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The Calliope Game Night Extravaganza Kickstarter Launches 11/17!

Calliope Games has announced The Calliope Game Night Extravaganza! Made up of three card games, this project allows players to celebrate an entire evening of unique and fun gaming. The Calliope Game Night Extravaganza! runs on Kickstarter from TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 17th until FRIDAY, DECEMBER 11th and includes three amazing new card games: AllegoryEnchanted Plumes, and Mass Transit. During the Kickstarter campaign, backers can get all three titles for only $40, and a pledge is available for retailers who wish to support the project.

Allegory is an auction-style bidding card game designed by Zach Weisman and illustrated by David Cornish. In the game, players are authors seeking to write three legendary tales and incorporate a hidden moral throughout them. The cards players bid and choose are themes that are woven into the tales. Full of twists on traditional bidding games, Allegory is for 2-6 players ages 8+ and plays in 30-50 minutes.


Enchanted Plumes is a set collection and hand management game designed by Brendan Hansen and illustrated by Echo Chernik. In the game, players must collect and play feather cards to build magnificent peacock plumes. Matching colors and skillfully choosing where and when to play cards as key to earning the highest score and wooing the peahen. Enchanted Plumes is a card game for 2-6 players ages 8+ and plays in 30 minutes.

Enchanted Plumes

Mass Transit is a cooperative transportation game designed by Chris Leder and Kevin Rodgers. In the game, players work together as urban planners, trying to get six commuters home to the suburbs. Using limited communication and looking to avoid traffic, players must cleverly play cards to bus, rail, and ferry routes, or discard them to move commuters along the routes toward their destinations. Mass Transit is a card game for 1-6 players ages 8+ and plays in 20 minutes.

Mass Transit

The Calliope Game Night Extravaganza! launches on Kickstarter on November 17th, with the games due to be released worldwide in 2021.