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Preview: Starfinder: Angels of the Drift #2

Starfinder: Angels of the Drift #2

writer: James Sutter
artist: Edu Menna
covers: Biagio d’Alessandro (A), Richard Pace (B), Edu Menna (C)
FC | All Cardstock Covers | 32 pages | Science Fiction | $4.99 | Teen+

In the science-fantasy universe of the bestselling Starfinder roleplaying game, five down-on-their-luck mercenaries race across uncharted space on a desperate mission to avert a devastating war over faster-than-light technology.

In this chapter, our heroes limp through the Drift, discovering strange new settlements and denizens as they navigate the treacherous dimension. Will they find friends or foes? The smart money is on foes!

Written by Starfinder RPG co-creator JAMES L. SUTTER (Pathfinder: Runescars) and artist EDU MENNA (Army of Darkness), this issue also boasts a stunning trio of fantastic covers led by series artist EDU MENNA along with RICHARD PACE (Batman, Second Coming) and BIAGIO D’ALESSANDRO (Pathfinder), and also includes playable character stats and new story-based character options—including a new playable species — all officially sanctioned by the Starfinder Society!

Starfinder: Angels of the Drift #2