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Games Workshop Pre-Order Preview: Kill Team: Ashes of Faith, Horus Heresy, Made to Order Space Marines and more!

While we wait for the release of Warhammer 40K 10th edition in June, Games Workshop has some releases to get you ready with Kill Team, some made to order Space Marines, and releases for Horus Heresy and Necromunda. Check out everything coming to pre-order next week.

Kill Team: Ashes of Faith bridges the gap between the previous season of releases and the next. It falls to the clandestine warriors of the Inquisition to lead the charge against these forces of sedition. Kill Team: Ashes of faith provides a lengthy narrative campaign focused on a group of these operatives and their attempt to purge a whole planet of a malignant Chaos Cult. There are 40 miniatures, 23 for the Chaos Cult, and 17 assorted Inquisitorial Agents. Seven of these are brand-new dual-build miniatures that allow you to build a rag-tag band of hyper-talented weirdos. The set also contains the Ashes of Faith Campaign Rulebook with all the rules for playing out this planet-spanning narrative, and dozens of accessories.

  • Kill Team: Ashes of Faith
  • Kill Team: Ashes of Faith

Campaigns of The Age of Darkness: The Siege of Cthonia is out for Warhammer: The Horus Heresy. The 240-page supplement features a hefty lore section, campaign rules for playing out the key battles of the siege, new rules for claustrophobic Zone Mortalis battles, as well as new options for units and wargear including Inductii, tank commanders, and the Infernus Abomination.

Campaigns of The Age of Darkness: The Siege of Cthonia

The Vindicator Siege Tank will allow you to bombard enemy fortifications and enemy squads with its hull-mounted demolisher cannon. You’ll be able to get this plastic kit to add to your forces.

Vindicator Siege Tank

Get ready for Warhammer 40K 10th edition with these made to order figures. They will be available to order for nine days, between the 20th of May and the 29th of May at 8am UK-time – and they may take up to 180 days to arrive.

In plastic, there’s the Primaris Company Champion and the Blood Angels Captain in Terminator Armour. In resin are Brother Corbulo, Chapter Master Pedro Kantor, Chapter Master Gariel Seth, Flesh Tearers Shoulder Pads, Darnath Lysander, Dark Angels Company Master, Captain Sicarius, Sergeant Chronus, and Sergeant Telion. In resin, with plastic parts are Captain Tycho, Chaplain Cassius, and the Tyrannic War Veterans. And finally, in metal and plastic is the White Scars Khan on Bike.

From Forge World is Lord-castellan Evander Garrius – The Tyrant of Cthonia. Evander Garrius is one of the most decorated Imperial Fists, though his brutish methods and casual disregard for the wellbeing of his brothers have marked him out as something of a pariah.

Lord-castellan Evander Garrius – The Tyrant of Cthonia

Vheren Ashurhaddon – Master of the True Sons quickly rose through the ranks of the Luna Wolves. His zeal drew to him a cadre of highly skilled Chtonian Legionaries – known as the True Sons.

Vheren Ashurhaddon – Master of the True Sons

The Infernus Abomination is an assassin for the traitor legions and will be released in resin.

Infernus Abomination

The last batch of Contemptor Dreadnought Torso Upgrades are on the way and include the Salamanders, the Ultramarines, the Word Bearers, the Alpha Legion, the Raven Guard, and the Thousand Sons.

Contemptor Dreadnought Torso Upgrades

If closed combat is your thing, you’ll want the Despoiler Squad Upgrade Set.

Despoiler Squad Upgrade Set

For Necromunda comes the Outland Beastmaster with Millisaurs. The set features three resin models to add to your gang.

Outland Beastmaster with Millisaurs

The Black Library Warhammer 40,000 eShorts Week Subscription will be available starting on Monday the 22nd of May and runs until the 26th of May. This collection also includes three Black Library authors making their debut. The full lineup is Altar of Maws by Peter Fehervari, A Forbidden Meal by Carrie Harris, The Dust That Remains by J H Archer, The Whispering Blade by Matthew Harffy, and Stealing Orpheon by Richard Ford.

Black Library Warhammer 40,000 eShorts Week Subscription

Games Workshop Pre-Order Preview: New Boarding Patrols and lots for Necromunda

Games Workshop has revealed what’s coming to pre-order next week. Breaking from the pattern, we get a second weekend in a row of Warhammer 40K releases along with a bunch for Necromunda.

