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Kaijudo Elite Series: Horde of Onslaught, Out Today!

Kaijudo LogoToday, Wizards of the Coast announced the release of Kaijudo Elite Series: Horde of Onslaught.

This Elite Series deck flashes its might in all gold foil! For the first time ever the cards in the set are printed with a premium treatment to include metallic gold borders. This event-ready 40-card deck features popular cards that are used frequently in the competitive scene. In addition, the set offers shiny versions of older cards and three brand new cards!

Horde Onslaught

Kaijudo: Quest for the Gauntlet Launches!

Today Wizards of the Coast announced the release of Kaijudo™ – Quest for the Gauntlet! The new Core Set brings Booster Draft gameplay to Kaijudo for the very first time! Built from the ground up for sealed play, Quest for the Gauntlet is a 170-card expansion and each booster pack offers even more cards– 14!

To draft Kaijudo, all you need is 4 or more players, a few booster packs per player, and the drive to compete! Each player grabs a few boosters, opens one pack, chooses a card and passes the remaining cards to his or her left. Players continue to choose one card until all of the cards are gone from each pack. Repeat this process, alternating passing to the right and to the left with the each pack. Once all the cards have been drafted, players make 30-card decks from their selections and the dueling begins!

Tomorrow, Saturday, May 31, players can crack open their new packs at the Set Premiere event taking place at local stores around the country and Quest for the Gauntlet will also be played at the upcoming Kaijudo Summer Championship (June 13-15 , Seattle, WA).




Wizards of the Coast Announces Kaijudo – Invasion Earth

image001Wizards of the Coast has announced a brand new Kaijudo expansion, Kaijudo – Invasion Earth! The new set will be available at retail beginning Friday, November 8th. The set arrives just in time as The Choten leads his army of corrupted creatures through the Veil to conquer the world and only a Kaijudo Duel Master can stand in their way.

The Invasion Earth expansion adds 90 brand new cards to Kaijudo that closely tie-in to the animated television series and gives players a variety of exciting options for deck-building, including powerful new Corrupted Creatures. Two dynamic new play mechanics are introduced along with a new Super Rare foil Monarch card: Almighty Colossus of the Nature Civilization.

An exclusive new creature card, Vicious Squillace Scourge, is featured in the Competitive Deck release: Choten’s Army

Taking place on Saturday, November 9th, the Set Premiere is the first chance to crack open packs of Invasion Earth and play with all of the new cards in the latest Kaijudo expansion. The tournament format is Sealed Deck, so participants will be building decks using only the cards found in their booster packs. Winners of each tournament match will win promo card prizes! The Set Premier takes places at local participating stores around the country.

Kaijudo Shattered Alliances Now Available; Set Premier Today

Kaijudo – Shattered Alliances is now available at retail! The new card set, by Wizards of the Coast, is a game-changing expansion, adding 90 brand new cards and introducing five new civilization combinations, among other new features. And today, Saturday, September 14, players can crack open new Shattered Alliances packs at the Set Premiere taking place at local stores around the country.

Here’s more of what you can expect with this release:

  • Shattered Alliances: Clash of the Duel Masters introduced the first multi-civilization cards, but now Shattered Alliances follows up with the remaining five civilization combinations, enemies that are unlikely allies in a huge war that’s gripped the entire Creature Realm. These new combinations make building multi-civilization decks even easier for players and open up new strategies for Kaijudo.
  • New Cards: Shattered Alliances adds 90 brand new cards to Kaijudo, giving players dynamic options for deck building that redefine the meta game. The set introduces powerful new mechanics and two new Super Rare foil Monarch cards: Haven of the Light Civilization and Queen Kalima of the Darkness Civilization.
  • Booster Packs: Each booster pack contains 9 cards plus a code card!
  • Competitive Deck: An exclusive new creature card, Death Liger, is featured in the Competitive Deck release, Solar Eclipse.
  • Set Premier: Taking place on Saturday, September 14th, the Set Premiere is the first chance for players to duel with cards from the Shattered Alliances set. Winners of each tournament match will win promo card prizes!
  • Duel Day: Join the Kaijudo Community in your local store with weekly Kaijudo Duel Day tournaments. Visit www.wizards.com/WPN to find a store near you.


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