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Mythic Games Teams with the Dabel Brothers to Turn Time of Legends: Joan of Arc from Board Game to Comic

Time of Legends: Joan of Arc is a miniature featuring board game from Mythic Games successfully funded on Kickstater (with the Late Pledge still open). The game features a slightly different reality set during the Hundred Years’ War where all the myths and legends thought to be real are. In the game you control an army of miniatures that represents heroes, knights, and peasants that you’ll use to achieve your goals.

The game publisher is teaming up with Dabel Brothers to bring the game to comics! And since it’s “Joan of Arc,” it’s only appropriate that an all-female team is leading the artistic direction of the series. Veteran comic book writer and Vice President of Creative Development at Dabel Brothers, David Campiti, will write the first volume in the series.


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Monolith becomes the sole Publisher of Mythic Battles

Monolith has announced that their collaboration with Mythic Games has come to an end. They have also announced that they have acquired the rights for the Mythic Battles range (Pantheon, Ragnarök …) in full. They will take charge of management of the whole range including development, marketing, communication, after-sales, and more.

This conclusion appeared obvious after a common reflection. It has been clear that, for the good of both companies, they must be free to fully commit themselves to their own product ranges, by deciding the entirety of their editorial and commercial policies.

The company has also announced a number of resolutions whose application will be gradual:

  • The planning of a reprint campaign for Mythic Battles: Pantheon this spring. The launch of the Ragnarök campaign in 2019.
  • The immediate welcome of the English and French-speaking community on the website www.the-overlord.net and the publication of a set of free tools and graphic assets for Mythic Battles.
  • The addition in the future compendiums (a series of free booklets gathering the best contributions of The Overlord community) of scenarios and articles for Mythic Battles.
  • The creation of a FAQ. They have already started to gather the feedback and questions on various forums. A thread has been opened on that matter.

These resolutions are a long-term endeavor and commits the publisher for a number of years.

Sculpted by Yannick Hennebo

Road to Gen Con 2016: Mythic Battles: Pantheon to Make its North American Debut

Mythic Battles PantheonMythic Games, the new game studio from co-creators of the Conan Board Game, has announced the company’s highly anticipated first release, miniatures board game Mythic Battles: Pantheon, will make its North American debut at Gen Con August 4 – 7, 2016 in Indianapolis, IN.

Gen Con attendees will be the first gamers in North America to play as a famous god of Greek mythology, assemble warriors, lead troops into battle, create their own Pantheon and become the new ruler of Olympus in Mythic Battles: Pantheon. Learn-to-play games of Mythic Battle: Pantheon are scheduled in the Event Hall from 10am – 8pm each day and tickets are available on gencon.com for $4 each. Players will also receive an exclusive set of four collectible buttons of iconic Olympic gods.

The mighty Titans of Greek lore awoke and unleashed a massive attack on Olympus. While the Titans were ultimately defeated, the world is ravaged and the surviving Olympians now mere mortals. As the former Gods awake to a broken world, Mythic Battles: Pantheon begins their adventure through Olympus, Styx and the Labyrinth of Minos to regain the glory left decimated by the wrath of the Titans. Playing as Zeus, Athena or any number of Greek gods alongside an army of heroes such as Achilles and Hercules and monsters such as the Hydra, Cerberus and Medusa, in victory players will be a god.

Mythic Battles: Pantheon launches on Kickstarter autumn 2016 with an anticipated release date for hobby gaming stores worldwide summer 2017.