Boarding Patrol: Adepta Sororitas will bring flame and melta to the heretics out there. A Canoness leads 5 Celestian Sacresants, 10 SIsters Repentia, and 10 Battle Sisters.

Boarding Patrol: Adepta Sororitas

Boarding Patrol: Adeptus Custodes are the elite of the elite. It features 3 Allarus Custodians, 5 Custodian Guard, and Trajann Valoris.

Boarding Patrol: Adeptus Custodes

Boarding Patrol: Thousand Sons is a solid start to a force featuring 2 Chaos Spawn, 20 Rubric Marines, and 2 Psykers.

Boarding Patrol: Thousand Sons

The Aranthian Succession: Vaults of Temenos continues the Necromunda storyline. Cinderak City has fallen, but the succession crisis on Necromunda is far from over. A mysterious Prophet guides hordes of true believers on a pilgrimage to recover holy relics from the depths of Tenemos. The book includes new lore on the civil war, seven narrative scenarios, four Dramatis Personae central to the story, and new rules for House Cawdor and Palanite Enforcer gangs.

The Aranthian Succession: Vaults of Temenos

Enforcer ‘Sanctioner’ Pattern Automata are bigger, tougher dispensers of justice. They’ll look great in Palanite Enforcer patrols.

Enforcer ‘Sanctioner’ Pattern Automata

Cawdor Ridge Walkers are finally coming after being teased some time ago. They bring speed and are perfect for quick attacks to knock rivals off their game.

Cawdor Ridge Walkers

Cawdor Vehicle Gang Tactics Cards and Cawdor Dice Set will help keep things organized and show off your gang loyalty. There are 18 new cards for use in your Ash Wastes campaigns, plus eight Cawdor-branded blank cards.

Cawdor Ash Wastes Upgrades are resin parts to help you make your gang even more unique.

Cawdor Ash Wastes Upgrades

Ashwood Stranger, Outcast Leader is a legend. He might be an en ex-Enforcer but no one knows for sure. Either way, he dispenses justice from hive to hive.

Ashwood Stranger, Outcast Leader

The Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game gets some scenery in the form of a Mansion, Tower, and Ruins for your games in Gondor!

If you want an easy way to get a paint collection then look no further than the Battle Ready Paint Set. It’s a collection of 30 essential Base paints and Shades.

Battle Ready Paint Set

After that, get the Parade Ready Paint Set. It adds 30 more Layer paint to take your miniatures to the next level.

Parade Ready Paint Set

From Black Libary comes Vaults of Terra: The Dark City by Chris Wraight. The third book in the Vaults of Terra series finds Interrogator Spinoza at a loss with Inquisitor Cowl mysteriously missing, and an impending threat to the Throneworld forcing her to choose between the search for her mentor and the defense of her realm. The clues to the conspiracy that consumed Cowl have gone dark alongside him, and with enemies circling from all sides, Spinoza’s running out of time to decide what lengths she’ll go to for victory.

Vaults of Terra: The Dark City

Games Workshop Pre-Order Preview: Commander Farsight enters the Arks of Omen

It’s a Warhammer 40K focused pre-order next week from Games Workshop. Arks of Omen continues with a new book and lots of releases to help start your forces or expand your existing ones.

Vashtorr the Arkifane’s quest for the Key-fragments is nearing its end, and the action turns to the dead world of Arthas Moloch in Arks of Omen: Farsight.

The book expands Boarding Actions. Dark Depths missions allow you to mix up your battlefields and introduces multiplayer games for three or four players. There are also expanded Boarding Actions rules for T’au Empire, Asuryani and Ynnari, Drukhari, Harlequins, and Adepta Sororitas Boarding Patrols, which add further Stratagems and Enhancements for your crew.

You can get the book in a regular and a Special Edition which features a silver foil-embossed cover, printed page edges, and a black ribbon page marker.

Arks of Omen: Farsight

The Boarding Patrol: T’au Empire is your first chance to get the new Commander Farsight. It also includes 3 Crisis battlesuits and 10 Fire Warriors, accompanied by a small shoal of Drones.

Boarding Patrol: T’au Empire

Show your commitment to the cause with the Arks of Omen: Farsight Enclaves Dice Set. It features 15 dice in a deep red plastic and the Farisght Enclave symbol for the six.

