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Imperial Settlers: Rise of the Empire Preorders Have Started

Portal Games has opened up preorders for Imperial Settlers: Rise of the Empire.

Imperial Settlers: Rise of the Empire

Imperial Settlers: Rise of the Empire is an expansion that introduces an Open World Campaign in the Settlers universe. The goal of the campaign is to consecutively grow your Empire game by game while achieving Quests, conquering new Provinces while maintaining your expanding Empire to avoid crumbling, and most importantly, progressing to reach the Modern Era of the Imperial Settlers universe!

During the course of the game, empires advance their military, economic, and cultural aspects as well as race to complete various Quests. Being the first to complete these Quests is crucial – at the end of each game, players progress on tracks connected to the Quests. They also invest in new Inventions and take on newly acquired Provinces. If players reach the end of a progress track they enter a new era – that gives them access to new impressive inventions and skills—but as always, there is a cost to progress, and provinces are lost when entering a new era.

Imperial Settlers: Rise of the Empire

Tracking Eras on 3 different Empire sheets

Players’ empires progress is tracked on personalized Empire sheets. There are 3 consecutive eras Empires can progress in – Ancient Era, Middle ages, Industrial Era. Reaching the end of the Industrial Era means entering the Modern Era and indicates completing the campaign.

Each Empires’s progress is tracked on the personalized Empire sheet, which is specific to the Era the Empire is currently in. Empire sheets are personalized, which means players write on them and change them as the campaign progresses. The Empire sheet contains space to write the name of the Empire, it also tracks the cost of supporting the Provinces, progressing of the Empire, Knowledge points, the current state of achieving Quests, and Final score. Developing on the progress tracks unlocks certain bonuses for the Empire. When the player reaches the end of one of the progress tracks on his Empire sheet, he will move onto another era in his next game and start with a new Empire sheet specific to the Era. Each Era offers new bonuses on the Progress tracks, as well as new Inventions, and different costs on the Province map.

Imperial Settlers: Rise of the Empire

Huge replayability with 163 new cards

Imperial Settlers: Rise of the Empire comes with many new cards making each gameplay individual:

  • 55 Province cards represent new lands players can conquer and they provide Goods.
  • 66 Invention cards represent advances of the Empire in various fields and provide special features.
  • 42 Quest cards represent crucial agendas that Empires face. The player who achieves a Quest first will gain a significant boost on the progress of the corresponding category as well as a small in-game bonus.

What is the Open World campaign?

Imperial Settlers: Rise of the Empire introduces an Open World campaign mode, in which player governs the same Empire and develops it from game to game. What sets it apart from a Legacy type of game is that to play the Open World campaign you don’t need to always gather the same playgroup, because your Empires can be in different Eras as you play. New players can join the campaign and start from the beginning. Just like in history: new empires rose and developed through ages, while the others were already thriving. Regardless of the differences in progress the game remains well balanced because a more developed Empire is simply more difficult to provide for.

All preorders will be shipped before the street date planned for July 2020, and will include additional promo content: 4 Interimperial Organization Tiles and 6 Memorial Postcards.

Imperial Settlers: Rise of the Empire