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Tour the sights of the Hyborian Age in The Art of Conan!

The Art of Conan Sourcebook

Modiphius has announced the release of The Art of Conan Sourcebook in PDF, a brand new supplement for the Conan: Adventures in Age Undreamed of RPG.

This fantastic new sourcebook compiles the best of the luscious art from all the Conan sourcebooks and features work from the likes of Brom, Simon Bisley, and Gio Baroni, and is available right now on Modiphius.net and DriveThruRPG.com.

Purchasers on Modiphius.net will receive a code which offsets the cost of the PDF against any future purchase of the equivalent print product, while buyers on DTRPG can contact support@modiphius.net to take advantage of a similar offer. Now on with the details!


The Art of Robert E. Howard’s Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of features a selection of some of the most incredible art associated with the classic barbarian hero ever assembled into one set of covers. With one of the most successful gaming Kickstarter campaigns of all time, Conan set out to be the definitive treatment of Conan in games: central to that was recruiting a stellar lineup of artists for covers and interior illustrations. The Art of Conan presents a variety of art drawn from the incredible core rulebook and the expansive line of sourcebooks and supplements, organized by book, allowing players and fans of amazing sword-and-sorcery art to enjoy this fantastic art on its own.


  • Stunning art from new and renowned Conan artists.
  • Beautiful two-page spreads of cover art, interior illustrations, and archetype images.
  • Heroic vistas, exotic places, gorgeous landscapes, and thrilling action sequences.
  • Monstrous creatures from and inspired by the Conan stories.

Though The Art of Conan contains no game rules or content, the art contained within is suitable for any fans of incredible fantasy art and especially for fans of Robert E. Howard’s epic adventurer, Conan the Barbarian.

Mi-Go Expedition is Out Now for Achtung! Cthulhu and Achtung! Cthulhu Skirmish

Modiphius has announced the release of a brand new miniatures set for Achtung! Cthulhu and Achtung! Cthulhu Skirmish. The Mi-Go Expedition is now available on the Modiphiuswebsite.

This intriguing new set reintroduces the Mi-Go as a major force in the Achtung! Cthulhu universe ahead of our 2d20 version of the game and these nine models can also be used for both tabletop and wargaming adventures. Here are the details on the new Expedition set!

The Mi-Go are a strange marriage of sentient fungus and subjugated insectoid from beyond the far reaches of the solar system and they came to earth millennia ago, establishing hives in the remoter corners of the planet for their own strange purposes: benign or malevolent who can truly say for the Mi-Go’s motivations are almost unknowable to the minds of men. 

The most commonly encountered Mi-Go force in the Secret War is an Expedition, a combined force of Drones and Augmented Mi-Go, a small but potent battle group who are dispatched to secure artefacts, land, or perhaps even specimens for the Mi-Go’s bizarre, unholy bio-experiments.

This force comprises four standard Drones and five Augmented Mi-Go. The Drones are formidable enough foes in their own right with savage claws and pincers, but the Augmented Mi-Go boast an array of additional armour and powerful weaponry, it only the brave or the foolish who would stand in their way!

Mi-Go Expedition

Conan: Kull of Atlantis Takes you to the Pre- Cataclysmic Age

Conan: Kull of Atlantis

Modiphius has released Kull of Atlantis, a brand new supplement for the Conan Adventures in an Age Undreamed of RPG, plus a 20% 24 hour discount on the Conan Core Book in PDF in honor of the anniversary of Conan creator Robert E Howard’s death!

Kull of Atlantis is available in PDF on Modiphius.net as part of the Conan Collection and on DriveThruRPG as part of its Conan Collection.

PDF buyers on Modiphius.net will receive a special download code which discounts the cost of the PDF against any future print purchase of the same title. DTRPG.com customers should contact support@modiphius.net to take advantage of a similar offer. Here are the details on this fantastic new sourcebook!

Before Conan, there was Kull!


Here, for the first time in roleplaying gaming, Kull and his world are described in all their savage, dreamlike glory. This alternate setting for Conan roleplaying is the ultimate reference to the Pre- Cataclysmic Age, in the time when the Atlantean barbarian Kull rose to become King of Valusia, greatest of the Seven Empires. Just as Conan and his exploits defined the Hyborian Age, his predecessor Kull shaped the destiny of the Thurian Age. This period, thousands of years prior to Conan’s own, is a time of mystery and magic, a period defined by antiquity and decline, yet shaken to its core by its savage new king, Kull.

