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Gen Con 2013: Dungeons & Dragons Dominated Gen Con Indy

image001(1)Wizards of the Coast brought a hell of a presence and a bit of flair to 2013’s Gen Con Indy. They absolutely kicked off the show with a bang with a night with Dungeons & Dragons. The event was the official kick-off to their next big event, The Sundering, which promises to change the realm of Forgotten Realms forever.

Travelers from across Faerûn were invited to spend the evening in Baldur’s Gate at this one-of-a-kind event where guests mingled with D&D designers, authors, and other industry luminaries while enjoying food, drinks, music, adventure and more.

Before that event opened to the public, the press was invited to go over recent announcements about the product. There was a lot of focus on digital releases, especially video games. The Lords of Waterdeep was announced for the iPad, the DSCN3362franchises for game for the platform. The award-winning and critically acclaimed board game from Wizards of the Coast will make its digital debut in a high-quality, faithful adaptation from Playdek Games. Designed for 2-5 players, the game will offer offline play against others or computer opponents or online asynchronously or in real time.

One of the few reveals was a new Dungeons & Dragon Kre-O figure. the figures were first announce and unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con but some future figures were announced like the one I snapped a photo of. The line launches from Hasbro in January 2014.

Mike Mearls, Senior Manager, Dungeons & Dragons R&D, provided a hotly-anticipated update of the status of D&D Next, the latest installment of game play rules for D&D. Fans worldwide have been helping to create this new set of rules by participating in playtests and sharing results with the D&D developers. Mearls announced the final packet distribution, thus concluding the D&D Next Playtest.

With the end of those announcements, the event opened to the public, filled with D&D fans, the event was pretty impressive with an amazing setting. You can check it out below.