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Las Vegas Open 2023: Games Workshop reveals Kill Team: Soulshackle – Adeptus Arbites vs. Drukhari

The Adeptus Arbites are coming! During the Las Vegas Open, Games Workshop revealed the new Kill Team box set, Kill Team: Soulshackle. It features the Adeptus Arbites taking on Drukhari Kabalites. Not only do you get these to new teams but also 15 new terrain pieces including breachable walls (with push-out sections) and a hololith dais with 3D display board!

The Adeptus Arbites are here to dispense justice! These elite Imperial agents get a brand new kit that is perfect for this game and for Warhammer 40,000!

There’s lots of options and includes a Proctor-exactant, Chirguant, and the Cyber-Mastiff handling Leashmaster. There’s also tons of weapon options!

They’ll be going up against Kabalite Warriors which feature a new upgrade sprue to create specialists like an Archsybarite, Crimson Duellist, and even a Skysplinter Assassin.

Las Vegas Open 2023: Games Workshop reveals Gryselle’s Arenai for Warhammer Underworlds

The Las Vegas Open is going on and Games Workshop has revealed a new warband for Warhammer Underworlds. Coming as part of Warhammer Underworlds: Gnarlwood is Gryselle’s Arenai.

They’re here for their bloody god Khaine! Gryselle the Slaughterer is a priest whose church is battle and leads this warband into glory.

Check out the miniatures and cards!

Las Vegas Open 2023: Games Workshop reveals new Seraphon plus new Battletome Roadmap

The Las Vegas Open is going on and Games Workshop has revealed new Seraphon for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar.

First up is the Slann Starmasters, sorcerous servants of the Old Ones. This new sculpt will be the centerpiece of forces. There are lots of artifacts, ancient accessories, and two different Skink attendants.

The Raptadons can be Raptadon Hunters or Raptadon Chargers. Do you want distance or melee? Your choice!

Saurus Warriors, the backbone of the force, are back with a new kit as well.

But, that’s not all for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, there’s a massive amount of books coming out this Spring before the Seraphon are released!

Warhammer: Age of Sigmar road map

Las Vegas Open 2023: Games Workshop reveals Wrath of the Soul Forge King

Vashtorr the Arkifane has arrived and he’s launched an attack on the Rock. Wrath of the Soul Forge King is a new box set that’ll tell the story of Vashtorr’s assault. It’s the first chance to get that characters as well as the new Azrael figure!

On the side of Chaos is Vashtorr, 10 Cultists, two Obliterators, and a Venomcrawler. Azrael is joined by five Deathwing Terminators and 10 Space Marine Intercessors, plus two Dark Angels Primaris Upgrade sprues.

The narrative of this box ties into the third book in the Arks of Omen series, Arks of Omen: Vashtorr.

Las Vegas Open 2023: Games Workshop reveals a Desolation Squad and Brutalis Dreadnought for Warhammer 40,000

Games Workshop is revealing what’s coming at the Las Vegas Open 2023 and it has debuted Strike Force Agastus, a brand-new Space Marines box set. Strike Force Agastus features two new heavily armed Space Marine kits that can be used by any Chapter, rounded out with a new customizable Lieutenant and five Heavy Intercessors.

Within is a spiritual successor to the Furioso Dreadnought but available to everyone, the Brutalis Dreadnought! Based on the Dedemptor, it’s a little taller and bulkier featuring a heavy stubber on top and options include multi meltas or heavy bolters and talons or fists which feature bolt rifles.

Also debuting is the Desolation Squad which fills in the Devastator gap for Primaris Space Marines. The long range heavy support unit features some interesting weapons including missile launchers that have frag and krak missiles.

Also included is a new Primaris Lieutenant! A new flexible kit with lots of new and current options.

Games Workshop teases its Las Vegas Open 2023 Preview including Adeptus Arbites

The Las Vegas Open takes place this coming weekend and with it will be a new reveal from Games Workshop.

Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, Warhammer: The Horus Heresy, Warcry, Warhammer Underworlds, and Kill Team will all have new stuff previewed.

But, one of the reveals is already being spoiled in a way… the R-VR Cyber-mastiff! We know from updated rules that Adeptus Arbites are coming and a Cyber-mastiff is exactly the type of unit you’d find with them. But, are they for Kill Team? 40K? We’ll soon find out!

If you’re stateside, tune in on Thursday the 26th of January at 10pm PST. In the UK, that’s 6am GMT on Friday the 27th of January.

Privateer Press’ Las Vegas Open 2020 Prereleases


  • 51902 Ashlynn d’Liberty (Monsterpocalypse Statue of Liberty alt sculpt and WARMACHINE Ashlynn d’Elyse alt sculpt) – $18
  • 51901 Sergeant Titanica  – $22
  • 33903 Lady Doom Reaver – $15
  • 74901 Zaal, the Ancestral Eye – $26
  • 92049 Legendary Series Totem Huntress – $35

Riot Quest Prereleases


  • 63001 Riot Quest Starter Box – $50
  • 63002 Black Bella, Duchess of Dread (Fighter) – $13
  • 63003 Boomhowler, Solo Artist (Gunner) – $18
  • 63004 Harlowe Holdemhigh (Scout) – $12
  • 63005 J.A.I.M.s (Guard) – $1563006 Gorman the Mad (Rogue) – $14
  • 63007 Widget, Tinker Extraordinaire (Specialist) – $12
  • 63008 Orsus the Chained (Fighter) – $20
  • 63009 Captain Crawtooth (Fighter) – $20
  • 63010 Wolf With No Name (Scout) – $20


  • 63011 Ledfoot & Tredz (Gunner) – $30
  • 63012 Boss MacHorn (Guard) – $20
  • 63013 Destructotron 3000 (Gunner) – $20
  • 63014 Master Gurglepox (Specialist) – $25
  • 63015 Spawn Gate Expansion – $35
  • 63016 Treasure Chest Expansion – $35
  • 63019 Doctor Stygius (Specialist) – $18
  • 63020 Scythe (Gunner) – $17

Monsterpocalypse Prereleases


  • 51078 Steel Shell Crabs and Psi-Eel – Triton Units – $30
  • 51079 Mollock Brutes and Mollock Berserker – Subterran Units – $33
  • 51080 Incinerus – Elemental Champions Monster – $24
  • 51081 Xixorax – Savage Swarm Monster – $27

Warmachine/Hordes Prereleases


  • 41170 Legion of Lost Souls, Mercenary Unit – $80
  • 41172 Thamarite Advocate, Mercenary Solo – $16
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