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KD Games Gets Gross and Goofy with Snot It and Big Foot Frenzy Games

KD Group introduced the latest additions to their KD Games line today at the 2018 American International Toy Fair. Staying true to their roots as a toy company, the two new additions to the KD Games line, Snot It and Bigfoot Frenzy, use toy-based game pieces to inspire fun and creative gameplay.

New KD Games for 2018 include:

Snot It is the gross game of boogey fun – can you collect the most snots?

To play, fill the spinning cup with the foam snot pieces and put on your nose glasses with dangling slime attached! Spin the spinner to find out how many snot pieces you need to pick up, then try to pick up that many pieces from the cup using only your nose slime – no hands! If you pick up the right number of snots, you get to keep them all. If you pick up more than you were supposed to, you must put them all back.

Try to avoid the purple snot – if you grab one, you’ll have to scream “SNOT IT!” before any of your opponents do. If you don’t say it first, you must put one snot back into the cup. How do you pick the winner? The player who collects 10 snots first wins the game! MSRP $19.99, Ages 6+, Available Fall 2018


Big Foot Frenzy is the game of frenzied foot stomping fun! Scatter the fruit pieces around the room, step into the adjustable Big Foot feet and get ready to stomp. Each player chooses a fruit color, and then the race begins to be the first to collect all the fruit! Zip around the room as fast as you can to stomp on your fruit pieces and pick them up with the Big Foot “toes” to collect them in the magic compartment at the top of the foot. But be careful – if you don’t stomp on the fruit just right, you’ll send your fruit pieces flying across the room! The first player to collect all four of their fruits and the special gold fruit, wins. MSRP $19.99, Ages 5+, Available Fall 2018.