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Lovecraftian Horror Meets Ancient Rome in Modiphius’ Cohors Cthulhu, Coming Soon to Kickstarter

Cohors Cthulhu

Modiphius Entertainment has announced that the Kickstarter campaign for Cohors Cthulhu, a 2d20 tabletop RPG set in a Lovecraftian version of Ancient Rome, is launching on October 3, 2023! The campaign includes the Players Guide, Gamemaster’s Guide, a campaign book set in Germania, Gamemaster Screen, and the first wave of physical and 3D-printable miniatures.

The Kickstarter campaign introduces the first stage in the vast Cohors Cthulhu storyline, set in Germania, with future expansions taking adventures to Rome, Aegyptus, Britannia, and the Eastern Empire. Novels are planned to further expand the Cohors Cthulhu world, telling the story of the heroes caught up in the chaos.

The Player’s Guide includes the full core rules, character creation, and more, while the Gamemaster’s Guide includes all the rules for GMs to muster ancient mysteries, foul cults, dangerous creatures and true cosmic horror set in the age of the Roman Empire. A complete Germania campaign offers GMs a series of adventures set in the troubled frontier region. Alongside other accessories, two sets of dice will be available to choose from: a player’s set featuring a granite design, and a Hidden War set featuring a blue crystal effect.
Modiphius will also offer both physical and 3D-printable miniatures with a selection of 28mm scale characters from across the empire along with some heroic legionaries. The range is compatible with other popular historical ranges, and will expand with the launch of the Cohors Cthulhu miniatures game following the launch of the RPG.
Set in the same timeline as Achtung! CthulhuCohors Cthulhu expands the Against The Gods Themselves universe being developed by Modiphius Entertainment. Players will take on the roles of diverse heroes from across the Roman Empire and put aside prejudices to make allies of former enemies in order to confront Eldritch horrors. Powerful as these adversaries may be, there is a reason humanity is coveted by entities that can swallow entire stars — their limitless potential threatens even the gods.

It falls to players to achieve that potential by plundering forgotten ruins, seeking strange allies, exploring untamed forests where cultists prowl, and delving lost temples and forgotten cities, all to empower themselves against the Mythos. They may find weapons such as Atlantean relics, become transformed by Hyperborean armories, or earn the blessings of more benevolent gods.
And so, ordinary mortals can aspire to rise as demigods and make a stand against the darkness. There are many epic tales yet to be told, including yours…
Players can get their first look at Cohors Cthulhu via the Quickstart Guide, and sign–up for the latest news, teasers, fiction, and more by visiting www.cohorscthulhu.com.

Fallout: The Roleplaying Game’s First Quest Book, Winter of Atom, is Out Now

Winter of Atom

The first quest book for Modiphius Entertainment’s Fallout: The Roleplaying GameWinter of Atom, is now available!

A deadly winter descends on the Commonwealth, and to make matters worse, a dangerous new sect of the Church of the Children of Atom has arrived with it. Resources are scarce, religious zealots threaten to ignite an all-out war, and unexplainable supernatural horrors lie around every corner. Will you live to see spring again?

Within the 248-page Winter of Atom quest book, you will:

  • Face a fearsome sect of the Church of the Children of Atom, led by the Last Son of Atom, in an action-packed, open-ended, and non-linear sandbox questline that can take characters from level 1 to 21.
  • Meet brand new groups of survivors, from beatniks and circus big tops to traveling casinos and religious weaponsmiths.
  • Discover details of the Commonwealth as a setting, focusing on a mix of canonical locations from Fallout 4 and many brand-new settlements and locations.
  • Create characters with new origin options: Generation 3 Synths, Protectrons, and Children of Atom.
  • Enhance your game with new rules for surviving the harsh winter and gaining a reputation with settlements.
  • Learn how to design balanced combat encounters and find new rules for surviving defeat, quickly adjusting an encounter’s difficulty, and creating Minion NPCs.

This book requires the core rules found in the Fallout: The Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook but can be played using the rules and pre-generated characters found in the Fallout: The Roleplaying Game Starter Set.

