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Gen Con 2023: FanRoll Dice Celebrates its Brand Evolution


It’s been a busy year at FanRoll as the brand has quickly become the industry’s go-to brand within the tabletop gaming space. Announced in 2022, FanRoll entered the tabletop scene intending to partner with the best brands and explore ways to make tabletop gaming more interesting and exciting.

Heading into Gen Con 2023, FanRoll has announced a retail partnership with Paizo’s Pathfinder to launch a line of dice and accessories into retail this fall. The brand has also partnered with Catalyst Games to produce all of the dice for their record-setting BattleTech Kickstarter. Additionally, FanRoll has partnered with Kobold Press to support their Tome of Magic 2 Kickstarter and their upcoming Tales of the Valiant release.

While FanRoll is excited about external properties, the brand is also focused on delivering innovation to the marketplace. In the coming months, the brand will launch its new Shadow Light Black Light line and an LGBTQ+-focused line of products. The brand has announced that a portion of all proceeds from their LGBTQ+ products will go to the nonprofit group Tabletop Gaymers.

To commemorate Gen Con 2023, FanRoll created three exclusive offerings including a sharp-edge Genevieve Dragon inclusion set and a rainbow set of liquid core Elixir Dice. As a special promotion, the brand is giving away limited edition mini dice that spell out G-E-N-C-O-N with any Gen Con exclusive purchase. In addition to these exclusives, FanRoll will showcase its complete product portfolio, including the launch of a new line created to support the LGBTQ+ community. 

FanRoll will be at booth numbers 843, 2328, and 2600 at Gen Con, August 3-6 at the Indianapolis Convention Center. 

Fanroll teams with Kobold Press to get a Fire, Ice, or Witch dice set

HUZZAH! Fanroll has partnered with Kobold Press – a boutique publisher of core fantasy roleplaying games, sourcebooks, and adventure in the tabletop RPG market – You may know them from the hits: Tome of Beasts I-III and Creature Codex for 5th Edition!

Kobold Press’ most recent project – Deep Magic 2 has already surpassed more than $675,000 on Kickstarter! Deep Magic 2 is an expansion for every spellcaster! They have brewed up and playtested some truly astonishing options. With Deep Magic Volume 2, you can master new mechanics like true name magic, create arcane adversaries, and expand your repertoire with hundreds of new spells for every casting class. It includes new subclasses like the Oath of the Spellsworn and an entirely new base class, the Witch!

Check it out today and back their project to claim your Fire, Ice, or Witch dice set!