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NOVA Open announces a new badge type and hotel information


With badges for NOVA Open 2023 going on sale soon, the convention has released some details regarding the new hotel and has revealed a new badge type!

NOVA Open takes place from August 30 through September 3rd.

This year the convention has changed locations and is at the spacious, historic Washington Hilton hotel in Adam’s Morgan, DC. The Washington Hilton regularly hosts U.S. Presidential events and is the only hotel to have an official U.S. Presidential seal built into the structure. The hotel features over 100,000 square feet of convention space to take advantage of.

Hotel Block Opens Wed March 1st 8:30pm
On the Hotels page of the NOVA Open website.

Convention room block information: There are over 700 rooms available all for the convention rate of $144 plus tax. For those driving, they have also negotiated a major parking discount to only $15/day (same as 2022 rate!).

This year NOVA Open is premiering a new badge type! To create as streamlined a checkout experience as possible they are piloting two new badges which are called “One-click bundles”. There will be 100 each for 40k GT and Age of Sigmar GT.

Each One-click Bundle gets you:

  • Your Convention Access Pass
  • Entry into the Grand Tournament (40k or AoS)
  • Convention t-shirt
  • Guaranteed ability to reserve a Deluxe 1 King Bed hotel room through a special booking portal.

With a One-click Bundle, your registration is a breeze! With one single item you know your convention experience is locked-in. After launch, purchasers will get access to the reserved room booking portal. These badges will sell for $215 until March 31st.

Any unsold GT spots at the end of the month will be rolled into the general GT ticket pool.

NOVA Open’s badge sale begins March 1st


Save the date! Tickets for the 2023 NOVA Open will go live through Tabletop.events on March 1st, 2023 at 8pm Eastern. The convention advises creating an account PRIOR to the live date. They’ve been working with TTE to scale up for the launch volume and minimize issues so many conventions have during their badge and event launches. This year they’re also trying something new. In order to reduce congestion at launch we are going to have two waves of sales on the 1st:

  • 8pm EST – Badge Sales Open
  • 8:30pm EST – Ticket Sales Open

The convention hopes that by staggering things they can avoid anyone missing out on event tickets in the rush. More info will be released next week with more info about the launch, the revised COVID policy, website updates, and more.

Finally, SuperNovas from the last three years should have gotten an email with instructions on how to get a shot at the 50 badge SuperNOVA pre-sale. If you didn’t, contact the convention! Everyone else, mark your calendars for March 1st at 8pm EST for your chance!

NOVA Open 2023 takes place August 31st to September 3rd at the Washington Hilton in Washington, DC.

Games Workshop NOVA Open Reveal 2022: Leagues of Votann

Kicking off the NOVA Open 2022, Games Workshop had numerous reveals full of exciting things to come. Kicking things off was Warhammer 40,000 which of course showed off the anticipated Kinhosts.

In a video, the revamped Squats were shown off delivering a look at the figure line to come and there are some amazing reveals getting us even more excited for the new army.

The Leagues of Votann Army set kicks things off by featuring the first chance to get new models and the first chance to get the new codex (with a special cover). It’s coming in September. The set features Ulthar the Destined, Eunhyr Champion, two squads of warriors, and a squad of 3 grav bikes. It comes to around 500 points.

  • Leagues of Votann Army

The box comes with the Eunhyr Champion, a close combat focused character model. The figure has some options allowing you to choose from, a hammer or axe, emphasizing the close combat focus. They’re the two best close combat weapons in the army. There are also two head options, both bare.

Eunhyr Champion

Ûthar the Destined is a special character, the only named character in the codex. There’s a prophecy about the character and what he’ll lead the League too. The character features a plasma blade. He’s a force multiplier giving re-rolls and extra abilities. You can also build the miniature as a generic hero as well. The model comes with numerous options, creating a flexible kit.

Uthar the Destined

Also revealed was the Cthonian Beserk Mole Grenade Launcher. This upgrade option for the Cthonian Beserk unit, a mining based weapon that fires a grenade into the ground and pops up. It’s a bit of a throwback to the classic Squat Mole Mortar.

Cthonian Beserk Mole Grenade Launcher

Brôkhyr Iron-Master features a graviton rifle and graviton hammer. He comes with a unit of robots, a Tech-Marine type of character. The robots, while a new design, feel like they fit well and a nod to the past.

Broukhyr Iron-Master

The Grimnyr looks amazing. The character does a few different things. It’s like a psyker, a designed one though. They’re also the closest thing to priests as well. There’s a cool Nordic look to the character mixed with a little fantasy. The character also features two flying robots featuring bolter-like weapons (think wizards with their ravens).


The Hekaton Land Fortress looks massive, the largest miniature in the line. It’s the main battle tank and features a ton of weapons. There are a lot of options and the vehicle itself can take hits. As a transport, it can carry 12 warriors allowing for a lot of use and different roles in the game.

