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Striking Scorpions and Scouts clash in Kill Team: Salvation

The next phase of Kill Team has been revealed with Kill Team: Salvation! The set features Striking Scoprions taking on Space Marine Scouts. Also included are six pieces of Salvation Rig Apparatus terrain along with the 10 Striking Scorpions and 10 Space Marine Scouts.

The box also contains a Kill Team: Salvation book, packed with background information on Bheta-Decima and the combatants in the box, as well as rules for both teams, and for fighting skirmish battles on extraction-rigs jutting out of a lethal ocean. There are also exclusive reference cards for both teams – including datacards, Tac Ops, ability, ploy, and equipment cards, as well as token sheets.

Kill Team: Salvation

Also revealed is Killzone: Bheta-Decima, a new 18 piece terrain set which uses killzone rules from Kill Team: Salvation. It includes a Ferratonic Furnace with a redesigned platform and ramparts, eight modular gantries (two large, two small, and four medium), and nine industrial-themed objective markers, plus a double-sided game board representing the toxic, fume-shrouded oceans of Bheta-Decima.

Killzone: Bheta-Decima