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Games Workshop World Championships Preview: Night Lords bring terror to Kill Team

More Heretic Astartes are coming to Kill Team. Games Workshop has revealed a new Night Lords warband to field. Known as Nemesis Claws, these kill teams are brutal, unhinged murderers who commit the darkest atrocities. They’re dedicated to the art of terror and ambush.

Their faction ability In Midnight Clad obscures them from enemy fire while lurking around terrain.

They like close combat sporting lightning claws, Nostraman chainglaives, and lethal poisoned blades. Even those who opt for ranged weapons like plasma guns and missile launchers find ways to festoon them in hooks, blades, and barbs.

The kit uses the Chaos Space Marines as a base and comes with an extra-large upgrade sprue full of macabre tchotchkes, from draped skins and trophies to winged helmets and flensing blades. There’s also new wargear for building unique Nemesis Claws operatives – like the Ventrilokar icon bearer, who carries a sorcerous totem built from the ruined corpse of a murdered Space Marine.

What’s even better, with the way Warhammer 40K 10th edition is, you can pick this up and add it to your Chaos Space Marine force!

The Night Lords’ Konrad Curze represented the WWE Royal Rumble

This weekend, the 36th annual Royal Rumble was held by the WWE. One of the major draws for it is a match where numerous wrestlers enter the ring in random order and the last one to remain in the ring wins. Warhammer 40K fan Shayna Baszler entered fifth in this year’s match and sported gear inspired by the game’s Night Lords forces.

Baszler entered fifth and was eliminated sixth by the combined force of Bayley, Dakota Kai, and Iyo Sky lasting 13 minutes and 28 seconds.

So what do you think of Baszler’s gear? Does it do the Night Haunter justice?

Contekar Terminators and Phyrr Cats are up for Pre-Order on Forge World Now

Forge World has two new pre-orders up now on the site. You can add to your Horus Heresy Night Lord forces as well as expand your Escher gangs. See what you can get now!

Elite shock troops adept at sowing panic and dismay with their arrival, the Contekar Elites’ talents for steadfast prosecution of war was much vaunted amongst the Legions during the Great Crusade. Contekar Terminators are butchers and murderers of a high order, to be called upon when the VIII Legion wished to bring more than terror but utter and abject despair and destruction upon a foe, to bur their armies, infrastructure and agriculture, and to topple the foundations of their civilization.

You can order them now for $98.

Contekar Terminators

Escher gangers are attracted to the big cats of Phyrr in particular for their exotic looks and killer instincts. Such beasts are rare in the extreme, and smuggling them planetside to Hive Primus is no mean feat, so they are an incredibly rare sight as pets even amongst the hierarchy of House Escher. Yet seen they are, and when the opportunity to acquire such a beast, or even better, a mating pair, arises, Escher gang queens will go to any lengths to secure them.

You can get two Phyrr cats for $33.

Phyrr cats

The Death Guard Arrives for Pre-Order Next Week Plus Necromunda, Night Lords, Lord of the Rings, and more!

After being delayed, Nurgle‘s chosen, the Death Guard, arrive for Warhammer 40,000 in next week’s pre-order.

Codex: Death Guard has arrived and it’s full of lore, art, and the rules you need to spread death and disease across the battlefield of the 40K universe. You can choose between two editions with the collector’s edition featuring a soft-touch cover and foil blocking.

Also available will be Datacards for the Death Guard to help you focus and keep track of your force.

Death Guard Datacards

There’ll also be easier ways to build your forces. A new Combat Patrol will be available. It features Typhus, Herald of Nurgle, Plague Marines, Poxwalkers, and a Biologus Putrifier.

Death Guard Combat Patrol

With the old also comes something new with the Lord of Virulence. This leader is protected by Terminator armor and will spread disease with a plague spewer.

Lord of Virulence

You’ll also be able to add to the battlefield with the Miasmic Malignifier. It doesn’t just look on the table, it’ll also help the Contagions of Nurgle spread even further.

Miasmic Malignifier

Some other models get repackaged as well.

The Chosen of Mortarion are three models that were featured in the previous edition of Warhammer 40K’s starter box.

Chosen of Mortarion

You can also show off your allegiance to Nurgle with the Contamination Corps Collection that includes everything above in one package and some signed artwork as well.

Contamination Corps Collection

But, if you need to spread disease even further, you can expand your force with a box of Poxwalkers.


You can travel from the future to the fantasy world of Middle Earth as well with some releases for the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game. Returning releases include Frodo, Sam, and Gollum, Haldir, Gildor Inglorion and Glorfindel, Black Riders, Dead Marsh Spectres, and Barrow-wights.

Necromunda gets a release in Phyrr Cats for House Escher.

Phyrr Cats

Forge World has releases with the Contekar Terminators for the Night Lords.

Contekar Terminators

Black Library also has some releases to flesh out the various worlds.

The second novella in the Siege of Terra series, Fury of Magnus arrives as a hardback book, ebook, and MP3 audiobook.

Fury of Magnus

Dan Abnett‘s short story collection Lord of the Dark Millennium arrives in paperback.

Lord of the Dark Millennium

Book 5 in the Siege of Terra series gets a limited edition hardback with Mortis.


Alpharius: Head of the Hydra is the next in The Horus Heresy: Primarchs series. It gets a numbered limited edition hardback.

Alpharius: Head of the Hydra