Arks of Omen: Farsight Enclaves Dice Set

If you get the new T’au Empire releases from Games Workshop, Arks of Omen: Farsight, Boarding Patrol: T’au Empire, and the Farsight Enclaves Dice Set in a bundle you also get an exclusive art print of Farsight himself signed by the artist while supplies last.

Farsight print

Boarding Patrol: Orks is your first chance to get the new Boss Snikrot model. In addition to Snikrot, you get 5 Flash Gitz, 10 Beast Snagga Boyz, and 10 Kommandos – who also drag along a Kommando Grot and Bomb Squig for the ride.

Boarding Patrol: Orks

Boarding Patrol: Aeldari features Jain Zar leading 5 Howling Banshees, as well as 20 Corsair Voidscarred who can be assembled as any one of two different units.

Boarding Patrol: Aeldari

Boarding Patrol: Drukhari has a Succubus leading 20 Wyches and 5 sinister Incubi.

Boarding Patrol: Drukhari

Boarding Patrol: Grey Knights has Castellan Crowe joined by 5 Brotherhood Terminators and 10 Strike Squad Grey Knights.

Boarding Patrol: Grey Knights

Boarding Patrol: Necrons has 10 Lychguard, 10 Necron Warriors, 3 Canoptek Scarab Swarms, and 3 Ophydian Destroyers.

Boarding Patrol: Necrons

Armageddon Steel Legion are Made to Order! The classic figures are available for a limited time. The Steel Legion Platoon is ready for battle. It features a gas-masked Officer leading 3 lascannon-toting Heavy Weapons Teams and 20 Steel Legion Guardsmen.

  • Armageddon Steel Legion
  • Armageddon Steel Legion
  • Armageddon Steel Legion
  • Armageddon Steel Legion
  • Armageddon Steel Legion
  • Armageddon Steel Legion
  • Armageddon Steel Legion
  • Armageddon Steel Legion
  • Armageddon Steel Legion

Lady Haera, 13th Daughter of Lord Helmawr enters the world of Necromunda. She loves nothing more than getting her hands dirty with a masterwork power spear and a phase sword.

Lady Haera, 13th Daughter of Lord Helmawr

From Black Library comes some new releases.

Shadowsun: The Patient Hunter is by Phil Kelly. With ancient warriors and corpulent daemons confounding her understanding of reality, O’Shaserra will need to test her understanding of Kauyon and stretch her abilities to the limit to prevent an all-out schism between her forces and her allies.

Shadowsun: The Patient Hunter

Gaunt’s Ghosts: The Victory Part Two by Dan Abnett gets a French edition. The forge world Urdesh is under attack, and Colonel-Commissar Gaunt is at the forefront of its defense with his trusty Ghosts. This French-language compilation of two novels – Warmaster and Anarch.

Gaunt’s Ghosts: The Victory Part Two

Ashwood Stranger is here to Dispense justice in Necromunda

Justice is a rather shaky thing in the world of Necromunda. Ashwood Stranger is a gunfighter who walks in justice, wandering the underhive.

The armor and stub pistol would hint that Ashwood is a former Enforcer but his exact origin is unknown. No matter, he’s a force for justice.

Ashwood features Gunfighter, Hip Shooting, and Fast Shot using his two custom pistols. Take him as an Outcast leader at the head of a vigilante gang or hire him as a Bounty Hunter.

The resin figure comes with a fighter card and details can be found in the Book of Outcast.

  • Ashwood Stranger
  • Ashwood Stranger

Lay down the Necromunda law with Sanctioner Pattern Automata

When revolts in Necromunda need crushing the Enforcers step up but sometimes they need a little help, and that’s where the Sanctioner comes in.

These servo-automata are piloted by the psycho-conditioned transplanted brains of fanatical enforcers. Protected by thick carapace armor, they wield larger versions of the Enforcer weapons – concussion cannons, heavy shock batons, and five types of grenades.

They’re Brutes and tough to take down and self-repairing Mobile Bulwark that count as cover for their squad mates behind them.

Coming in boxes of two, the Sanctioner Pattern Automata will be coming in plastic.

  • Sanctioner Pattern Automata
  • Sanctioner Pattern Automata

Games Workshop Pre-Order Preview: Beasts of Chaos, Gloomspite Gitz, and Necromunda, oh my!

Next week’s Games Workshop pre-orders head back to Age of Sigmar with two army releases for the games. Beasts of Chaos and Gloomspite Gitz get some updates and new Battletomes for you to field your armies.

