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LVO 2022: Ka’Bandha heads to the battlefield for Horus Heresy

As has become tradition at the Las Vegas Open, Games Workshop held a preview event showing off some of what’s coming soon for their games. Horus Heresy got one reveal with a brand new miniature for Ka’Bandha. A general of the Blood God’s army, this Bloodthirster is a mortal foe of the Blood Angels.

Ka’Bandha terrorize the battlefield from the early days of the Horus Heresy to the twilight of the 41st Millennium. Maybe we’ll see some 40K rules for it beyond being just a Bloodthirster?

This is the largest Forge World Character Series model released so far perfect for Khorne armies no matter the era.

Jaghatai Khan is Now Available from Forge World

Forge World has a new addition to their character series, the long-awaited Primarch Jaghatai Khan. Expand your White Scar force with one of the finest swordsmen in the galaxy. Field the Khan as a Lord of War choice in your games of Horus Heresy and make him a centerpiece of your White Scars army.

Jaghatai Khan, Primarch of the White Scars, is supplied in 26 resin components, a 40mm sculpted base, and a 60mm diorama base into which the 40mm base fits. The miniature comes with a gaming base and a diorama base and can be ordered now.

Jaghatai Khan

Warhammer Day 2021: The Last Primarch arrives, Jaghatai Khan rolls into the Horus Heresy

Behold, Jaghatai Khan, the mighty Warhawk of Chogoris! The last Primarch finally gets a miniature for the Horus Heresy, and it’s a thing of beauty.

The White Scars Primarch is considered the most skilled swordsman of all the Primarchs. An outsider, he revels in the hunt and features lightning swiftness with a blade.

Jaghatai Khan will be available early in 2022.

Head to Harrowdeep and War Zone Octarius in Next Week’s Games Workshop Pre-Orders

Games Workshop has revealed next week’s pre-orders and it’s a mix of fantasy and future!

Warhammer Underworlds: Harrowdeep is here with a whole new box set featuring two new warbands. The shadow realm of Ulgu is a murky place at the best of times, and it takes brave souls indeed to journey into the dark fastness beneath the Shadow Sea in search of spoils and glory. Enter the terrifying labyrinth known as Harrowdeep.

The box set features new universal cards, new Grand Alliance cards, cards for Order, Chaos, Death, and Destruction warbands, and more. There are also new mechanics like Gloom tokens which hide objectives from view.

There are also two new warbands, the Thunderstrike-armoured Stormcast Eternals, Xandire’s Truthseekers, and Kruleboyz, Da Kunnin’ Krew.

If you order the set through the Games Workshop website, you’ll also get a set of acrylic objective tokens while supplies last.

Head to the Octarius sector with War Zone Octarius Book 1: Rising Tide. Inquisitor Kryptmann’s meddling has brought Hive Fleet Leviathan into the heart of a colossal Ork empire. Tyranids will feature new synaptic abilities, while Cadia’s remaining regiments are marshaled.

War Zone Octarius Book 1: Rising Tide

Octarius Mission Pack: Containment sees the return of deadly Planetstrike missions to Warhammer 40,000. It features 21 narrative play scenarios for Crusade campaigns.

Octarius Mission Pack: Containment

And what’s a game without dice!? Get these new dice featuring the sigil of Ordo Xenos!

Ordo Xenos Dice

Forge World has some releases as well!

Sons of Horus Legion Praetors lead the disciplined armies of the Warmaster into combat. They’re exceptional commanders who have no problem leading from the front.

Sons of Horus Legion Praetors

Legion Mk IV Destroyer Squad shoulder the burden of having to wield grotesque weapons. Rad weapons, phosphex bombs, and even worse are among their arsenal.

Legion Mk IV Destroyer Squad

Two classic Horus Heresy books are going to be released in softback. Book Three: Extermination follows the aftermath of the Istvaan V Dropsite Massacre, as the Heresy sweeps outwards across Imperial space and the Emperor’s loyal Legions race to respond. The Burning of Prospero reaches its apocalyptic climax in Book Seven: Inferno as the Space Wolves unleash their fury upon the Thousand Sons.

