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Sin and Viper are coming to Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Atomic Mass Games has done a decent job of mixing up the characters for their popular Marvel: Crisis Protocol miniature game. While the heavy hitters like Hulk, Captain America, and Spider-Man are included, we also get Toad, M.O.D.O.K., and Crossbones.

Teased at the end of January, it’s now confirmed that Sin and Madame Hydra, aka Viper are coming to the game.

Sin debut in 1984 in Captain America #290 as Mother Superior. Created by J. M. DeMatteis and Paul Neary, the character is the daughter of Red Skull and sometimes girlfriend of Crossbones. While she’s had different portrayals over the years, she’s featured abilities such as Telepathy, Teleportation, Psychokinesis, and Phasing.

Created by Jim Steranko, Viper debuted in 1969 in Captain America #110. She’s a notable swordswoman, martial artist, and markswoman.

Will we get a proper Hydra affiliation with the addition of these two characters?

First Sin and Now Madame Hydra for Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Atomic Mass Games has been dropping teasers for what’s next for Marvel: Crisis Protocol. While it’s clear Sin will be coming to the game, this second teaser is a few possibilities.

With Sin coming, it’s a question as to who the character would be packaged with. It’d likely be another villain and likely to be another member of Hydra. With four members, a Hydra affiliation becomes that much more likely in the game and expands the strategy and combinations further.

So, who’s being teased?

The character is clearly a woman and we can see a sword, gun, and holster. While the sword and outfit teases a possible Psylocke, the gun would indicate it’s someone different. The most likely character is Viper, aka Madame Hydra.

Created by Jim Steranko, Viper debuted in 1969 in Captain America #110. She’s a notable swordswoman, martial artist, and markswoman.

The thing that’s throwing us off is the inclusion of a sword when the character has traditionally used a whip. But, the outfit design matches well plus the inclusion of the gun and holster, there’s a good chance we’re seeing another member of Hydra coming to the game.

Compare the teaser with art of the character below.