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King Chocolate – Shipping from Mayfair in November 2015

MFG4137-cMayfair Games has announced the November release of King Chocolate, a “luscious game of chocolate making” for 2-5 players by Stefan Alexander.

You know there is money in chocolate, but it doesn’t just grow on trees. You need to control the links in the production chain to get your cut of the cash, by making sure the cocao flows through your businesses instead of your competitors’.

Sometimes you need to help your customers and suppliers to help yourself. If you are wily, you can figure out a way for your competitors to do the work for you. Create monopolies, cut off the supply chain, disrupt other players’ finely honed plans—do whatever it takes to become King Chocolate.

The fruit of the cacao tree goes through six steps to become chocolate. You can only control a few of these steps, so you  must work with your fellow chocolate makers to keep the chocolate flowing through the production chain. It sounds cooperative and friendly—but did we mention that the chocolate maker with the most money wins? Things always get complicated when money is involved.

To ensure your portion of the production process is used the most so it earns you cash, occasionally you’ll help your customers and suppliers. At the same time you will attempt to crush your competitors, force others to help you, and manipulate the supply chain.

You’ll do whatever it takes to become the king of chocolate.

Check out more details below about the game.


57        Double hex tiles
1          Starting hex ring
85        Cacao cubes
99        Coins (1s, 5s, 20s)
20        Workers in 5 colors
5          Player screens
1          Six-page rules

MFG4137 King Chocolate™ $49.00
Ages 10+
For 2-5 Players
Playing Time 30-60 minutes
UPC 299877 04137
Designer: Stefan Alexander
Art: Steen, Morgan Dontanville, Ron Magin
Made in the U.S.A.
Dimensions 273 x 294 x 52 mm