Modiphius to Launch a Solo Edition of Star Trek Adventures

Modiphius Entertainment Ltd. has announced a new Star Trek roleplaying game, launching the brand into the solo roleplaying game frontier, with the Captain’s Log Solo Roleplaying Game. This 326-page full-color standalone digest-sized rulebook provides a complete, streamlined version of the award-winning 2d20 System used for the Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game to build out your own Star Trek stories with a dynamic captain that you create.

Prospective Starfleet captains can pre-order copies now from www.modiphius.net or www.modiphius.us and receive a digital PDF copy right away, with print editions expected to ship to stores in August 2023.

Write your own captain’s log as you, your ship, and your crew venture into the cosmos alone, conducting Galaxy-spanning missions and recording your progress. The solo roleplaying game uses the award-winning rules of Star Trek Adventures to give a unique gameplay style, letting Star Trek fans record their own captain’s logs for the first time!
Players can create or randomly generate their missions without a gamemaster, decide on the actions their crew will take to complete it, and a vibrant story will emerge as success or failure provides unexpected twists and turns while exploring strange new worlds and discovering new life and civilizations. The game also allows captains to play cooperatively with friends as their senior staff, or explore the final frontier with a gamemaster facilitating their adventures. Star Trek Adventures gamemasters can also use the random story tables contained in Captain’s Log to generate countless hours of memorable adventures in the Star Trek universe.

Play in any era of Star Trek, from the 21st to the 32nd century, by choosing from a selection of unique cover designs featuring the combadges from each series.

Shawn Tomkin’s Galaxy-Spanning RPG — Ironsworn: Starforged — Available now!

Ironsworn: Starforged

Modiphius Entertainment and tabletop RPG creator Shawn Tomkin have released to stores Ironsworn: Starforged, the epic sci-fi tabletop RPG. Previously only available from the original Kickstarter or as a digital download, Modiphius Entertainment brings the RPG to retail in a special Deluxe Edition hardcover version, along with a Reference Guide and Asset Decks that bring the experience to life in vivid color. These versions are available now in local game stores and via the Modiphius online storefront.

In Ironsworn: Starforged, you are a spaceborne hero sworn to undertake perilous quests. You will explore uncharted space, unravel the secrets of a mysterious galaxy, and build bonds with those you meet in your travels. Most importantly, you will swear ironclad vows and see them fulfilled — no matter the cost.

Starforged is the standalone, sci-fi evolution of the Ironsworn tabletop roleplaying game. Experience with Ironsworn is not required to play. Starforged builds on Ironsworn‘s award-winning innovations (including its famed solo play!) to chart a path into an exciting new frontier.

Starforged supports three play modes:

  • Guided: One or more players take the role of their characters, while a guide (game master) moderates the session.
  • Co-Op: You and one or more friends play to overcome challenges and complete quests. No guide is required.
  • Solo: You portray a lone character driven to fulfill vows in a dangerous galaxy.

Starforged includes:

  • Story-driven mechanics put your character at the center of their quest-driven adventures.
  • Tools to help you quickly build a setting, create your character, and set off into a universe of perils and opportunities.
  • Creative prompts to eliminate game prep and push your adventures forward — with or without a guide/GM.
  • System-agnostic generators for on-the-fly discoveries of spaceborne locations, planets, settlements, people, creatures, starships, foreboding derelicts, ancient alien vaults, and more.
  • Extensive advice, examples, and options for exploring the story of your characters and their fateful vows.

Starforged is designed and developed by Shawn Tomkin, the original creator of the highly regarded fantasy RPG Ironsworn, and is richly illustrated by lead artist Joshua Meehan and others. It is co-published by indie publisher Absolute Tabletop and distributed by Modiphius. 

The Starforged retail product line includes a 400+ page deluxe hardcover rulebook, a wire-bound reference guide, and a deck of character asset cards. Starforged was backed by more than 6,700 supporters on Kickstarter in 2021 and has received more than 170 five-star ratings across DriveThruRPG and itch.io since its digital release in 2022.

Explore the Politics of Dune in Modiphius’ Upcoming Houses of the Landsraad Supplement

Dune: Adventures in the Imperium line — The Great Game: Houses of the Landsraad

Modiphius Entertainment has unveiled pre-orders for the latest product in their best-selling Dune: Adventures in the Imperium line — The Great Game: Houses of the Landsraad campaign supplement. This newest expansion for the top-selling 2d20 tabletop role-playing game introduces players and Game Masters to the Landsraad council and some of the mightiest Houses in the Imperium. The 128-page Houses of the Landsraad book moves the in-game action and politicking away from Arakkis and out into the darkness of the Imperium. 