This 120-page full colour PDF features: 

  • The curious gods and myths of the Thurian Age, including rules for magic and even time travel.
  • A gazetteer of the lands of the Thurian Age: the Seven Empires, the untamed Pictish Isles, distant Lemuria, the primitive island of Atlantis from whence came Kull, and the mysterious End of the World.
  • A gallery of non-player characters such as Kull and his court: Brule the Spear-slayer, Counselor Tu, and others — as well as enemies as dangerous as the diabolical sorcerer Thulsa Doom.
  • New archetypes such as the Agent, Ambassador, Counselor, and Gladiator.
  • New player options, from homelands and backgrounds to the enigmatic Elder Race, stories and talents, plus new natures, and war stories.
  • Guidelines for running court-based campaigns and campaigns set in the dreamy, ancient, and mysterious world of Kull.
  • A variety of adventure seeds as well as a ready-to-play adventure, “The Rookery of Umra-Zhul”.

Kull of Atlantis requires the Robert E. Howard’s Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of rulebook to use but also serves an invaluable reference for readers of fantasy literature and fans of Robert E. Howard and his incredible barbaric hero, Kull.

Modiphius Releases the Symbaroum Game Master’s Guide

Symbaroum Game Master’s Guide

Modiphius has announced the release of the Symbaroum Game Master’s Guide, a brand new release for the awesome Swedish dark fantasy RPG.

The Symbaroum Game Master’s Guide is available in print and PDF as part of the Symbaroum Collection on Modiphius.net.

Here are the details on this intriguing new release, an essential addition for GMs and one that rounds out the entire Symbaroum core book releases and brings a wealth of additional information and guidance for GMs looking to extend their players’ adventures in the realms of Davokar and Ambria.

It was dead silent in the ranks, so breathlessly tense that the creaking of our leather armor felt deafening; just as silent as our Davokar outpost had been for the past three weeks. Even the sellswords that our Lord had hired in an attempt to tip the scales in his favor seem to appreciate the gravity of the situation – they made up the rear of the column, atypically in line, unusually disciplined. Silent.

We had no idea what to expect. The scouts had not come back, neither the first, nor the second troupe that had left for the outpost. Some homing pigeons belonging to the latter returned, but without information about what had happened. Was it a belligerent branch of Clan Karohar? A raving liege troll or a pack of predators? An ancient or dark contagion, or indeed some roaming abomination?

The truth proved even worse: Iron Pact warriors, backed by Ironsworn barbarians. They attacked without question, without hesitation, without mercy – out of the shadows, from the foliage, from behind root and stem and stone. My advice to you who are to inherit my Lord’s domain is simple: Let yourself settle for what can be harvested under open skies; that which is shadowed by the trees of Davokar is not yours to own or salvage. Accept this, or join the ranks of the dea…

With the Game Master’s Guide, Symbaroum’s collection of core books is complete! Between its covers are three solid sections, meant to inspire and support Game Masters when it comes to everything from the creation of homebrew adventures to managing sessions around the gaming table. No matter if you choose to embrace it all or only pick the goodies out of the cake, the tips and alternative rules presented in this book will certainly help make adventures in Symbaroum’s game world even more spicy, thrilling and memorable.

Featured content:

  • The Adventure section, with chapters on the design of game worlds, chronicles, adventure landscapes and of adventures set in the Underworld, Yonderworld and Spirit World. It also offers tips regarding how to construct scenarios for experienced player characters, and guidelines for Troupe Play in Symbaroum.
  • The Challenges section, containing alternative rules for pitched battles, advanced traps and social challenges. Adding to this are chapters on Ceremonial Magic (including sixteen ceremonies), expeditions in Davokar, exploration of ruins, the design of legendary creatures and rules for handling player characters owning and managing an estate or smaller domain.
  • The Rewards Section, which offers suggestions on different ways of rewarding player characters and their players, aside from Experience and shiny coins. The chapters also present guidelines for designing what in Symbaroum are called Curiosities, Mystical Treasures and Artifacts, after which the book is rounded off with the description of no less than twenty seven artifacts – all of them with a unique adventure set-up.
  • Note that this book requires access to the Symbaroum Core Rulebook, and that it does not come into its own without the Advanced Player’s Guide and the Symbaroum Monster Codex.

