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T’au Pathfinders Battle Novitiate Sisters in Kill Team: Chalnath

At Gen Con 2021, Games Workshop revealed the first expansion for the new edition of Kill Team, Kill Team: Chalnath. The expansion leaves the Octarius Sector for another corner of Imperium Nihilus.

The box set is full of “new” including a new unit for the Sisters of Battle as well as new miniatures for T’au.

Novitiate Sisters are Sisters of Battle in training looking to prove themselves and advance. Lighter armed, the aspirants carry holy relics into battle. The new kit features a flexible loadout and posing.

T’au are what they’ll be going up against bringing specialized Pathfinders to the battle. Excellent at infiltration and reconnaissance, they carry high-powered weapons to spring ambushes while drones provide support. This is a new updated kit for T’au Pathfinders and includes an upgrade sprue to add options to the flexible squad. It includes new heads, weapons, upgrades, and all of the high-tech gadgets you’ll need.

Both units are great for Kill Team as well as your games of Warhammer 40,000.

Kill Team: Chalnath will also come with a full Killzone of Imperial ruins to do battle. The box set includes a Rules Manual featuring nine new missions, expanded rules for both squads, Strategic Ploys, Battle Honors, and more.