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Mantic Games releases six Kings of War – Ambush starter sets

If you’re looking to get into Mantic GamesKings of War, the company has created six super handy Amush Starter Sets which are perfect for those that are just starting out on their Kings of War journey. Releasing after Christmas they have everything you need to get started playing Ambush! Each set contains an Ambush army, the Quick-Start rules, and an instruction guide to help those new to the hobby build their first of many Mantic miniatures.

The first wave contains SIX Starter sets….

  • Goblins
  • Empire Of Dust
  • Ratkin
  • Ogres
  • Halflings
  • Forces Of The Abyss

…with more releasing throughout the year!

Mor details are coming in January when the boxes are ready to launch but it looks like Mantic is making it even easier to start Kings of War!

New Halfings are Coming for Kings of War in November


The graceful Aeronauts are a sight to behold, flying in their hot air balloons. Staying high overhead and dropping bombs onto the hapless enemies below, their mere presence in the sky can be as much of a psychological threat as a physical one.




Cunning halflings soon realised that there’s a good degree of safety to be had by riding on the back of a hungry killing machine where the enemy can’t reach you, but you can point a very large gun at them if they get too close.



Halfling General on Winged Aralez

Like all armies, the halflings have some commanders, champions and individuals that play unique and crucial roles in keeping the army organised, outwitting the enemy, or just throwing in a lethal surprise.


Halfling General on Winged Aralez

There are also two new battegroups to purchase – stalwarts and poachers.

Mantic Games Reveals Clash of Kings 2022

Clash of Kings 2022

This bumper edition of Mantic’s annual Kings of War update introduces two brand new army lists, a campaign with new scenarios, and a raft of new background information, new maps and artwork. Learn all about the halflings and the new army created by the Wicked Ones, harnessing the power of Halpi’s Rift.

The annual game updates bring a slew of changes to all existing armies, plus new magic, heroes and artefacts to deliver a big and exciting update to the game for the coming year.


  • 112 pages packed with new rules, amended army lists and new lore!
  • Halfing background and army list
  • New evil army background and army list
  • New campaign: A Storm in the Shires
  • Clash of Kings 2022 updates, including changes to Special Rules, New Special Rules, Formations, new spells, new/revised Magical Artefacts, 38 pages of army updates for every single faction!

You can pre-order the book now.

Mantic Games Reveals Armada! Pre-Orders are Live

Mantic Games has opened pre-orders for its new game Armada. Armada is a naval wargame set in the fantasy battle world of Kings of War. The game launches with a two-player starter set that delivers two factions of detailed resin boats, a rulebook, and accessories needed to play.

Check out what you can get now!


The two-player starter set has everything you need to begin your adventures in the world of Pannithor. Choose between the heroic Basileans or the piratical orcs with 8 beautifully detailed Mantic ship miniatures. With a full colour rule book, dice, counters, templates, ship cards and a sea-scape gaming mat, this boxed set is packed full of value. So weigh anchor and unleash those broadsides! Pre-order.


Mantic has a bundle that adds to the starter set with the Abbess for the Basileans and Smasher for the Orcs. This is a website bundle only available for pre-order. Pre-order.


Mantic has a pre-order bundle for launch that hooks you up with everything. You get all of the boats available at launch. Pre-order.


If you want to wait for the Dwarfs or Empire of Dust next year but want to learn the rules, here you go. All the rules for playing Armada are included, alongside 10 exciting scenarios. In addition, the rich history of naval warfare in Pannithor is explored in detail and the whole book is brought to life with amazing art. Includes free Armada counters and templates. Pre-order.


Basilea is the greatest nation of men in Pannithor, and possesses arguably the best human navy. Their ships are certainly a sight to behold, painted brilliant white, with sculpted golden prows proclaiming their devotion to the Shining Ones. Pre-order.


The orcs could never be considered a seafaring race, but from the day they gazed out across the sea and saw two warring fleets ablaze as cannons roared, their greatest Krudger declared: ‘Yessssssss!’ And so began the orcs’ naval adventure. Pre-order.


From launch Mantic has a great range of Armada accessories to order, including:

  • Acrylic Template Set
  • Acrylic Base Set
  • 4ft x 4ft deluxe neoprene gaming mat
  • additional dice


New Nightstalkers and Northern Alliance Comes to Kings of War in July

July is packed with new Kings of War releases from Mantic Games. There are five new releases for the Nightstalkers and Northern Alliance.


Death incarnate, the Soulflayers sit astride ghostly mounts whose six demonic hooves burn with a cold blue fire. Soulflayers and their steeds are borne across the mortal realms on invisible streams of evil, leaked from another plane, and can summon icy winds to chill a body but keep the mind alive and fresh for later.



The highly influential beings who weave lies and distrust are like beacons to the most powerful and wilful of the fiends. They wait in the shadows, watching and learning the weaknesses of their prey slowly plaguing their thoughts thriving on their fears of failure. When the time is ripe, these Dreadfiends creep through the smallest of cracks in the skin of the universe to claim their prey.



The humans of the north are tougher and stronger than those in the south*. They regularly take to the battlefield hefting great two-handed weapons, trusting to their hardy constitution and thick armour to deflect damage long enough to get them within arm’s reach of their foes – who are then brutally cleaved in two.



Clansmen from across the wild lands learn to hunt not long after they learn to walk. While the Ice Kin favour the bow their heritage demands, the clans have a variety of tools at their disposal. From bows to javelins, suitable for taking down the larger prey that roam the tundra.



There are Naiad populations spread all over the world, even beneath the polar ice. These beings have adapted to colder climate that dwell in and can survive near freezing temperatures both above and below the waves. Wielding weapons with crystalline ice blades many times harder than steel, these implacable beings fight alongside the warriors of the Alliance.


Mantic Games’ Black Friday Deals

Mantic Games‘ Black Friday deals start at 8am UK time on November 24 at their website and include…

  • HALF PRICE FREE SHIPPING ALL WEEKEND – spend just £25, €35 or $40 to get free shipping on your order
  • ALL NEW MEGA CRAZY BOX – along with the Fantasy and Sci-Fi Crazy Boxes, they’re introducing the Mega Crazy Box, which includes some insane value items, like a copy of The Walking Dead: All Out War, a Steel Behemoth and more! You can get a sneak peek inside the Crazy Boxes on the Mantic Blog
  • AMAZING DEALS ALL WEEKEND – they’re be dropping the price on Dungeon Saga, The Walking Dead, Kings of War and more! Just head to the website from 8am to find out what’s on offer… and take advantage of that free shipping rate
  • HOURLY DEALS – starting from 8am until midnight (UK time) Mantic will be unveiling new hourly deals. These crazy value items will only be available for an hour so you’ll need to be quick! We’ll be repeating the deals twice during the day so people won’t miss out
  • LAST CHANCE FOR LEE & CLEMENTINE – it’s your last chance to buy the Walking Dead: All Out War Lee and Clementine booster. Normally only available at shows, Lee and Clementine will be available to order all weekend and they’re not limiting stock!