Conquest is our purpose as Infinity Combined Army releases!

Infinity Combined Arms Sourcebook

Modiphius has announced the release of the Infinity Combined Army Sourcebook in PDF, a major new resource for Corvus Belli’s awesome interstellar RPG which shows you an entirely new perspective on the conflict.

The Infinity Combined Army Sourcebook is available in PDF on Modiphius.net as part of the Infinity Collection and also on DriveThruRPG as part of its Infinity Collection.

Customers on Modiphius.net will receive a download code with this product which offsets its cost against any future print purchase. Buyers on DTRPG.com should contact support@modiphius.net to take advantage of a similar offer. 

Infinity Combined Arms Sourcebook

We are the Combined Army, Conquest is our purpose and none will stop us.

From the darkest reaches of the galaxy, an implacable tyrant looms slowly and inexorably, searching for intelligent races, studying them, contacting them, and ultimately absorbing them. Behold the Evolved Intelligence, an alien virtual entity bent on achieving the godlike state known as Transcendence.

To reach its objective, the EI will use every tactic and strategy necessary to increase its almost infinite knowledge of the universe. This includes shrewd political alliances, peaceful unification, and where necessary, all-out war.
The Combined Army sourcebook gives players the opportunity to approach the Paradiso conflict from the other side and GMs a vast array of information to better understand the implacable enemy of the Human sphere.

This 112 page PDF features: 

  • History of the Combined Army, the different races composing it, their strategies, armed divisions, and the terrible secrets of this ever growing empire.
  • • Details on the true nature and origins of the Combined Army’s omnipresent leader—the feared and worshipped Evolved Intelligence. Learn about its drives, ambitions, and trepidations!
  • • Rules and guidelines to play several of the Combined Army’s warrior races! From the violent Morat, to the cruel Shasvastii, vengeful Sygmaa, and traitorous humans!
  • • Weapons, equipment, Voodoo Tech, and more! Enough gear to wage war on those who would dare turn their backs to the EI and the Transcendence project!
Infinity Combined Arms Sourcebook

Explore the Southern Kingdoms in Conan the Adventurer!

Conan the Adventurer

Modiphius has announced the release of Conan the Adventurer in PDF a major new sourcebook for the acclaimed Robert E. Howard’s Conan Adventures in an Age Undreamed of RPG.

Conan the Adventurer is available in PDF only on Modiphius.net as part of the Conan Collection and also on DriveThruRPG.com.

Customers on Modiphius.net will receive a discount code with this product which offsets its price against any future purchase of the equivalent print product. Buyers on DriveThruRPG.com should contact support@modiphius.com to take advantage of the same offer. 


Conan the Adventurer is the definitive guide to the lands south of the Styx River, including serpent-haunted Stygia, Kush, Darfar, Keshan, Punt, Zembabwei, and that vast region known to the folk of the Dreaming West as “the Black Kingdoms”. Rife with mystery and ancient, long forgotten cultures and ruins, this region is brimming with potential for adventure and intrigue. In this 112 page full colour PDF you will find:

  • New archetypes like the Adventurer, Griot, Tomb Guardian, and Witch-finder, including talents, war stories, educations, equipment, and other background elements to bring them to life.
  • Important characters high and low: King Ctesphon of Stygia, Ageera the Witch-finder, Tananda of Shumballa, the sorcerer Tuthmes, Thalis of Xuthal, Amalric, King Sakumbe of Tombalku, King Zehbeh of the Aphaki, Gorulga of Kheshan, the roguish Stygian adventurer Thutmekri, and others.
  • Stunning art and maps produced by a variety of new and renowned Conan artists.
  • A guide to the countries of Stygia, Kush, Darfar, Keshan, Punt, Tombalku, Zembabwei, and the other Black Kingdoms, describing their histories and their cultures, and cities lost to human ken.
  • Conan described during his period as a war-chief in the Black Kingdoms.
  • Terrifying beasts and monsters: giant scorpions; the pig devil; the Crawler in the Dark; the immortal vampire queen Akivasha; and the dreaded Ollam-onga and its devil riders.
  • Myths and magic, such as the infamous cabal of sorcerers called the Black Ring, timeless Ghazal, the lost women of the flowery vale, the cults of Ajujo and Jhil, and more.
  • Developed with leading Conan scholars, this is the place for Hyborian Age adventure, just as Howard created it!
Conan the Adventurer

This book requires the Robert E. Howard’s Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of corebook to use.

