaden the look and feel to the entire game.

Battle Sets:

Starter set City of Mirrors
Starter set-four pieces- Oversized Cthulhu, Tesla, Metal Rain, Splitting Adam.
Set 1- Assault on Castle Dracula -8 pieces total
Includes: Dracula(Polymorphic), The Acari, Monkey King, Van Helsing, The Werewolf, The Lycan Army.
Set 2 – Welcome to Arkham-8 pieces total
Includes: Dr. Caligari, The Dream eater army, Zodiac, Trigger Happy, Dr. Philadelphia, Golden Age Dare-devil, Elvis, The Incredible Fightin’ Llama.
Set 3 – The Altar of Baphomet- 9 pieces total
Includes: Baphomet, Baphomet minions, The Jaramungar, Birdman, Fantomah, The Green Man, and Amazing Man.