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Nexus Game Fair Epands their Guest List

nexus game fairToday makes the opening of Event Registration for the Nexus Game Fair, the new convention that’s returning gaming to Milwaukee. It’s been 12 years since Gen Con left the city, and this new convention is hoping to make the city a gaming convention destination once again.

Nexus Game Fair has over 400 individual events on their schedule, with a great variety of events spanning across the entire show. From role-playing games to miniatures and collectible card games to board games, there is certain to be something for everyone to enjoy. All events at Nexus are free, once you have registered for a badge, and there will even be tournaments for Magic the Gathering and Netrunner that offer great prizes!

Nexus Game Fair has an impressive list of industry special guests attending, who will be hosting panels and special events throughout the show. The complete list includes:

  • Jolly Blackburn (Knights of the Dinner Table)
  • Mike Carr (Dawn Patrol)
  • Chris Clark (Inner City Games Designs)
  • Dave “Zeb” Cook (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition)
  • Jeff Easley (Staff Artist, TSR, Inc.)
  • Todd Fisher (Revolution & Empire)
  • Matt Forbeck (Deadlands)
  • Kenneth Hite (Trail of Cthulhu)
  • Tim Kask (Dragon Magazine)
  • Dave Kenzer (Hackmaster)
  • James Lowder (Author, Prince of Lies)
  • Matt McElroy (Drive Thru RPG)
  • Frank Mentzer (Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set)
  • Merle Rasmussen (Top Secret)
  • Lester Smith (Dark Conspiracy)
  • Monica Valentinelli (Firefly RPG)
  • James M. Ward (Gamma World)
  • Rob Wieland (Line Developer, Firefly RPG)
  • Skip Williams (Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition)

Nexus Game Fair will be hosting a massive board games library, which consists of nearly 1,100 unique titles. The library, free to attendees, is being provided and run by the Milwaukee Company of Gamers (MilCoG), an association of gamers located throughout Wisconsin and northern Illinois. The convention runs June 19th through June 22nd. A 4-day badge runs $45, and the convention hotel, the Clarion Hotel & Conference Center is running a special rate of $99 per night for attendees.

Nexus Game Fair Returns Summer Gaming Conventions to Milwaukee

nexus game fairAfter a 12 year hiatus, a summer gaming convention returns to the city of Milwaukee with the inaugural show of Nexus Game Fair which is set for June 19-22, 2014. With hundreds of individual events planned, an extensive line-up of industry special guests and VIPs, Nexus Game Fair is ready for success.

In a release, show founder Chris Hoffner said:

Gamers are interested in affordable, centrally located destinations and Milwaukee has both great history and nostalgia for game conventions, having hosted both the Gen Con and Origins Game Fairs.  Milwaukee is also a great travel destination, with an international airport, professional sports teams and internationally known breweries.

Events Manager, Harold Johnson, is the former director of Gen Con who led that show to grow to over 20,000 attendees during the 1990s.

In the release announcing the convention, Johnson said:

We’re very excited about our inaugural year and we’re confident in our ability to run a well organized, event focused show.  We’ve already committed to 3 years worth of show dates and look forward to extending our stay in Milwaukee indefinitely.

Nexus Game Fair has already signed a number of industry special guests, including Jolly Blackburn (Knights of the Dinner Table), Mike Carr (Dawn Patrol), Chris Clark (Inner City Games Designs), Bob Coggins (Napoleon’s Battles), Dave “Zeb” Cook (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition), Jeff Easley (Staff Artist, TSR, Inc.), Todd Fisher (Revolution & Empire), Matt Forbeck (Deadlands), Ernie Gygax (Gygax Magazine), Tim Kask (Dragon Magazine), Dave Kenzer (Hackmaster), James Lowder (Author, Prince of Lies), Frank Mentzer (Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set), Merle Rasmussen (Top Secret), Jim Ward (Gamma World), Skip Williams (Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition) and more.

Johnson ended the release with more details as to what to expect:

We’re not just providing our attendees with the chance to personally meet these prestigious industry notables but also to game with them.  Nexus Game Fair is committed to offering a variety of high quality events to our attendees.  We’ve partnered with demo and organized play teams from several industry leading companies, including Paizo’s Pathfinder Society and Catalyst Game Studios’ Shadowrun Missions, in order to bring a phenomenal array of events to our show.