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WizKids + Irrational Games = BioShock Infinite HeroClix

HC-BioShockInfinite-logo WizKids Games and Irrational Games are teaming up to bring the popular BioShock Infinite video games to the table top with BioShock Infinite: Heroclix. The BioShock Infinite: Heroclix Starter Pack and Gravity Feed will launch this summer and you can pre-order it now.

Containing everything needed to get started in the world of Columbia, the BioShock Infinite: HeroClix Starter Pack includes six exclusive figures along with Powers and Abilities Cards, two special maps, Object and Terrain tokens, dice and HeroClix Core Rulebook. BioShockInfinite_LogoCollectible figures included in the Starter Pack are Booker DeWitt, Elizabeth, Automated Stallion, Daisy Fitzroy, Flakman and Handyman.

Also available is a 24-figure Gravity Feed, which contains 14 different figures to expand on the collection and adventure featuring popular characters such as Zachary Hale Comstock, Booker and Elizabeth, Motorized Patriot and more.

BioShock_Infinite_HeroClix_Gravity_Feed_Mock BioShock_Infinite_HeroClix_Starter_Pack_mock

Check out the images of figures and maps below!