The Landsraad is the great council of the Houses that decides the fate of the Imperium under the will of the Emperor. Meeting on Kaitain, the Imperial homeworld, this chorus of powerful voices meets to make deals, craft alliances, crush enemies, and take vengeance in the halls of power. Here, whole worlds can be laid waste at the stroke of a pen, and riches beyond your wildest dreams can be bestowed for nothing more than a promise of support.

The Great Game: Houses of the Landsraad is a complete 128-page supplement for Dune – Adventures in the Imperium that expands your campaign away from Arrakis into the vast and deadly Imperium. It offers the opportunity for your House to vie for power among its peers. Politic with your rivals, bring power and wealth to your House, and challenge your position among the deadliest powerbrokers of the Landsraad.

The Great Game: Houses of the Landsraad includes:

  • Comprehensive detail on the nature and politics of the Landsraad council and the complex relationships between the Houses that keeps the Imperium turning
  • Secrets of the art of kanly, the rules that govern assassination by blade or poison, and how to manage a deadly war of assassins
  • Expanded notes on CHOAM, with options and new talents for CHOAM Agent player characters. Full dossiers on an array of the most important Houses of the Landsraad, such as the fallen House Richese, the aggressive House Moritani, the noble House Taligari, and the devious House Wydras.
  • A Navigator’s guide to the mysterious Spacing Guild and their place in the Imperium, with new talents and focuses for Guild agent player characters.
  • Cross space in a moment in a Guild Heighliner, with detail on space travel and managing journeys across the Imperium, with or without the Guild.
  • New rules for building any of the ‘million worlds’ that can be found in the Known Universe or beyond. Create the homeworld of your House, your enemy’s domain, or a new planet ripe for exploitation.
  • A complete system for House management, allowing you to craft and build your domains, construct new planetary facilities, manage downtime, and gain leverage and favor from your peers as the power of your House grows.

Battle to Save Skyrim in The Elder Scrolls Skyrim Adventure Game from Modiphius Entertainment

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – The Adventure Game

Modiphius Entertainment has announced the retail and online store availability of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – The Adventure Game, the solo and cooperative (up to four players) tabletop board game of adventure and exploration set in the frost-covered lands of Skyrim. In this epic tabletop experience, players will face down dragons, Daedra, trolls, and many more sinister creatures as they battle for glory.

In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – The Adventure Game, players are surviving members of the Blades, a legendary group who long protected the Empire of Tamriel, and must band together to thwart a plot to eradicate them all!  

Your quests will lead you across Skyrim – sometimes in short side ventures, others in connected storylines that change with your choices and successes or failures! Gain powerful weapons, armor, spells, amazing treasure, experience points, and of course, followers. But watch out! If you ignore the growing threat across Skyrim, the Strongholds may fall, and you’ll face increasingly dangerous crises.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – The Adventure Game contains two major narrative-driven campaigns, each comprised of three chapters. Each chapter can change depending on your choices, following your own quests in the main storyline or meeting up for key events and exploring dungeons together. Save your character’s progress at the end of a chapter or even mid-game, and start again from where you left off the next time you play. 

Key Features of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – The Adventure Game

