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Overlord: A Boss Monster Adventure is Live on Kickstarter

Overlord: A Boss Monster Adventure

Brotherwise Games has launched the Kickstarter for Overlord: A Boss Monster Adventure.

Designed for gamers of all skill levels, Overlord is a tile-laying game that challenges 2-4 players to create a videogame-inspired “overworld.” Players must draft terrain tiles and monster tokens to build the most powerful map and claim the title of Overlord!

Overlord is set in the world of Boss Monster, one of the most successful indie board games of the past decade. With over 800,000 copies sold, Boss Monster’s villainous theme and retro pixel art brought scores of gamers to the tabletop hobby. Overlord continues that tradition, but this is a brand-new game with entirely new mechanics.

Overlord was designed by Aaron Mesburne and Kevin Russ. Each turn, players must add a terrain tile and monster token to their map. This simple core mechanic is the foundation for a game where players will need to juggle set collection, tile adjacencies, token placement, and competitive drafting.

Brotherwise has already announced that Overlord will hit retail in late October of this year (MSRP $44.95), but the Kickstarter campaign will play an important role in funding stretch goals that can expand the quality and quantity of components. Also in October, Brotherwise will release Vault of Villains, a 64-card expansion for the original Boss Monster game series.