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Privateer Press Renews the Iron Kingdoms Roleplaying Game for 5e

Iron Kingdoms: Requiem

Privateer Press has returned to its roots with an updated and expanded version of its roleplaying game, set in its long-standing world of magic and technology. The Iron Kingdoms: Requiem is now available for the first time in 5e, the world’s best-known and most-played roleplaying system. Additionally, the setting has been redesigned with both veteran and new players in mind and the release includes a beginning adventure, Legend of the Witchfire, for both returning players and those exploring the Iron Kingdoms for the first time.

Launched on Kickstarter on January 27, the IKRPG includes a core setting book filled with hundreds of pages of updated rules, new character options and classes to choose from, and an expanded group of new and familiar spells. A second book, the Monsternomicon, introduces players and Game Masters alike to some of the incredible races and beasts they can encounter in both the wilds and the cities of the Iron Kingdoms. Both books include hundreds of pieces of the notable art Privateer Press is known for. Finally, an adventure module designed to launch beginning parties into the world brings back an infamous character from the early days of Privateer’s roleplaying games—Alexia Ciannor and her legendary infernal blade, the Witchfire.

The Kickstarter base goal of $100,000 funded in just 73 minutes, an indication of the public’s anticipation for the return of this popular setting. Currently, with over 3,500 backers, the Iron Kingdoms Roleplaying Game: Requiem for 5e includes a retailer option for stores that wish to stock the new release.

The Kickstarter for the Iron Kingdoms Roleplaying Game: Requiem runs through February 11, 2021.

Iron Kingdoms: Requiem