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Cards Against Humanity Finally Addresses Allegations

Cards Against Humanity

After a prolonged silence, the Cards Against Humanity leadership has spoken about allegations against the company and co-founder Max Temkin. In the statement, they say Temkins is no longer with the company but do not mention if he is still financially tied to the company and benefits from them. They also list numerous other steps they’re taking after revelations.

You can read their full statement and a puff interview with another site. Itself has numerous… issues. Their main statement is below:

Starting on June 6, several of our former employees posted reports on social media about a toxic work environment in our Chicago office. Many of them centered on one of our eight co-founders, Max Temkin, who led that office. We immediately began an internal investigation, and on June 9, we made the following commitments to our staff:

  • Max Temkin stepped down and no longer has any active role at Cards Against Humanity, effective that day.
  • We’re hiring a specialist firm to review and improve all HR, hiring, and management practices at the company. Our goal is to make these practices more inclusive, transparent, and equitable.
  • An outside organization will lead workplace training for all partners and employees of Cards Against Humanity, focusing on communication and unconscious bias at work.

As Cards Against Humanity rapidly grew from a hobby project in our parents’ basements to a company with 18 full-time employees, we made a lot of mistakes. We want to apologize to employees who were unheard or disrespected in our office. We are truly sorry. We also want to state unequivocally that we condemn harassment of anyone who has posted stories about their experiences at Cards Against Humanity.

In the interest of transparency, we are now sharing our complete responses to a series of questions we received via email from a reporter at Polygon regarding our company and the accounts on social media. Some of these accounts are true, others are not, and a few we are continuing to investigate.

We are committed to rebuilding a workplace that the partners and staff can be proud of. It is our responsibility to see this through.

Josh, Daniel, Eli, Ben, David M., David P.
Active Co-Founders, Cards Against Humanity

ReedPop Breaks Ties with Cards Against Humanity after Max Temkin Allegations

ReedPop has announced that they would no longer be working with Cards Against Humanity (CAH) at C2E2 after allegations about an abusive environment towards women at CAH office and by CAH co-founder Max Temkin. The convention company released the below statement:

The company’s culture is described as one of workplace “abuse and gaslighting” by those who have worked there.

Earlier this month, Theresa Stewart spoke up on Twitter describing the toxic environment at the company. It’s a very interesting thread with lots of examples as well as screenshots of discussions as proof of her experiences.

Others have spoken up about wanting to write cards about being people of color but were denied as well as calling out abusers and punching up at rape culture but couldn’t due to past accusations against the company’s co-founder Max Temkin. This isn’t the first allegation against him. Temkin in 2014 was accused of rape that happened in 2004 while attending Goucher College.

Another former employee was told that if she continued dating a person Temkin’s friend had a crush on they’d be fired. Temkin’s exerted further control in the office and other employees regarding the former employee’s dating and social life. It paints a picture of an unprofessional and controlling environment.

The company through the years have draped themselves in worthy causes and been a darling of the gaming scene. Most recently the company game away free meals and bottled water at the Chicago Board Game Cafe of which Temkin is an owner. It’s unknown where things will go from here and Temkin and CAH have been silent since these latest allegations came out earlier this month. The company’s name feels so appropriate after reading all of these accounts and allegations.

We stand with these brave individuals and this behavior has no place in the gaming industry.