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Knight Models Kicks Off the Batman Miniature Game 3rd Edition and More for Black Friday

Knight Models has launched the third edition of their Batman Miniature Game for Black Friday. The company is also running free shipping as well as exclusive miniatures available until December 2nd. Miniatures include a previously released exclusives as well as new miniatures for the Harry Potter Miniature Game and BMG 3rd Edition. The new miniature is Batman as Bane, a pretty impressive figure that goes for $45. That figure along with the new edition will cross the free shipping threshold, a cost-prohibitive addition for many in the past.

Batman Miniature Game: Back to Gotham retails for $170 and includes 16 miniature, markers, scenery, rulebook, quick start guide, 130 cards, and dice. The game company promises faster gameplay, “more lethal,” and that it’s easier to learn.

Gen Con 2019: Knight Models Reveals Watchmen, Mongul, Orm, Eradicator, Cyborg Superman, Metallo, and a new Superman

Knight Models usually isn’t at Gen Con but this year things are a little different. The game and miniature manufacturer has a small booth mostly set up for meetings. But, they do have a display of some of their miniatures and more importantly some new figures that’ll be coming out soon.

Paint up and on display are new Watchmen miniatures. With Doctor Manhattan present, one can assume these will be for the revamped DC Universe Miniature Game.

But, also on display and not painted up are new models that hearken back to the Reign of the Supermen storyline that ran in DC Comics after the Death of Superman. On display were Mongul, Mentallo, Cyborg Superman, Eradicator, and a new Superman figure.

On sale now is a Jason Mamoa inspired Aquaman. On display was his rival Orm!

And finally, the up for pre-order Doom Patrol were on display too.

Gen Con 2019: Knight Models’ Exclusives includes Grifter!

Knight Models‘ exclusives for Gen Con 2019 have leaked online. Though not officially announced yet, this year the miniature company will offer two figures at the show.

For the Batman Miniature Game, Grifter will be released. The character debuted in WildCATS at Image Comics which eventually moved to DC Comics as part of the Wildstorm imprint. The character has created buzz as to whether we’ll be seeing more Wildstorm characters in the future.

For the Harry Potter Miniature Game, Gnarlak from Fantastic Beasts is being released.

Knight Models’ New Releases Includes Teen Titans, Bronze Tiger, Joker Jared Leto, and new Crimes of Grindelwald

Knight Models has revealed their new pre-orders for their Batman Miniature Game and Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game. The pre-orders run until June 1st when they’ll ship.

This month’s release features an online exclusive in Joker Jared Leto & Crew which features six figures and character cards. These are resin versions of the figures that originally came in the Suicide Squad starter box including Joker, The Eyeball Man, Goat Head Priest, Panda Man, and the two Mr. Grins. Retail: $44.95

Joker Jared Leto & Crew

Get the Teen Titans together with the Teen Titans Bat-Box. The box contains Beast Boy, Donna Troy, Donna Troy, Hawk, Raven, Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy also comes as a Gorilla, Hawk, and Tiger. Retail: $89.95

Teen Titans Bat-Box

Take to the battlefield as Bronze Tiger! The figure comes with an optional head and retails for $16.95.

Bronze Tiger

Fans of Harry Potter are getting releases too!

Grindelwald’s Followers features Vinda Rosier, Abernath, and Krall. The miniatures retail for $35.

Grindelwald's Followers

Before Lord Voldemort, it was Gellert Grindelwald who caused hell in the Wizarding World. Add Gellert Grindelwald to your Grindelwald’s Army Affiliation. It also features the game’s first large-format spell with bespoke gaming markers. Retail: $50.95

Gellert Grindelwald

Raised by a No-Maj anti-witchcraft group, the orphan Credence Barebone repressed his magical abilities, allowing a parasitic Obscurus to grow within him. Somehow resisting the creature, Credence became an Obscurial of immense power, making him of immeasurable value in the schemes of Grindelwald. This release features a Credence Barebone miniature which can be included in any Grindelwald’s Army or Magical Creatures group. Retail: $44.95

Credence Barebone

Knight Models Reveals Its Justice League Dark for the Batman and DC Universe Miniature Games

After a teaser yesterday, Knight Models has revealed a brand new starter set for the Batman Miniature Game and DC Universe Miniature Game, Justice League Dark! The starter set features Deadman, Swamp Thing, and Black Orchid, a figure no one was expecting.

