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9th Level Games Launches The Traged13s of Middle School

9th Level Games, makers of the Kobolds Ate My Baby series, have launched their latest Kickstarter campaign for The Traged13s of Middle School an anthology of tabletop role-playing games, story games, live action games, and other strangeness inspired by the greatest HORROR of all… junior high.

Each game in The Tragedies of Middle School centers around a nostalgic junior high activity – spin the bottle, Truth or Dare, passing notes, Bloody Mary, school dances, friendship bracelets, etc. The PG-13 horror vibe running throughout represent the fear, awkwardness, and angst of being a thirteen-year-old.

The Tragedies of Middle School features games and activities from 20 designers from a diverse mix of backgrounds, even a few current middle school game designers.

You can back the project now and it runs until November 21.