A new modeling release is out as well. Citadel Colour Tufts allows you to add some greenery to your bases with Verdia Veldt and Mordian Corpsegrass.

Citadel Colour Tufts

Finally, the second issue of Warhammer 40,000: Sisters of Battle will be released with an exclusive variant cover.

Warhammer 40,000: Sisters of Battle #2

Qin Xa Joins the Hunt in the Horus Heresy

Forge World is back and up for pre-order is Qin Xa. The Master of the Keshig was frequently described by his Primarch as one of the most formidable warriors of the Legion. This new resin model is highly detailed and comes with a choice of helmeted or bare heads. Unlike many of his White Scars brothers, Qin Xa would march to war clad in a suit of Tartaros-pattern Terminator armor. Armed with a pair of matched Dao blades, known as the Tails of the Dragon, Qin Xa can cut through any traitor that gets in his way. And the final bit of details is his standing atop the ruins of a Contemptor Dreadnought. Qin Xa looks every bit the master of the hunt.

Qin Xa retails for $73 and is available for pre-order now.

Qin Xa

Las Vegas Open 2020: The White Scars’ Qin Xa Revealed Plus New Forge World Rules

At the Las Vegas Open 2020, Games Workshop has revealed Qin Xa of the White Scars! There’s more to come about the Master of Keshig.

Qin Xa

Also announced is that Forge World’s indexes are being updated. All-new books with updated rules for units and armies are being worked on which means the current indexes are going away. Pick them up now if you want any!

The Chosen of Russ Take Over Forge World

This week’s Forge World pre-orders are focused on the Chosen of Russ… the Space Wolves. Check out what you can get now!

The Varagyr Wolf Guard are the most ferocious of the Space Wolves, marrying primal instinct to the very best their Legion’s armouries have to offer. Pick up yours to form the perfect bodyguard for a Praetor, or even Leman Russ himself…

Equip your plastic Mk III Space Marines with axes and bolt pistols, turning them into the ferocious Grey Slayers.

Looking for a more defensive option? Equip your Grey Slayers with specially styled combat shields.

Pre-Order Rogal Dorn, Primarch of the Imperial Fists and Imperial Fists Legion Templar Brethren Today from Forge World

A being of thunderous zeal and stone made manifest, is how many described the Primarch of the VIIth Legion. The zeal was the fire of a son who believed in his father’s dream for the Imperium without reservation and without question. To Rogal Dorn there was no higher purpose to the existence of the Legiones Astartes than the unification of Mankind, and the illumination of the Imperium’s ideals. This idealism drove Dorn and his Legion ever onwards, never compromising, never stinting in any aspect of duty. The stone in his soul was his ability to bear whatever his father needed of him, an unyielding nature, which made him both a master of defence in war, and an indomitable fighter on the attack.

This multi-part resin kit contains the components necessary to assemble Rogal Dorn. Rogal Dorn is supplied as 24 parts, and comes with 2 bases – the first is a 40mm gaming base, which slots snugly into a 105x70mm oval diorama base. The diorama base features a series of concrete steps, with the body of a deceased Space Marine (and parts of another) lying at Dorn’s triumphant feet.

Rules for Rogal Dorn can be found in The Horus Heresy Legiones Astartes: Age of Darkness Legions.

Get it now for £75.

Imperial Fists Legion Templar Brethren collects together everything you need to make a set of 5 Imperial Fists Legion Templar Brethren with this bundle of miniatures and upgrades. Included:

  • A Legion Mk IV Despoiler Squad: a multi-part resin kit comprising 5 Space Marines armed with bolt pistols and chainswords;
  • A Templar Brethren Squad Upgrade Set: a 36 piece resin upgrade kit which includes 6 heads, 5 torsos, 5 combat shields, 5 power swords, 1 Champion’s power sword, 10 shoulder pads, a nuncio-vox backpack, a Legion vexilla, a Solarite power gauntlet and an archaeotech pistol.