  • Tamriel’s Tiny Faces: Choose from one of six several lavishly detailed plastic miniatures based on iconic Elder Scrolls races like the Khajiit, High Elf, and Nord as an in-game avatar (with more options in the Dawnguard expansion)
  • Gear-Up: What adventure doesn’t involve a bit of treasure hunting? There are loads of weapons, armor, and ancient artifacts for players to find that increase their power as you upgrade or enchant your gear to customize your abilities.
  • Gather Your Party: Go it alone, or bring up to three other players on a journey to explore Skyrim’s secrets that might save its people from certain doom
  • Skills, Swords, and Spells: Be it a greataxe, bow, or spells, players will be able to tailor their combat style as they like, matching their choices with a variety of different skill upgrades that will give them advantages in different quests
  • There and Back Again: With each chapter offering roughly 90 to 120 minutes of core questing, an initial playthrough with no diversions for sidequests or exploration should last about 12 hours. Yet thanks to a plethora of story choices, character options, and play styles, there are practically hundreds of hours worth of content to uncover in subsequent playthroughs.
  • Familiar Friends and Foes: The core box includes the Nord, Dunmer, Imperial, Altmer, Khajiit, and Orsimer characters and their 32mm scale pre-assembled miniatures
  • Expand your Experience: Two gameplay expansions are also available at launch, featuring new rules and experiences to add to the base game. Dawnguard adds the titular vampire hunters and their vampiric nemeses in a new three-chapter campaign fighting against the plots of a Daedric prince! From the Ashes adds several mini-campaigns against such foes as the ghosts of former Blades, the Dark Brotherhood, and the ancient dragon Grahkrindrog! 
  • Add to the Party: Bring more friends to your Free Roaming sessions with the 5-8 Player Expansion. Increase the game’s Free Roaming mode to up to 8 players and go adventuring with your own company of heroes, break up into teams or have larger competitive challenges.
  • Compatible with Call to Arms: Fearsome foes like dragons, Daedra, and trolls are available as miniature upgrades in the cunningly named Miniatures Upgrade Set and are scaled to be compatible with Modiphius’s The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms miniatures game — meaning they can be used in this game and vice versa

Modiphius’ Fallout adds New Miniatures and 3D Printing Options

The Deep: Print at Home Set (Digital STL files)

There are unseen forces deep beneath our feet, in networks of tunnels far below the surface. There are many paths, some are flooded and impassable to those without the means to dive deeper, but the remains of an unlucky seeker might show you the way. Deeper still, clusters of bioluminescent flora illuminate hidden realities and strange entities beyond our comprehension. Welcome to The Deep!

This 3D print-at-home product lets you print six terrain pieces to create immersive scenes and elevate your tabletop. Use these pieces as evocative scatter or mysterious objective markers in your next foray into the Wasteland!


  • Flora Cluster 1-3
  • Lost Diver
  • The Interloper
  • The Visitor

[US] [UK] Store

Note that this is a digital STL product ONLY for 3D printing and not a physical product. Requires a 3D printer and knowledge of 3D printing to use.

The Deep: Print at Home Set (Digital STL files)

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Miniatures – Creatures: Bloatflies

Hideous mutated forms of common modern flies, Bloatflies will attack from afar, peppering their target with spines from their abdomen, only flying close to allow their larvae to feed on living prey. These predators remind us that the Great War changed everything about the world we know.


  • Glowing Bloatfly (x1)
  • Bloatflies (x2)

[US] [UK] Store

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Miniatures - Creatures: Bloatflies

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Miniatures – Creatures: Centaurs

In myth, centaurs were wise, noble creatures, half man and half horse. These beasts are far from that grand legend. Constructed of both human and canine DNA, these freakish monsters were created by the Master as part of his fevered attempt to breed a new species of humanity in order to end all conflict.


  • Centaurs (x2)

[US] [UK] Store

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Miniatures - Creatures: Centaurs

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Miniatures – Creatures: Radstag Herd

Once ordinary deer, the Radstags grazed in what would become the Commonwealth. However, The Great War mutated and twisted these animals, giving them second heads, a multitude of limbs, and pus-filled radioactive cysts. They are relatively docile animals, but can be vicious when threatened. 


  • Radstag (x3)

[US] [UK] Store

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Miniatures - Creatures: Radstag Herd 

Modiphius’s Achtung! Cthulhu Winter of Fear Event Comes to a Close with Free PDF

Atchung Cthulhu

As the Achtung! Cthulhu “Winter of Fear” event comes to a close, Modiphius Entertainment has some exciting announcements to share. There will be special livestreams running until December 9, 2022. This includes the final episode of the Garblag Games livestream, the reveal of more giveaways, and an exciting new adventure location in the Achtung! Cthulhu universe!

To wrap up the Achtung! Cthulhu Winter of Fear event, Modiphius will release the Malevolent Grove PDF. This free PDF is available for download through the Modiphius online storefront [UK/US].