The Battletome: Beasts of Chaos helps deliver anarchy to the battlefield with updated warscrolls, pitched battle profiles, and new Path to Glory rules. You can get a regular edition or a special Limite EDition which features gilt page edges, gold foil blocking, red ribbon page marker, and soft-touch covers. It’s limited to 250 numbered copies, so you’ll need to be quick to get it!

Battletome: Beasts of Chaos

The Beastlord is a new miniature to lead your force. A close combat machine, they have a special hatred of enemy heroes that helps allies whenever going against a rival champion.


Battletome: Gloomspite Gitz is an updated battletome with full details of the tribe and origins. It has rules for subfactions, relics, and magic, as well as warscrolls, battleplans, and more! Get the regular edition or Limited Edition with fancy features and also limited to just 250 numbered copies!

Battletome: Gloomspite Gitz

The Squigboss with Gnasha-squig is a new Squigboss who can help enhance your squig herds with special fungi making them even more dangerous.

Squigboss with Gnasha-squig

Snarlfang Riders deliver speed updating a classic unit ready to attack with their spears and bows adding a quick punch.

Snarlfang Riders

Vanguard: Beasts of Chaos is a quick and easy way to start your brayherd. It features 10 Gors, 10 Ungors, and 10 Bestigors, backed up by three mighty Dragon Ogors and a Great Bray-Shaman.

Vanguard: Beasts of Chaos

Or kick off your gobbo fun with the Vanguard: Gloomspite Gitz. A cackling Loonboss leads 20 Moonclan Stabbas (who can also be built as Shootas), 10 Squig Hoppers (or Boingrot Bounderz), and three Rockgut Troggoths.

Vanguard: Gloomspite Gitz

Keep track of your force with the Warscroll Cards: Gloomspite Gitz which features 43 reference cards for your Gloomspite Gitz force. There are also two punch-out token sheets to keep track of special abilities and battle tactics.

Warscroll Cards: Gloomspite Gitz

Ash Waste Nomads Herder with Arthromite Duneskuttler features a duo to add your Ash Waste Nomad gangs. This resin set comes with a Herder and one Arthromite Duneskuttler.

Ash Waste Nomads Herder with Arthromite Duneskuttler

From Black Library, Archmage & Other Stories is part of local Warhammer stores’ anniversary celebrations. Ask the manager for more information. It features five stories features works from Evan Dicken, Nate Crowley, Chris Forrester, Sandy Mitchell, and Richard Strachan.

C L Werner‘s Profit’s Ruin comes to audiobook so you can listen on the go!

Profit’s Ruin

Sigismund: The Eternal Crusader (French Edition) brings John French‘s tale to… well.. French!

Sigismund: The Eternal Crusader (French Edition)

The Ash Wastes gets more pests with a new Beastmaster and Millisaurs

Another classic has returned to Necromunda. A new Beastmaster is coming to the game, now joined by Millisaurs!

Millisaurs will chew through anything put in front of them and can easily Infiltrate and feature Burrowing allowing them to wiggle under impassable terrain.

Gangs can hire two Outland Beastmasters, each with their own beasts, delivering a lot of pests to deal with.

This resin kit is coming from Forge World.

Games Workshop Pre-Order Preview: The Astra Militarum invade! Plus Necromunda and new Black Library!

After a limited boxed set released late last year, the updated Astra Militarum is finally arriving for Warhammer 40K with a proper release. Games Workshop has revealed next week’s preview and the battlefield will soon be flooded with brand-new Imperial Guard units!

The Codex: Astra Militarum gets the usual two releases with a regular and limited edition. It has everything you need to field your force.

 Codex: Astra Militarum

Lord Solar Leontus is here to lead your forces. He’s a brilliant strategist, the supreme commander of the Astra Militarum on Segmentum Solar.

Lord Solar Leontus

Lord Castellan Ursula Creed is her father’s daughter. She holds the soldiers of Cadia together issuing multiple orders every turn.

Lord Castellan Ursula Creed

Cadian Shock Troops are dependable soldiers and the kit is packed with special weapons and lasguns to help you hold the line.

Cadian Shock Troops

The Cadian Command Squad direct the efforts with a Platoon Commander, medic, standard bearer, and vox-caster.