Retails for £50.

Add Some Necromunda Firepower with New Hired Guns and Hive Scum

Forge World has two new releases this week for fans of Necromunda: Underhive and Warhammer 40K and Horus Heresy.

If your gang needs some extra bodies in a pinch, you can hardly go wrong with these hired guns to provide additional firepower for your next game of Necromunda: Underhive. You get three figures, 2 Hive Scum and a Bounty Hunter.

Yolanda Skorn, the Bounty Hunter, carries a stilettos knife and holstered stub gun, which she is modelled reaching for with her cybernetic hand. Her face is mostly covered with a ragged veil, which hides the exile scars she received from House Escher. Her miniature is covered in the details you’d expect from a Bounty Hunter, with spikes and leather making up the bulk of her armour, and radio equipment attached to the goggles pushed up over her head.

Grub Targeson and Mad Dog Mono, the 2 Hive Scum, are much larger and more grizzled prospects – Grub, with his wide, hunched shoulders and impressive beard, clutches a combat shotgun and combat knife, while Mad Dog holds a stub gun and glaive. Grub is covered in chunky armour plating, while Mad Dog favours a more minimal approach, with a standout feature being his selection of equipment pouches on his toolbelt.

These models come as 8 components, and are supplied with 3 sculpted Necromunda 25mm Round bases. Rules for using these characters are included, while generic rules for Bounty Hunters and Hive Scum are found in Gang War 2.

You can get all three for £20.

Necromunda Scum and Bounty Hunter

Decorate your Imperial Knights will sigils, kill markings and more with an easy-to-use transfer sheet.

Hailing from the Knight World of Damaetus III/II, House Vyronii was allied to the Imperium in the bitter war against the Traitors of Warmaster Horus. One of the most ancient of Knight Houses in the Segmentum Obscurus, the Vyronii shed so much of their noble blood during the Age of Strife that their numbers and resources were perilously depleted by the closing of the Great Crusade and the outbreak of galactic civil war. Determined not to become mute spectators to their own destiny, the nobles of House Vyronii swore they would stand firm against the arch-Traitor, or else perish.

This is an A4 sheet of transfers, perfect for adding detail to your Mechanicum army. It’s packed with the markings and insignia of House Vyronii, with house symbols, icons, crests, name plates, banners and personal heraldry for Knights included.

Get yours now for £16.

House Vyronii transfer sheet

Lots of Horus Heresy News out of the Weekender

At the Nottingham Belfry Hotel this weekned gamers descended for the Horus Heresy & Necromunda Weekender. Lots of news is coming out of it concerning the future of Horus Heresy. The Space Marine Legions and their allies have new things coming!

The Argoran Armoured Transport is a transport vehicle for the Solar Auxilia. Heavily armoured, it’s a great way to get your Solar Auxilia where you need them on the battlefield.

The Termite returns with the Taerrax pattern Termite Assault Drill. The vehicle first appeared in Epic many years ago. Why travel above land when you can bury below?

Why settle for the Termite when you can also get an Imperial Mole, another classic model re-imagined.

Another classic returns with the Legion Land Speeder. It’s an updated version of the classic Space Marine Land Speeder mixing that design with the more modern aesthetic. What’s interesting is, it’s mentioned for use in both Horus Heresy and Warhammer 40,000.

There’s new vehicle doors, the Alpha Legion and Salamanders.

There’s also some Mechanicum love with the Acastus Knight variant as well as Magos Dominus Anacharis Scoria, a founder of the Dark Mechanicum.

There’s also heroes of the Alpha Legion including Lernaen Terminator but the biggest reveal was the Primarch of the XX Legion himself, Alpharius!

Two new heroes of the Imperium also debuted, Rogal Dorn and Constantin Valdor – Captain-General of the Legio Custodes.

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