Due to the nature of its source material, this sourcebook may not be suitable for some readers and discretion is advised. Please ensure you discuss any potential issues before using this material.

Pax Londinium for the Liminal RPG Brings Dark Fantasy to the Modern UK

Pax Londinium

Modiphius has unveiled Pax Londinium a major new adventure for the acclaimed Liminal RPG which brings dark fantasy to a modern day UK setting.

Liminal: Pax Londinium is available in PDF on Modiphius.net as part of the Liminal Collection and also on DriveThruRPG.com.

Modiphius purchasers will receive a code with their download which offsets the price the future print release and DTRPG customers should contact support@modiphius.com to take advantage of a similar offer. Now on with the exciting details.

You’ve witnessed the Hidden World, how it touches the landscape and cities of the United Kingdom. Now it is time to plunge deep into the heart of London and explore its diverse culture and historical strangeness.

Within these pages, meet the hidden who dwell in London’s forgotten places; an ancient vampire, fae courts and ghost realms, a statuesque dragon, the pig-headed lady, and many more beings both malevolent and benign, all intertwined with everyday people and places. But no matter what you do, do not breach the Pax Londinium over the Thames.
Pax Londinium is a sourcebook for Liminal.

  • Liminal is a self-contained roleplaying game about those on the borders of the everyday and magical worlds in the modern day United Kingdom.
  • 90 page full colour PDF, Royal size
  • Liminal uses its own system, based on rolling 2d6 and adding character skills, with the option to spend Will to boost results.

Enhance your games with the Infinity RPG Card Decks!

Modiphius has released four cards decks in PDF for the Infinity RPG, a raft of additional resources amd ideas to help you run end enhance games in Corvus Belli’s awesome sci-fi universe.

The AdversaryLocationGM Plot, and Wilderness of Mirrors Decks are available now on Modiphius.net as part of the Infinity Collection and also on DriveThruRPG as part of its Infinity Collection. Here are the details:

Adversary Deck

Friends and Enemies Everywhere! The rich history and diversity of the Infinity setting allows for a vast array of unique NPCs from all walks of life. The 54 PDF portrait cards of this deck each contain a gorgeous image, stats, and unique plot hooks to quickly include a random encounter in your games of Infinity the Roleplaying Game.

Adversary Deck

Location Deck

Explore the Human Sphere! Explore the beautiful, terrifying, and deadly sites of the Human Sphere with these 54 PDF landscape cards. With an amazing vista of each location, plus sample Heat spends and optimal placements on the back, you’ll be able to truly reflect the dangers and delights on offer within Infinity the Roleplaying Game.

Location Deck

GM Plot Deck

Infinite Possibilities! Create new scenarios or launch entire adventures set within the Infinity universe with these 54 PDF landscape cards. With a unique piece of art to portray each plot, plus example objectives, locations, obstacles, and adversaries on the back, you’ll be able to instantly offer intriguing plots for your games of Infinity the Roleplaying Game.

GM Plot Deck

Wilderness of Mirrors Deck

Infinite Reflections! Delve into the dizzying machinations of the Wilderness of Mirrors with these 54 PDF landscape cards. The rich array of intrigues on offer will allow you to quickly delve into the manoeuvrings of the G5 nations during your games of Infinity the Roleplaying Game.

Wilderness of Mirrors Deck

Modiphius Releases a Resin Starter Upgrade & Boston Street Scatter 3D file for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare

Modiphius has revealed the latest Fallout: Wasteland Warfare releases! First up is the official 3D print range expands with the Streets of Boston STL set which unleashes a raft of street furniture and searchables to add more distinction and flavour for your tabletop wargames and RPG adventures, available now on Modiphius.net and DriveThruRPG.com and you can also get the Boston Scatter and Boston Searchables in resin still along with the other items featured in the set like the Nuka Cola Machine and ammo boxes.

Modiphius has also made upgrading to a Resin 2-Player Starter Set much easier, halving the price from £45 to £22.5, and thrown in a massive reduction on the fearsome resin Deathclaw 2019 down from £22 to £11 to boot! Hurry though, sale prices are only available until Monday 11th May!