In the comics, the Justice League Dark was a team focused more on mystical/demonic threats and has featured numerous characters including Andrew Bennett, Doctor Mist, Frankenstein, John Constantine, Madame Xanadu, The Phantom Stranger, Zatanna, and more. Constantine and Zatanna currently have models and it’s unknown if their cards will be updated to join this affiliation (if it’s a separate affiliation and not just part of the current Justice League one).

This is the debut of Deadman and Black Orchid though Swamp Thing has had a previous release. The team is designated in that they are available to use in both miniature games.

Knight Models Teases Justice League Dark

Knight Models‘ focus is shifting from their Harry Potter miniature board game back to their DC Universe Miniature Game and Batman Miniature Game. The company has posted a teaser hinting at the Justice League Dark, a popular team of magic focused characters in the DC Comics Universe.

Many members of the team have already been released for the miniature games include Constantine, Swamp Thing, and Zantanna, so it’ll be interesting where this teaser may lead.

What and who would you like to see with a Justice League Dark team?

Knight Models Brings Dumbledore to the Harry Potter Miniature Game as a Pre-Order Exclusive

One of the complaints about what has been presented by Knight Models for the upcoming Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game is lack of Dumbledore. Well, worry no more.

The company has announced that those who pre-order the base game’s Core Box, order the Hogwarts Pack, or go “all in” will now get an exclusive Albus Dumbledore miniature.

You have until April 15th to pre-order the game which will be released in September.

Knight Models’ Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game Isn’t Being Released Beyond Three Countries… Ever

Yesterday we brought the news that Knight Models new Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game was being released through pre-order on the publisher’s site later this month and was only shipping to the US, UK, and Spain. We speculated that this was due to licensing.

A lot of fans were left wondering if they’d see a release to other parts of world, especially since there’s some miniatures that are only available through pre-order?

We’ll, it looks like the game won’t be expanding beyond those three countries according to a response from Knight Models.

The below was posted by an individual on the Knight Models Facebook page when they asked the question.

Expect this game to go for a lot on the secondary market.

Knight Models’ Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game Goes from Kickstarter to Pre-Order for Only 3 Countries

In February, Knight Models announced their Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game would launch for orders on March 14 on Kickstarter. Yesterday, the company did a 180 and now the game will be available through their website but only to three countries, the US, UK, and Spain.

When asked about certain countries and shipping, the company responded with “we can’t.” Speculation points to licensing restrictions as a possible reason. They also stated that the Kickstarter would have also been limited to those three countries.

The company said the change from Kickstarter to a pre-order through their site is the “best way to ensure the game reaches all the fans in the best possible way.”

Those looking forward to the game are upset that the game’s shipping is limited to three countries which will no doubt lead to resellers attempting to profit off of the dissappointment.

The pre-order will run from March 14th to April 14th with the game being sent to those who pre-order in September 2018. That includes upfront payments

The company has different options to purchase the game with the pre-order providing a savings.

The core game costs 80€ with an MRSP of 100€. Miniature expansion packs cost anyhere from 16€ (MSP 20€) to 30€ (MRSP 37,5€). Adventures packs cost 30€ for pre-order and 37,5€ MRSP. Finally there’s bundles that cost 150€ (MRSP 217,5€) and an “all in” for 300€ (MRSP 470€).

There are also incentives to purchase and a figure limited to the pre-order only.

The prices include 21% VAT and doesn’t seem to include shipping. The “final prices with shipping costs” will be posted on March 14, so expect the above to shift a bit.

While the prices aren’t that different from other games Knight Models has released and comparable to other miniature games, some felt the prices are too high and of course there’s the limited countries they’ll ship too.

Individuals took to the Knight Models Facebook and YouTube page to voice their displeasure which resulted in the game and miniature company removing comments and banning individuals. The company has had a tense relationship with gamers in the past over their Batman Miniature Game and DC Universe Miniature Game where similar behavior has been exhibited by Knight Models.

The company surprised the gaming community when what was expected to be a miniature game much like their DC and Batman games was in fact a board game with miniatures. Another twist was the decision to initially sell it through Kickstarter (an increasingly popular venue) and now this reversal for that.

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