Every place in the world has its ghost stories. The dark places of malevolence and dread. Do not stray from the road, do not linger in the dark, do not enter the forest. One such location is the Malevolent Grove. Only by constraining some of the forest’s malign power can your players learn to navigate the twisting pathways of the grove and eventually reach the mystical waters, as they solve the mysteries of the Malevolent Grove!

Malevolent Gove can be played as a standalone adventure, or it can be incorporated into existing campaigns as a chilling one-shot. It also features a variety of maps and playing aids to assist players and new GMs, and will also include ways to feature each of the Halloween Horrors from the free PDF at the beginning of the Winter of Fear event!

What you can expect from the Winter of Fear:

Already available are the free Halloween Horrors PDF and the print pre-order of the Forest of Fear campaign book. Forthcoming dates in the Winter of Fear include:

  • December 8: The Garblag Games livestream continues, and Modiphius offers up more hauntingly good giveaways, along with the release of the Malevolent Grove PDF and the digital version of Forest of Fear.
  • December 9: The last of the livestream episodes arrives.

Curious about Achtung! Cthulhu? The Quickstart rules are available for free from Modiphius’ Achtung! Cthulhu 2D20 website.

In Achtung! Cthulhu’s pulp-influenced world of brave Allied heroes, secret agents, mysterious mystics, and dauntless two-fisted adventure, players take on the roles of Allied servicemen and women, secret agents, members of the French Resistance — or even hapless civilians caught up in the wider conflict. All stand firm against the twisted might of the Nazis and their occult forces, including the Cult of the Black Sun, who wield foul magic and summon ancient horrors in their bid to unleash Yog-Sothoth and Nachtwölfe, the Night Wolves, who place their trust in weird science and wonder weapons to prevail.

Modiphius’ Tabletop Gaming Discounts for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Get ready for a perfect chance to try something new, as tabletop games publisher Modiphius Entertainment has launched its Black Friday sale, focusing on offering a huge variety of games at an equally large discount!

Players and Game Masters looking to try out titles such as Fallout The Roleplaying Game, Star Trek Adventures, Dune: Adventures in the Imperium, John Carter of Mars, Achtung! Cthulhu,, and more need to head to the Modiphius online store [US / UK] ASAP and grab a 40% discount on core and starter products for these games and many more!

The Modiphius Black Friday sale starts today, and ends Sunday, November 27, 2022 at midnight EST.

On Cyber Monday, Modiphius will be offering most of its digital products at an amazing 50% off! The Cyber Monday sale will run from 4am EST on Monday 28th November until 3am EST on Tuesday 29th November.

Modiphius Entertainment

Modiphius Goes to Infinity and Beyond with Two New Infinity Sourcebooks

Infinity: Ships of the Human Sphere

Modiphius Entertainment is making available two new sourcebooks for Infinity, the sci-fi space-opera RPG based on the tabletop skirmish universe from Corvus BelliInfinity: Ships of the Human Sphere, and Infinity: Technology of the Human Sphere are available as PDFs. Both can now be purchased on the Modiphius web store.

Infinity: Ships of the Human Sphere (PDF)
Available for purchase at the Modiphius [UK] [US] online store

A complete catalog of all spacefaring vessels in the Human Sphere — human or otherwise — from humble dinghies and tugboats to planet-killer dreadnoughts and space stations! Ships of the Human Sphere includes:

  • Information on the most powerful warships in the universe, including the majestic flagships of the G5 Nations
  • A comprehensive guide to gear, upgrades, and customization options for your spaceships and your faithful crew
  • Rules on how to engage your enemy amid the void, making sure you blow them to bits, be it on a one-to-one campaign or a full-fledged stellar fleet battle!

Infinity: Technology of the Human Sphere

Infinity: Technology of the Human Sphere (PDF)
Available for purchase at the Modiphius [UK] [US] online store  

The most inclusive list of equipment, gear, weapons, and vehicles of the Human Sphere with over 100 pages of tables including almost everything available in the galaxy! Technology of the Human Sphere includes:

  • A comprehensive analysis of the technologies crucial for the well-being of the Human Sphere
  • An overview of how to acquire, use, and enjoy the material blessings of the Human Sphere
  • Ideas and rules on living (and surviving!) in a quantronic battlefield
  • And tips for how to mod virtually anything
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