 Cadian Command Squad

The Heavy Weapons Squad packs a punch allowing you to field mortars, missile launchers, heavy bolters, autocannons, and lascannons.

Heavy Weapons Squad

The Rogal Dorn Battle Tank is brand new to the force and packs firepower. There are many choices to make as to how you’re going to arm the tank.

Rogal Dorn Battle Tank

Another new unit, Field Ordnance Battery help support the troops with three weapon options. You can choose the malleus rocket launcher, heavy lascannon, or bombast field gun.

Field Ordnance Battery

The classic Sentinel gets an update with numerous weapon choices and you can make it an Armoured Sentinel or a Scout Sentinel.


The repackaged Baneblade delivers eight different super-heavy tanks. Pick your favorite from the Baneblade, Banehammer, Banesword, Doomhammer, Hellhammer, Shadowsword, Stormlord, or Stormsword.


The Leman Russ Battle Tank is also repackaged allowing turret options for the Leman Russ Battle Tank, Demolisher, Executioner, Vanquisher, Eradicator, Punisher, and Exterminator variants.

Leman Russ Battle Tank

The Primaris Psyker wields the warp to defeat the enemy. This miniature used to only be available in Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress and will now be released on its own for the first time.

Primaris Psyker

The Datacards: Astra Militarum allows you to keep track of Stratagems, psychic powers, and your expanded list of Regimental Orders – Commissars get their own now! 63 reference cards in total.

Datacards: Astra Militarum

Show your support as you roll the dice with the Astra Militarum Dice Set. It features 15 dice with the winged skull of the Astra Militarum on the six face.

 Astra Militarum Dice Set

There’ll also be a bundle with all of these releases and you also get this print. The Astra Militarum Art Print Bundle special print is signed by artist Lewis Jones.

Astra Militarum Art Print Bundle

For Necromunda, the Mercator Pallidus Corpse Harvesting Party are representatives of the Mercator Pallidus, the Corpse Guild, and as hangers-on they’re entirely happy to join your gangs for a quick supply run. It features six resin miniatures that can ally with any faction with ties to the Corpse Guild. They can also strike out on their own to form an Outcasts Delegation Gang.

Mercator Pallidus Corpse Harvesting Party

Rex Spires and Estus Jet are two Hired Funs that’ll lend their skills to any gang who can afford them. The pack contains two resin miniatures.

Rex Spires and Estus Jet

Ajex Gorgoth, Lord of the Fist can be hired by Goliath gangs bringing his massive strength to the gang.

Ajex Gorgoth, Lord of the Fist

From Black Library is the Armageddon (Special Edition). Aaron Dembski-Bowden‘s anthology collects the novels Helsreach and Blood and Fire with an introduction by the author. Limited to 2,500 copies, it’s bound in a black faux-level cover with gold foil details, a ribbon page marker, and gilt page edges.

Aaron Dembski-Bowden’s Cadian Blood gets a German edition while Nick Kyme‘s Volpone Glory gets a French edition.

Warhammer 40,000: Imperium Magazine is now coming to Japan featuring all the same gifts and guides as previous releases.

Warhammer 40,000: Imperium Magazine

Head to the Necromunda Ash Wastes with the Nomad Herder and Athromite Duneskuttlers

More beasts are coming to the Ash Wastes and Necromunda. Games Workshop has revealed the Ash Wastes Nomad Herder and Arthromite Duneskuttlers.

The Duneskuttlers are vicious creatures that hunt for prey by burrowing into the sand and then ambushing those nearby. But, with the Nomad Herder, they can be used as insectile shock troops.

Duneskuttlers have Hard to Kill and the Herder’s Athromite Whisperer skill means they’ll be able to keep the Duneskuttler in the action for extended periods.

The Lord of the Fist, Ajex Gorgoth, is coming to Necromunda

Games Workshop has revealed a hulking of a character for Necromunda in Ajex Gorgoth! This brutal character has risen in House Goliath due to his cunning an ingenuity from an early age. The leader of the Fist, he oversees slave pits, manufactorums, fighting arenas, and more.

He’s brutal in close combat featuring a heavy carapace, servo claw, and his Immovable Stance makes him hard to budge.

You can find his full rules and background in Necromunda: House of Chains.

Also revealed are upgrades for House Cawdor. You can head into the ash wastes covered up and ready to deal with the harsh environment.

House Cawdor ash wastes upgrade kit
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