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From Kids on Bikes to Kids on Brooms

Kids on Brooms

Kids on Brooms is a newly-announced roleplaying game powered by Kids on Bikes and being published by Renegade Game Studios from Hunters Entertainment.

In Kids on Brooms, you’ll create your own unique magical school for witches and wizards!

From dealing with strict professors to facing down mythical beasts, players will get the opportunity to ride brooms, brew potions, and cast powerful magic as they uncover the incredible secrets their school and its inhabitants hold. Built using the ENnie Award-Winning Kids on Bikes framework, it is a rules-light, narrative-first storytelling game perfect for new players and gaming veterans alike!

Kids on Brooms is out August 2020 and the 100-page full-cover softcover book is for ages 12+ and 2-6 players. It retails for $25. Designed by Jonathan Gilmour, Doug Levandowski, and Spenser Starke, it features art by Heather Vaughan.