  • Hekaton Land Fortress

Overall, the army looks amazing with a nice mix of future tech with a bit of Nordic and Viking details added in. It’s definitely a great update for the classic Squats and should be exciting to see on the tabletop.

Leagues of Votann

NOVA Open Expands to a Second Venue and the Malifaux US Master’s Invitational


NOVA Open has announced they’re expanding! The popular convention is running additional events at the Renaissance Arlington Capitol View Hotel a simple walk from the main Hyatt Regency. Room blocks will be available and the venue is a 5-minute walk from the Hyatt. More info will be coming about this expansion including what events will be happening there.

NOVA Open will also host the Malifaux US Master’s Invitational, the first ever. The seasons kicked off this weekend with the Las Vegas Open (LVO) and ends with the invitational taking place September 1 at NOVA Open 2022! This is in addition to other Malifaux events.

NOCA Open 2021 is Canceled

NOVA Open 2021

After a lot of feedback from the community, the Executive Board of the NOVA Open has made the difficult decision to cancel the 2021 convention.

Reasons for the cancelation include:

  • Many of the convention partners are currently unable to commit to a September 1-5 NOVA Open 2021. Executing a NOVA Open requires months of pre-planning and coordination between hundreds of individuals and organizations, so no matter what the situation may look like in September, they have to act based on what they can guarantee in the near term. 
  • There is no clarity into what large event restrictions will or will not be in place in Arlington County, Virginia, at the time of the convention. At best, they can only guess what guidelines and restrictions might be in place, and cross their fingers that the pendulum would not swing at the last minute. This uncertainty prevents effective planning. 
  • The responses to the surveys consistently showed strong support for the NOVA Open. The support was not so universal when the unique planning considerations related to COVID meant NOVA Open 2021 would be substantially different from prior years. The Executive Board concurs with attendee sentiment that NOVA Open return in 2022 as the same high-quality event we have all come to know and love.
  • The financial consequences of the 2020 refund campaign, though necessary to remain solvent through the end of summer, was never intended to support the convention beyond that period of time. Therefore, the Executive Board is faced with a significant challenge as they readjust their resources and imaginations to remain solvent until a March 1, 2022 registration launch. 

The Executive Board is working to tighten the belts of the convention to make sure it can continue including an Amazon store, a sale of game mats and terrain sets, pop-up tournaments, investor opportunities, and more.

We of course support the convention and will keep our community apprised of any updates in how we can rally to help out.

Help Raise Money for the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation and Support Worthy Causes

NOVA Open Charitable Foundation

With the 2020 NOVA Open canceled it’s charity organization, the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation missed its major opportunity to raise money for worthy charities.

But, the organization is undeterred and raising money through online raffles for the organizations it supports.

Charitable giving has been rough this year due to COVID so fundraisers like this are important. NOVA Open’s primary charities, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Doctors Without Borders, and Fisher House Foundation have all said they’ve seen a drop in donations. So, they need the gaming community’s help more than ever.

The 2020 NOCF Fall Raffles are going on right now and the organization hopes to add it the over $310,000 it has raised so far for these causes.

The current raffle has less than 3 weeks remaining and there’s some impressive figures you can win including figures for Warhammer 40K/30K and Infinity.

Check out what’s currently being raffled and help raise some money!

NOVA Open 2020 is Officially Cancelled


NOVA Open has announced that the 2020 convention is canceled due to COVID-19. The convention had been hoping this wouldn’t be the case. The decision was made to protect the attendees, staff, volunteers, and the community at large.

The convention will see repercussions and has said that full refunds for all would “end the NOVA Open permanently.” They are giving attendees options as to how to handle this.

Store items and SuperNOVA and DwarfNOVA have been canceled. You can contribute existing purchases to the NOVA Open, get a full refund, a partial refund, transfer credit to use for 2021, or donate to the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation to benefit Doctors Without Borders. The convention is also asking for donations to continue into 2021. The deadline to choose an option is July 10, 2020. If no decision is made, funds will be contributed to support the NOVA Open.

The below video explains what the expenses for the show are.

NOVA Open 2017 in Pictures

NOVA Open is some of the fiercest and best competition in numerous games on the East coast. The convention takes place August 31 to September 3 in Crystal City, Virginia outside Washington, DC.

We were at the convention Friday snapping a lot of photos (and sadly couldn’t make it back Saturday and Sunday).

Check out the photos below of the impressive sites.


Citadel Paint System in Your Pocket

At NOVA Open, Games Workshop teased more details about their upcoming app that will bring their paint system on the go. They will be launching a free pocket guide to the Citadel Paint System – packed with guides, tips and tricks to help you get your armies looking awesome.

More news about this app are coming soon including the launch date.

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