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The Matriarchs of Death a New Escher Weapons are Available Now from Forge World

Gang Matriarchs are drawn from the craziest, wildest, and most homicidal of the Gang Queen’s girls, each one a natural killer. Carrying the deadliest weapons they can lay their hands on, a Matriarch is both gang enforcer and underhive assassin.

Forge World has a trio of new warriors for you Escher Gang and new weapon pack available now for pre-order and use in Necromunda or get creative and use them elsewhere.

The Escher Champion with Power Hammer retails for $30. You can shoot your enemies with a deadly combi-pistol or finish them off with a brutal power hammer.

Escher Champion with Power Hammer

The Escher Champion with Servo Claw features a shotgun and servo claw for brutal hand-to-hand comabt. The figure retails for $30.

Escher Champion with Servo Claw

The Escher Champion with Shock Whip is armed with a deadly combi-pistol or take on your enemies with a ferocious shock whip. She retails for $30.

Escher Champion with Shock Whip

If you need to upgrade your gang, the Escher Champions Weapons pack is here. For $30 you get ranged and close combat weapons, arms, and a head to customize your gang. Included is:

  • 1x Two-handed power sword
  • 2x bolters
  • 1x Combi-needler
  • 1x Combi weapon (with melta, plasma or flamer options)
  • 1x Plasma cannon
  • 1x Power axe
  • 1x Bionic arm
  • 1x Arm holding grenade
  • 1x Grenade launcher
  • 1x Head
Escher Champions Weapons

Space Marines and Necrons invade Games Workshop Next Week

With the 9th Edition of Warhammer 40,000 here, the new releases for the “starter” armies are beginning to trickle out. Next week’s pre-orders from Games Workshop have been revealed and Space Marine and Necron players have a lot to look forward to. Check out below as to what you’ll be able to pre-order starting next weekend.

Codex: Space Marines is here! The latest codex features lots of background and history, rules for narrative-driven Crusades, rules for building your own Successor Chapters, and 98 datasheets! This codex covers every First Founding Chapter, successors, and even the Deathwatch! It’s everything you need to play the Adeptus Astartes.

Codex: Space Marines also comes in a “Collector’s Edition” which comes with a ribbon marker, soft-touch cover with foil blocking, and printed page edges.

Each new codex comes with a unique digitally printed code inside the back cover. This code unlocks the codex’s full contents in Warhammer 40,000: The App.

Datacards: Space Marines will help you keep your army organized. Place a datacard next to a friendly or enemy unit affected by a psychic power, Stratagem or Litany of Battle as a reminder that its effects are active.

Datacards: Space Marines

The Primaris Invader ATV is a maneuverable buggy that features a gatling cannon or multi-melta as well as a twin auto bolt rifle. It’s mobile fire support perfect to help out your Outriders.

Primaris Invader ATV

Primaris Chaplain on Bike can help lead the charge or stick with your bike contingent for some extra damage in the quick strike.

Primaris Chaplain on Bike

The Firestrike Servo-turret adds some fire support delivering cover to advancing forces or punching holes in tough targets. The gun batteries can be fielded in units up to three and feature either accelerator autocannons or twin las-talons.

Firestrike Servo-turret

It’s not all Space Marines, Codex: Necrons is out too! This is the most detailed tome for the Necrons ever tellin gthe full story of the Silent King for the first time. There’s also Crusade rules, a brand new roster of units, and the ability to assemble a Dynastic Code of your own.

There’s also a “Collector’s Edition” which features a ribbon marker, soft-touch cover with foil blocking, and printed page edges.

The new codexes also features printed codes to activate access to rules in the Warhammer 40,000 app.

Keep track of your force with Datacards: Necrons. This will help you manage your forces during battle.

Datacards: Necrons

The Szarekh, the Silent King is back! The build-up has been impressive but you’ll be able to field the mighty Szarekh, the Silent King and see your opponent kneel before your forces.

Szarekh, the Silent King

The Lokhust Heavy Destroyer is a big gun adding some firepower with an infantry-shredding enmitic exterminator or a tank-busting gauss destructor.

Lokhust Heavy Destroyer

Stalk with battlefield with the Canoptek Doomstalker. These warmachines are equipped with a carapace-mounted doomsday blaster, which increases in power the further away its target is.

Canoptek Doomstalker

Get your dice on! There’s not just new dice for Necrons but also dice for Iron Hands, Raven Guard, Imperial Fists, and Salamanders.

Not sure where to start? Games Workshop has you covered with a new “Getting Started with Warhammer 40,000.” The new book breaks down every aspect and the fundamentals for those new to the hobby. That includes how to collect, build, paint, and play! The book also comes with a Primaris Assault Intercessor and Necron Warrior too!

