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Imperial Navy Breachers and a Kroot Kinband clash in Kill Team: Into the Dark

Kill Team: Into the Dark

With a tease not too long ago, we now have the next major release for Kill Team, Kill Team: Into the Dark. The new boxed set features Imperial Navy Breachers taking on Kroot in a spacehulk.

Kill Team: Into the Dark is a self-contained game and provides everything you need to play.

Imperial Navy Breachers, aka Voidbreachers, are elite soldiers trained for hazardous boarding actions. They carry gear and weapons optimized to fight in the cramped quarters of ships.

The Kroot Kinband are expert trackers, sharpshooters, and guerilla fighters.

Since the game takes place on a space hulk, that means scenery to create maze-like boards with narrow lines of sites and doors to breach.

Finally, this season of Kill Team features releases that are thematically linked, exploring the Gallowdark further. It means a growing terrain collection helping build a modular Kill Team board!