Streets of Boston 3D Print ST

The ruins of Boston still hold treasures for those willing to go looking and able to survive the urban decay left behind after the bombs fell. From refrigerators to trash bins to ice boxes and dumpsters, an intrepid survivor might find weapons, ammo, chems or even (mostly) edible foodstuff hidden within this array of street furniture. This 3D print file contains STLs for the following:

Ammo Cluster, Military Trunk, Steamer Trunk, Suitcase, Wood Crate, Dumpster, Dumpster Lid, EatOTronic, Gas Pump, Ice box, Mail Box, Refrigerator, Trash Bin, Nuka Cola Machine, Radioactive Barrels x 5 variants

Streets of Boston 3D Print ST

Upgrade to Resin Today!

2 Player Resin Starter SetJust £25!

With a 50% reduction on these sets till monday it’s a great time to upgrade your starter set plastics.

This features the humanoid models from the two player starter made in multi-part high quality resin. It includes 11 models to start your adventures in Fallout Wasteland Warfare. This set is miniatures only and does not include any other items. You get the Survivors, including Nora and Dogmeat, the T60 power armour, the Super Mutants and Mutant Hounds. Note it does not include the resin Deathclaw or Alien Zetan.

2 Player Resin Starter SetJust £25!

Resin Deathclaw Just £11!

There is no more terrifying sound in the wasteland than the roar of a Deathclaw. When heard far off, wanderers would do well to head swiftly in the opposite direction. When heard close by, the only options are hide, flee or fight. Chances are it won’t matter what you choose – the outcome will be the same.

Resin Deathclaw Just £11!

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Gets a Tank and Promo Models

Modiphius has released major new 3D printed terrain feature for your Fallout: Wasteland Warfare games, as the Terrain Expansion Tank rumbles onto the battlefield .

There’s also a new collection of Promo models headed by the release of the Mechanist and which includes Nuka Cola GirlMysterious Stranger, the NCR Ranger, and for a limited time, the special event Stealth Boy Coursers and Glowing Ghouls (available until end of play Monday 4th May)! Check out the complete collection here.

The Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Tank STL is available on Modiphius.net as part of the Fallout 3D Print STL collection and is also on DriveThruRPG as part of the Fallout Collection

Fallout Promo Models

Modiphius has released the the Mechanist as part of a wave of Promo figures that were previously only available as part of bundles or specific event promotions.

The Mechanist

Evil genius to the Silver Shroud’s mysterious vigilante. Would be protector of a small, giant ant-riddled town. Dubious robot creating tinkerer. Mastermind or misunderstood hero. The Mechanist is all these and more. The most recent incarnation of the Mechanist started with lofty ideals of saving the wasteland from raiders and mutants. Things seem to have gone awry, but it’s hard to fault the efficiency of her robots in combat… One thing’s for certain, if you recognize the Mechanist by jer iconic armor or hear her metallic voice, an army of mechanical monsters is never far behind.

The Mechanist

Stealth Boy Coursers

Coursers are light-footed reconnaissance synths – the long arm of the Institute in the wasteland. Aiding their work are High-Tec stealth systems called Stealth Boys, effectively rendering them invisible.

Stealth Boy Coursers

Glowing Ghouls

The Ghouls of the Wasteland are twisted by radiation and fallout. Some are even further infected, themselves being the source of devastating radiation to the point where they literally glow!

Glowing Ghouls

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Tank

This battlefield behemoth is an example of one of the US Army’s pre -war main battle tanks and one of the most powerful vehicles to ever rumble through the wasteland. Powered by a nuclear engine, its single turret design boasts a twin pair of heavy duty 140mm main cannons which it can use to demolish all but the most formidable of assailants in a single salvo.

Weighing in at a monster 60 tons, its mass makes it unsuitable for use in soft terrain, but otherwise it’s a steel beast which dominates conventional battlefields. Modelled on the M46 Patton tank last used by the US Army in the conflicts of the mid to late twentieth century, several abandoned examples can be found scattered across the Wasteland and if you’re fortunate to find a working model it can be hotwired and restored to full capacity with a minimum of fuss. Woe betide your foes, if you succeed and one of these leviathans ever becomes fully operational again.

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Tank
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