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Knight Models Adds Batman & Robin, Lex Luthor, Black Adam, and more

Knight Models has revealed their December releases for the DC Universe Miniature Game and the Batman Miniature Game.

The DC Universe Miniature Game is a recent release and “reskin” of the Marvel Universe Miniature Game which they’ve dubbed the “Super Hero Universe.” It’s first released featured Batman v Superman versions of DC’s trinity of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. The three get some new villains to battle in the forms of Lex Luthor in his Warsuit and Black Adam.

dc-universe-miniature-game-black-adam dc-universe-miniature-game-lex-luthorNot to be out done the Batman Miniature Game gets some love too with quite a few new releases. New for the game are Reaper, Aaron Cash & Quick Response Team, Mr. Freeze’s Thug Set I, a new Batman and Robin, and some templates.

bmg-aaron-cash-quick-response-team bmg-batman-robin bmg-mr-freezes-thugs bmg-reaper bmg-template-set-ii

Knight Models Teases New Mr. Freeze for the Batman Miniature Game

Knight Models has begun to tease their next releases for their Batman Miniature Game. Thought the teaser isn’t specific it looks like a new Mr. Freeze figure will be added to the game based on the Arkham video games. It’s most likely we’ll get Freeze and a crew to form a new gang for release. A lot of the major characters in Batman have gangs tailored to them with Mr. Freeze being one of the few who currently don’t.

There is currently only one other version of Mr. Freeze for the game, an original concept that I can’t think of having ever appeared in the comics and generally a disliked figure in the range.