Getting Started with Warhammer 40,000

But it’s not all Warhammer 40,000! Forge World has new Necromunda releases as well. House Escher gets new weapon options for the gang. Combi-weapons, blades, whips, and even a massive hammer are yours to arm your gang.

In between getting your forces ready, you can also get new releases from Black Library. Robert Rath’s Warhammer 40,000 novel, The Infinite and the Divine, tells a tale of discord between Trazyn and Orikan from their awakening around the time of the Horus Heresy, to the present day. Yes, learn more about the mysterious Necrons!

The Infinite and the Divine

War of the Orks, book 4 of Cavan Scott’s Warped Galaxies series of Warhammer Adventures, is coming your way as an MP3 audiobook. This tale, read by David Tennant, sees Zelia, Talen and Mekki continuing their search for the Emperor’s Seat. But shortly after arriving on the jungle planet of Weald, they find themselves inadvertently embroiled in a war between two rival tribes of Orks!

War of the Orks

Getting Out Gunned in Necromunda? Forge World Has Weapon Upgrades for your Escher Gang

Forge World is focused on Necromunda with this week’s new pre-orders. This week brings three new weapon sets to upgrade your Escher gang. Each is available to pre-order for £16.

With everything you need to re-equip an entire boxed set of Escher gangers, this set opens up all sorts of tactical options when planning your next Turf War.

This resin kit contains the parts needed to upgrade a plastic Escher gang. Included:

– A needle pistol, chainsword and flamer for the gang leader;
– A stub gun, autopistol and meltagun for a ganger;
– A hand flamer, stub gun, autopistol and plasma pistol for a ganger;
– A grenade, needle rifle and pair of hand flamers for a ganger;
– A plasma gun and heavy stubber for a champion.

Featuring additional head and hairstyle options, this weapons set allows you to arm your Escher gang with an array of deadly weapons in style.

This resin kit contains the parts needed to upgrade a plastic Escher gang. Included:

– A needle rifle with 2 aiming heads and a plasma gun for the gang leader
– A flamer, stub gun and hand flamer for a ganger;
– A needle pistol, stub gun, autopistol and chainsword for a ganger;
– A plasma pistol, stub gun and 2 hand flamers for a ganger;
– A meltagun and heavy stubber for a leader.

This set of weapons for your Escher gang features both variants on existing classics and brand new options, making it ideal for any collector.

This resin kit contains the parts needed to upgrade a plastic Escher gang. Included:

– A stub gun, a chainsword, and a meltagun for the gang leader
– A plasma gun, a plasma pistol, and a hand flamer for a ganger;
– An auto pistol, a hand flamer, a plasma pistol, and an autopistol for a ganger;
– A chainsword, a needle pistol, and a needle rifle for a ganger;
– A flamer and a chem-thrower for a champion.

Games Workshop Reveals More Details on Necromunda: Underhive

Anticipation has been building but at Spiel, Games Workshop has revealed more details about the new edition of Necromunda, Necromunda: Underhive as well as launching a site dedicated to the game. Pre-orders for the Necromunda: Underhive boxed set and the Gang War expansion will happen on November 11th.

Necromunda: Underhive takes you into the depths of Hive Primus for games of gang skirmishes. The box set comes with two gangs, House Goliath and House Escher. The game differs slightly from the original with a new mode of play that drops the vertical for a board of terrain, barricades, bulkhead doors, and even a monster’s layer. The Gang War supplement allows you to take your games further.

The first expansion takes the board game and takes in vertical with 3D battlefields and progression based campaigns closer to the classic edition of the game. The 64-page book will give you everything you need.

Necromunda: Underhive gets you started while Gang War takes it to the next level.

We’ll see you in the underhive…

Games Workshop’s Necromunda Returns!

One of my favorite miniature games by Games Workshop is Necromunda. Originally released in 1995, the game takes place in a Hive city. Players recruit a gang and battle it out while gaining experience for the gang members. Fun, quick, and strategic, the game was part of the specialist range and eventually was stopped supported.

Recently, the game publisher launched Shadow War: Armageddon which has a similar concept and some mechanics from Necromunda but instead was more focused on small squad based battles. Instead of gangs it was Genestealer Cults and Space Marines.

In the latest White Dwarf a letter addressed the need for a return of Necromunda and GW responded that they should keep their eyes open next month. Well, it wasn’t even a month as the Games Workshop has announced a return to the Underhive.

Necromunda: Underhive will allow players to “battle it out in the depths of Hive Primus.” The game will be launched with two classic gangs, House Escher and House Goliath.

Stay tuned as we find out more about this new edition of this classic game. We’ll also be going back into our archive to show off the original release.